How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits in 5 Simple Steps (Amazon eBook and Reminder about 150 Amazon Products)

January 6, 2017 9 thoughts
Puppy-razzi in Greenwich Village, New York City.


I wrote a few eBooks.


I goaded producers into creating audio books for me (not at gunpoint…at least not for most of them).


I even self-published a slew of Blogging From Paradise paperbacks.


150 plus – or is it more? – Blogging From Paradise products available on Amazon.


You can shop here: Blogging From Paradise Amazon Library


Or here: Blogging From Paradise aStore 


The friendly reminder is….I have a lot of Amazon products for you to use, to:


  • access a rich library of blogging tips
  • entertain yourself with colorful travel stories
  • feast on loving inspiration


On to today’s Friday eBook. Which is available everyday.


It’s a helpful read to boost your blogging income.


I recorded a 1080 p video to flesh out 2 f-words you need to repeat to yourself and live by, not to induce potty-mouf, but to increase profits.



How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits (Amazon eBook)


or for the listeners out there:


How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits (Amazon Audio Book)

(Pssst….last week’s eBook for hungry bloggers is here.)

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.
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  • Hi Mi,

    Awww shucks 🙂 Appreciate that buddy. Likewise, 1000 times over. Seeing your lengthy, heart-felt comments all over the internet inspired me to get back into commenting, full-bore.

    Much love my friend.


  • Hi Ryan
    You deserve to be called a great scholar on blogging and internet marketing in addition to being a great blogger and wonderful human being.
    Thanks for updating us on your library and sharing the video.
    Hope you are having great time

  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks so much for the tip 😉 Diving in now to learn more about it.

    Keep having fun too my man, your energy is irresistible 🙂


  • Joe Elliott

    Hi Ryan, True Dat, gotta have fun man! Quick tip for you. If you download a free program called handbrake you can reduce the size of your video and still keep the HD quality, it’s Free! Thanks Man

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks much for the download 🙂

    So happy to spread the love and share what I have learned to offer blogging help through these little thingees. It’s been a pleasure to write them, to share them and to keep spreading the word.


  • Hi Ryan, thanks for the eBook, I’ve downloaded, I haven’t read all of yours yet but I have sure learned a lot from the few I have read and highly recommend them. Thanks for all you do and share with us! Happy 2017.

  • Hi Monna,

    Awesome 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed your holidays. And that you enjoy the eBooks too. Honestly, I gottta start being clearer on how many I wrote because there are a ton out there for folks to dive into.

    Thanks a bunch and have a fun weekend.


  • Hi Ryan, Catching up with many of your videos I missed over the holidays. Thank you for the Kindle book; How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits. I usually read some at night and this will be my reading material for tonight.

    My goodness, I had no idea you had written so many books. I have quite a bit to catch up on.

    Thank you so much for sharing what works for you, your honesty and tips and suggestions to all bloggers.

    Have a great New Year.

  • Who let the puppy-razzi out?

    I left a thought.