How Do You Monetize Your Blog Without Products To Sell?

  April 3, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Opotiki, New Zealand.


Readers buy into the “Freemium”.


Readers buy the “Premium”.


Speak those 2 phrases 150 times. Now.


Some bloggers piddle in their pantaloons; they have no products to sell. How can they make money blogging?


Here’s how: help readers through your free content. Build your blogger friend network by generously helping bloggers.


Blogging buddies amplify your reach. By promoting you freely. Impressing the pants off of (not literally; usually) readers. Said readers buy into *you*. The blogger.


Now you’re in The Zone. The Selling Zone. Or, since people trust you and trust your advice they consume your advice through:


  • your eBooks
  • your audio books
  • your sponsored posts
  • your ads
  • your affiliate promotions
  • not your products (remember da title of da post?)


As I wrote yesterday, income streams are primarily receiving vehicles. Free content, generously offered, and blogging connections, generously established, set the table for effective monetizing.


The money is made before the product. Or before the eBook.


No Product To Sell?


If you don’t have a product to sell, no worries; you ain’t ever selling a product. You sell yourself. Through free content. Through free videos. Through free podcasts. Through free blog posts, guest posts and blog comments.


Folks buy into the freemium, digging your free content. Folks buy into you. Folks buy the premium.


This is why not having a product to sell has no bearing on how you monetize your blog. Coming from energies of fear, scarcity and confusion, bloggers believe that income streams or products themselves “make money”.  Not true. Skilled bloggers who devote years of their lives to helping people for free allow in money through their generosity. The product, service, sponsored post, advertisement or affiliate marketing promotion is simply a different form of content that allows you to receive the money you already earned. No biggie. Just another way to help people, except you receive something called “money” in exchange for these premium offerings.


You Are Not Off The Hook Guys


Eventually, you need to open income streams through which you receive money. Part of the drill.


No big deal though; you have the content to create the product or service now if you patiently created helpful content, learned from pros and built strong friendships with top bloggers through your generosity.


Opening income streams is about packaging the content via effective formatting.


Some income ideas for monetizing your blog via different forms of packaging:


  • write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle via
  • convert those eBooks to audio book on
  • write and self-publish eBooks to sites like Payhip and Gumroad as I do
  • offer coaching services based on your skills
  • offer freelancing services based on your skills


Or, go the more packaging hands-free route via affiliate marketing.


Or, after you have really built up your blog, open:


  • sponsored post
  • advertising


income streams.


Product Free and Filled with Glee


I suggest creating online courses to build your authority and to gives readers a valued product. And yes; to earn some coin too.


But as you’ve seen, the money is in the free content and friend network you build through your generosity. Strangers do not find your blog, get their doors blown off by a product, buy it and pad your pockets. It don’t work that way, my little blogging sweet robbins. This is why not having a product won’t hurt you.


The product, or the eBook, sponsored post, advertisement, service, audio book or any income vehicle boosting your blogging profits, all play a small role in the monetizing process.


You don’t miss out on making money through your blog because you don’t have a product to sell.


You miss out on making money through your blog by not:


  • learning blogging
  • practicing writing
  • creating helpful content generously for years
  • building strong friendships with bloggers by generously promoting them for years


The blogging dough is in the generous creating and connecting you do over years, ya know?


Helpful products, services, sponsored posts, ads, eBooks, audio books or any income channels are merely receiving vehicles, allowing you to receive the means of exchange called “money” for the generous service and value you rendered for many years.


Folks buy into you, through the generous service you render for months, then years. This is where the real monetizing legwork is, and of course, since most bloggers screw this up, they struggle to make money through their blogs.


The Money Is In Creating And Connecting


No worries if you have no product to sell. The money is in your free content and in your friend network.


Go the affiliate route. Or write a 6,000 word, pillar style post and format it for Amazon Kindle. Don’t sweat the income streams; these are mainly receiving channels.


Focus almost exclusively on generously creating and connecting.


