Get Your Mind Right Get Your Business Right Live Webinar Class with Ryan Biddulph and Kelli Cooper Launching on November 21st

October 31, 2016
get your mind right get your business right
Buena Vista, Costa.


I felt like I was gonna die.


I’ve been attacked by wild men in Kathmandu, Nepal.


I almost croaked after suffering through giardia in Kerala, India.


I have faced down spitting cobras, kraits, bullet ants and have sat in a cage with three 400 pound tigers.


But the feeling of dread I experienced, like I was literally dying, when I started my online business almost a decade ago, rivaled the fear I experienced during these death-defying experiences I had on the road.


24 hours after buying my domain and hosting I had a moment of sheer terror.


I panicked.






Who in the hell was I, to think I could succeed with this online thingee?


I had zero experience online. I had zero experience building a business.


I did not know what a blog was.


I only knew how to check and my email when I bought my domain and hosting.


I was a broke, depressed, fired security guard who wanted so TERRIBLY to quit my online career 24 hours in.


Only Kelli, my then girlfriend, current day wifey, convinced me to stick it out.


She walked me off the ledge.


Thank God – literally, I mean, really, thank God – she did.


Fast Forward to Today


Folks say I’m one of the world’s top authorities on being a successful digital nomad (They say it; I still think I’m just a clown obsessed with disgusting Thai sweet treats).


I’ve appeared on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News and the Huffington Post.


I’ve spoken about blogging at NYU.




I’ve built a pretty well known blogging tips meets traveling the world brand, to where I’m sometimes mentioned among the top bloggers online (They say it, not me).


The only reason I mention my accomplishments was to display the seemingly impossible quantum leap I made from being depressed, unhappy, broke joke, fired security guard to world traveling, Amazon best selling, island hopping blogging dynamo.


It wasn’t a quantum leap, really.


It was…..




Or more accurately, learning how to manage my energy.


Or learning how to BE versus DOING like a monkey-minded, headless chicken, sprinting around in an endless, chaotic panic to get stuff, to strain and to strive.


I will share my secrets, my tips and techniques, my strategies and most importantly, the mindset training that I used so you too can live the life of your dreams….by building a successful business from a fun-loving, happy, joyful, aligned space.


And I’m gonna do so with my wife, renowned energy coach and LOA authority Kelli Cooper in a live webinar class…..called….drumroll please:


Get Your Mind Right Get Your Business Right Live Webinar Class (Starting November 21st)




Who Is this Course For?


  • Bloggers who want to open passive income streams while working their 9-5 jobs
  • Aspiring travel bloggers who want to become pro, full-time, travel bloggers
  • Any blogger who wants to mold the life of their dreams by becoming a professional blogger
  • Online business owners
  • Home based business owners
  • Offline business owners
  • Anybody with a pulse


I added “anybody with a pulse” because this course will be about raising your energy levels so you can be happy first, then building your life from a happy-feeling, fun-loving, puppy-petting, shiny feely space.


81% of bloggers never make more than $100 online.


If you are in that 81% this course may be for you.


If you have built a thriving business but feel stressed, this course can be for you.


If you are straining and striving and pushing and hustling to make your business work, this course can be for you.


It’s not about 18 hour days.


It’s about doing fun, freeing things that lead to the most stunning, freeing dream life.


If you want to have fun with blogging again, this course can be for you.


Why Is Ryan Happy Almost ALL of the Time?


I get asked this question a lot.


Why am I so happy building my blog?


I will explain in vivid detail how I am happy, in fact, almost all of the time, by delving into how I align my being and manage my energy.


Kelli will share her secrets for vibing high too, no matter what life seems to throw at you.


We’ve been through some crazy stuff together but we have also built successful, thriving businesses even amid the chaos.


If you’re yearning to be happier with your business AND to feel largely detached, present and grateful for your unfolding business success, this live webinar can be for you.


What You’ll Learn


  • Silly LOA misconceptions
  • The difference between manifesting theory and reality
  • Why following your fun is the best business strategy
  • The problems with traditional business advice from an energy perspective
  • How to receive money versus earning it (a bit of a mind screw, but SO much easier to receive)
  • How to release/dissolve your money limiting beliefs related to your blogging business and life
  • Knowing when to act and when to sit tight with your blog and business
  • How to meld practical, traditional business advice with these teachings
  • How to shift crippling limiting beliefs
  • How to trust in the creative process
  • How to get clear on your business
  • How to develop your intuition
  • The basics for building your business from a space of fullness not lack


Kelli’s Story


Kelli has:


  • Built a successful business through her blog at Life Made to Order
  • Coached clients through a maze of business and real life problems to help them find happiness and success
  • Co-created an amazing life of circling the globe by following her passion, with me, and G-O-D (Thanks Universe!)
  • Has mastered the art of aligning your energy *before* taking blogging and business related action, to create optimal results from a happy, calm, peaceful space

She’s a dynamo.


Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.
Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.


She’s built a rocking blog on helping folks knife through their biggest problems to live their dreams.


What about the Law of Attraction?


If you see the word “law of attraction” when clicking through to the signup page, understand this: the law of attraction is a life principle, like electricity, or gravity.


It’s not a tool.


