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January 11, 2019
I never in 1 million years dreamed of being in a country called “Oman” and looking at a bus that could take you to Dubai. Amazing how being opened minded pulls you on a fun, fascinating, fulfilling journey.


Hehehe…any time I mention money and add emoticons, you know it is serious. Plus this video nabbed 500 views on Instagram. Could be more emotions and text in my future. Me thinks.


About 14 years ago I dated someone whose dad was big time into personal growth. He was a Turkish American who with his brother became millionaires through an innovative company. I learned from him, by his example, some core concepts to wealth:


  • generosity
  • openness
  • kindness
  • warm-heartedness
  • putting most of your attention and energy into growing a business, rendering useful service for humanity


He regularly mentioned CDs he listened to for a pick me up and allowed me to borrow the set. I listened once. Addiction. His daughter and I went our separate ways – amicably – but I held onto the tapes and listened to them many times.


Bob Proctor and his Power to Have It All series had a profound effect on me, catapulting me on my current journey.


One particular quote stood out more than any other; “money is in consciousness”. 


Bob uttered the quote. I first heard it 14 years ago. His voice rings as truly now as it did a long time ago. Money is in consciousness. Money is not in your email list. Or your bank account. Or in paper. Or in plastic. Money is not numbers on a screen. Money is in consciousness. This is why you will be rich forever despite fluctuating numbers on screen, appearances of paper increasing and decreasing in your wallet, all that stuff.


Grasping this idea, it is impossible to run out of money because money is in consciousness. Ever had a consciousness shortage? I think not. Money may appear to hit zero in your bank account. Illusion. Consciousness kicks in and you allow in 5, 10 or 10,000 ideas for attracting or earning or acquiring money. Credit cards. Loans. Part time job. Offline business. Online business. You are always covered. Money is in consciousness.


You can watch this 1 minute long video here.


💰 Is in Consciousness Bloggers


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