No need to dive into product creation. Go lightweight. Affiliate stuff. Or eBook.


Cut your blog monetizing teeth. Earn some coin. Discover the foundation of every profitable blog; generous creating and connecting.


Practical Tips


  • published detailed, long form blog content spanning 1500 words or longer; optimize posts for SEO to drive passive, targeted traffic to your blog
  • build relationships with bloggers by commenting on blogs and promoting fellow bloggers on your blog and through social media
  • train your mind to focus on the blogging process of creating and connecting versus focusing on blogging outcomes like traffic and profits


Your Turn


How much are you focusing on generously creating and connecting?


Or are you a bit too caught up on monetizing?




Too many bloggers feel intimated by monetizing because they fear the work that goes into creating a product.


Don’t overthink it.  Ultimately, opening an affiliate marketing channel is a simple way for profiting.


But people buy into you before they buy anything from you.


Earn credibility. Create detailed content. Build strong blogging friendships.


Eventually, you will prosper through affiliate channels or any income stream you choose.


Focus on the process.


Allow outcomes to take care of themselves.

  1. Gaurav Jain says:
    at 9:25 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Saw your pictures on FB, I am sure both of you are having a great time in New Zealand. 🙂

    Nice thoughts about monetizing a blog.

    By the way, may be it has been done intentionally by you but I can’t find any search box on your website and this makes it difficult to find posts and surf your blog. 🙁

    Give it a thought.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:50 am

      Thanks Gaurav. Neat you note that too. I have gone back and forth on that one. Right now I want to keep steering my readers to Amazon, iTunes and my courses as solutions to the blog posts. As anything you’d look for is in the premium content.

  2. Moss Clement says:
    at 8:24 am

    Hi Ryan,

    You’re right on target my friend. As you rightly mentioned, free content generously offered and blogging connections generously established will definitely set the table for effective monetizing. Thus, not having a product to sell isn’t the end of one’s blogging career.

    The connections you created, the free offers you graciously give to your readers and prospects all come in handy to set you up for a remarkable marketing monetization program.

    Thanks Ryan for this insightful post.

  3. Ashish says:
    at 11:29 am

    Hey Ryan

    I was watching the video of Neil Patel. He always recommend on going after selling your own product or service. Ads and affiliates are fine but selling your own product or service is the best way to go.
    But you have to start somewhere.
    Thanks for the amazing article.
    Keep up the good work

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:59 pm

      I am with Neil on this one Ashish. Dip your toes with affiliate stuff but dive into creating your products and services down the road.

  4. Gaurav Jain says:
    at 11:57 am

    Hey Ryan,

    I can understand what your strategy is but I still feel you should place a search box on your blog as it will help in lowering bounce rate to some extent.

    Just a suggestion!!

    It is your blog and you are the BOSS.


    Gaurav 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:10 pm

      I am digging the bounce rate as more folks visit Amazon and buy my eBooks Gaurav LOL! Method to my no search box madness buddy 😉 But I appreciate your take and certainly process as I move forward. Thanks dude!

  5. Avnika says:
    at 8:37 am

    Hi Ryan
    I am running education Blog and have not any product to sell. I just happy with Adsense and 3rd party Ads. I was tried to sell Amazon book but didn’t get success.
    I want to increase Amazon sell.

  6. Israel Olatunji says:
    at 9:49 am

    I can’t just thank you enough for this helpful post, Ryan! Sincerely, I never knew creating an eBook on Amazon is as easy as analyzed in this post.

    This particular blog post has given me a breakthrough today as I have just created an Amazon KDP account to start publishing eBooks soonest.

    I have come to realize most people missed out and gave up on blogging by not learning blogging the right way, not practicing writing fervently, not creating helpful and engaging content and by not building bonds with pros.

    Thanks for the enlightenment and encouragement to start creating self-published eBooks using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)! You are too much, Ryan.

    Wish you breakthroughs,
    Israel Olatunnji

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