It can’t “fail you”.


You can’t say “the LOA doesn’t work”.


This is like saying: “gravity doesn’t work”, Or “electricity doesn’t work.”


It just….is.


Wanted to clear that up, in case you were misinformed by well-meaning folks (whom I love) but who shovel out steaming hot piles of crap when they try to poke holes in the LOA.


Why Create the Course?


It’ll be fun.


It’s help you bring more fun and love into your life and business.


It’ll help you live your dreams.


Kelli and I are dynamite together on da mic.


We’ve knocked it out of the park together when she invited me onto some of her previous classes.


Our chemistry rocks.


Why not share our gifts with you, right?


We both got the nudge from the Universe and ran with that sucka.



The Format


The class consists of five weekly 90 minute classes.


There will be a Q and A portion where you can answer questions live or through a chat feature.


You get to pick the brains (sounds disgusting, but it’s not literal, Walking Dead Heads) of 2 dynamic, loving, energized individuals who have molded a stunningly successful dream life.


We have lived in Bali for almost a year, when you add up our trips. Thailand for 2 years. Costa Rica for 4 months. Fiji for 4 months.


All through building successful online businesses from the inside out, managing our energy and molding our mindsets along the way.


Hue, Vietnam.
Hue, Vietnam.


We’re offering a 5 week long course heavy on the fundamentals of the FUN-damentals so you can build your dream life from a happy, joyful, peaceful space.


Near the end of each class we will open the lines for chat or call or carrier pigeoned questions you may have for us.


A little bit of homework will accompany each class, to help you get the most out of the series.


And as mentioned before, no worries if you can’t make the live class.


All calls are recorded.


It’s About Being Happy


In the end guys, it’s about being happy.


We will explain how to be happy and how to make your business and life dreams come true from a happy, calm, loving, aligned space.


We have lived our dreams and more spectacular developments continue to flood in, blessing Kelli and I daily.


Our intent is to share our gifts with you to help you build a thriving business and freeing life and to be happy doing it.


The Class starts on Monday, November 21st at 8:00 PM EDT.


If this sounds like it’s up your alley click this link:


Get Your Mind Right Get Your Business Right Live Webinar Class (Starting November 21st)




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  1. This is really an interesting post for all of us. i wish i could have read post like this at that time. Any way this post is perfect for all newbies out there. hope it helps all of them.

  2. Hi Lokman,

    Yep indeed 😉 We vibe. We allow in. Like a tuning fork. Which is why we are doing the course; help folks to see this journey gets easier with mindfulness. I see it as a law of feelings, of vibration. Thanks a bunch!


  3. The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

  4. Hi Donna,

    Oh yes; Kelli and I regularly slap ourselves upside the head when we forget to BE and get too caught up in doing LOL. You have been a masterful manifestor over the years, creating your dream life up in paradise with David. The LOA really, really rocks. Which is why we’re putting out this course. To help people work with this principle to be happier, healthier, more free and wealthier. Thanks for commenting!


  5. Hi Ryan,

    What awesome news…You and Kellie teaching folks LOA, mindset and so on. It all starts in the mind. Like Kellie talking you off the edge and helping you get back into the swing of things. I do believe this was the point where you opened up to the universal energy. Since then you have been a dynamo. And I do believe it is all because of the LOA.

    I strongly believe in the LOA and use it all the time. Sometimes I do forget and slap myself in the head….but it never fails. Once someone learns how to, life is fun!


  6. Hi Amar,

    Brilliant comment! Love your focus on vibing and the LOA, because Kelli and I live this stuff. It’s why we’re offering the course. We see what we be. Or we tune into that which we are being. Like a tuning fork. The challenge is in detaching some from outcomes but I’m finding this easier to do these days, because I do stuff mainly to have fun and I also seem to notice our One-Ness more easily. Like, if we’re all connected, that I’m connected to it all, anyway, so detaching is an impossibility.

    Thanks for your manifesting wisdom, you LOA Wizard you!


  7. Amar kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    In using the law of attraction to manifest our desire, it is the strength of intent that determines our attracting power. Some of us make the mistake of having weak intention when intending with detachment. When we detach, it means we let go of the outcome so that we do not freeze the process of manifestation but allow it to happen freely. But we are still strongly intent on a particular outcome to happen. This combination of concentrated and relaxed attitude allows our desire to manifest powerfully and freely.

    It is most beneficial for everyone to intend strongly in whatever they want since the outcome is in favor of those with thought forms of the most powerful vibrations. A business owner with a strong intention for sales will attract a wide range of buyers who are both strongly and weakly seeking to purchase the goods and services of the type on offer.

    When the business owner does not have a strong vibrating thought form, the potential buyers with weaker thought forms that are actually in harmony with those particular goods or services will not be attracted, and their weak thought forms would continue to drift around in the Universal Mind seeking the minds of sellers with thought forms of sufficient strength to attract and pull them in. As a person succeeds in business, their confidence and faith in this process grows, their thought forms become more powerful, thereby attracting increasingly more customers, overcoming increasingly more weak buying thought forms of potential customers. Eventually, thanks for your interesting and informative thoughts.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  8. So my BFP buddies….does this sound fun?