What Is the Most Important Blogging Activity?

  May 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


Bloggers thrive by SEO-optimizing posts to drive Google traffic.


Bloggers thrive by publishing short-form content.


Some bloggers thrive through genuine blog commenting campaigns.


Yet other bloggers thrive by engaging people freely on social media.


Different strategies work for different bloggers based on where you are most needed, at the time.


The most important blogging activity is:


  1. most fun and freeing to you
  2. most helpful for other people


Practically-speaking, writing and publishing content to your blog seems like the most important activity. Building your brand appears to be critical. Yet some bloggers who publish 1-2 posts monthly:


  • have fun
  • help the most people
  • thrive


while diligent blog post publishers who create:


  • detailed
  • frequent
  • in-depth


content struggle horribly.


If you love your blogging strategy you will keep at it until you help many people and thrive. If you do not love your blogging strategy you will quit quickly.


However, blogging strategies change based on:


  • your intuition
  • your passion
  • how you best serve people at that particular stage of your blogging career


The most important blogging activity for me ranged from:


  • publishing posts to Blogging From Paradise
  • publishing in-depth, genuine blog comments
  • publishing guest posts
  • SEO-optimizing new blog posts on Blogging From Paradise
  • SEO-optimizing and updating old posts on Blogging From Paradise
  • networking freely on social media


Each stage proved to be highly important because the activities formed legs upon which my blog rested. Publishing Blogging From Paradise content helped establish my reputation. Blog commenting and guest blogging increased Blogging From Paradise No Follow and Do Follow backlinks. SEO-optimizing new and old posts increased search engine traffic for this blog. Networking freely on social media boosted my traffic, blog comments and overall online presence.


We all have different blogging jobs at different blogging times to round out the blog-o-sphere. Stop thinking solely about your own needs and statistics. Begin trusting your gut to follow your passion AND to see where you are most needed as a blogging mentor.


What Is the Most Important Blogging Activity?


Ultimately, the most important blogging activity is helping people.


Helping people through your:


  • blog posts or
  • blog comments or
  • guest posts or
  • networking


accelerates your success. If you are helpful you position yourself to gain exposure and credibility. Trusted bloggers seem in many spots thrive.


Some bloggers go pro through genuine blog commenting campaigns. Some go pro through prolific guest blogging campaigns. Others optimize blog posts for SEO to drive Google traffic. Some bloggers build a huge list. Other bloggers grow massive, loyal Twitter followings.


If you help human beings through any online channel those same human beings will help you go pro through those channels and other channels.




Never attempt to force success through statistics.


Most bloggers struggle because they ignore their passion and try to force success through specific online channels appearing to be the best streams for going pro.


But if you do not enjoy building a list, guest blogging or genuine blog commenting you will quit each strategy, help few people and struggle terribly.


One blogging size does not fit all.


Different strategies work for different bloggers based on your passion and maximized helpfulness.


Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Do what feels fun to you and what seems to be helpful for your readers. Find a balance between your passion and solving problems for others.


Do not try to build an email list and drive Google traffic without consulting your intuition first. If each strategy feels like hard work you will struggle and barely help anyone.


Trusting your gut allows you to work the most important, passionate, helpful channel for you. Twitter needs more blogging tips bloggers hellbent on sharing valuable tweets. Ditto for Facebook and LinkedIn. Blog commenting needs new blogging blood. Ditto for guest blogging.


Drive search traffic and build your list if you genuinely enjoy each activity because your passion indicates that these are important activities for you right now. However, if any activity feels heavy for a few weeks simply drop it like a hot potato because no number of proven statistics can overcome a dispassionate, lifeless blogger who trudges forward in a heavy struggle to help only a few people….if any!


Most of all, just be helpful.


Start there.

  1. Stuart Danker says:
    at 7:14 am

    Can’t go wrong with ‘be helpful’ or ‘provide value’. That’s a great place to start, for sure. What a timely post for when I’m at my blogging crossroads. I guess it’s good that I’m here, because as you’ve highlighted, there are so many other things to do as well. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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