Should You Make Income Claims on Your Blog?

October 2, 2017
In a day of thicker hair in Nueva Arenal, Costa Rica. I have lived a pretty neat life without doing the income claim bit.


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The taste was orgasmic.


Delightful vegetables.


Sensational seasoning.


Fabulously fluffy rice.


I wanted to kiss the cook.


Husband and wife included (European style on the man).


Kelli and I feast at a small Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in a quiet Thai neighborhood when we visit Chiang Mai, Thailand.


The food there is among the best on earth, from my experience.


Wholesome, delicious, healthy, filling. We eat lunch there daily, and if I could get an IV drip of this culinary goodness, from Chiang Mai to here in New York City, via an around the world tube, I’d do it. I’d spare no expense.


When I first walked into the place did I ask the owners to see their tax returns to vet the quality of their food?


Did I ask how much monthly or yearly income they made, to determine whether or not the food tasted good?


Did I inquire as to how much they make daily through each dish – signing like a Farang Cave Man because I speak little Thai – to determine what dish to order?


Hell no.


A friend told me that the Jai, or Buddhist vegetarian restaurants, in Chiang Mai, Thailand – with the bright yellow sign marked by a red symbol that looks like the number “7” – offer fabulously tasty, wholesome, cheap-ass vegetarian food.


Factor in how Kelli and I enjoyed delicious vegetarian fare in Phuket a few months prior at similar Buddhist vegetarian restaurants and we were sold. All in.


I listened to referrals from a trusted friend. I also had a positive prior experience at similar restaurants.


When I walked inside the place, I scanned for a hygienic environment, Check.


I ate. I enjoyed. I feast on this fare daily in Chiang Mai.


Asking how much the restaurant owner made, money-wise, had nothing to do with the process of deciding whether or not I would eat there.


These folks are not farang financial advisors. They are cooks who own a Thai restaurant.


They do damn well financially because the place is always packed. Every day. At all hours. New pans flying out of the kitchen, filled with fresh veggie fare.




Snapshot of the lunch at the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


All because these folks fell in love with their craft, developed their cooking skills and rendered generous service for years.


You never need to make a single income claim to build a thriving blogging business.


If you fall in love with blogging, develop your blogging skills and render generous service for years you will live the life of your dreams through blogging, without ever making a single income claim.


Generous, persistent giving precedes getting.


The Doctor Analogy


When I walk into a doctor’s office I never ask to see their tax returns as a qualifier.


My vetting does not include checking the Kelly Blue Book value of the Ferrari in their driveway.


I do not appraise the property upon which the doctor’s office sits.


I do not give a shit about what they earn money-wise or what they own money-wise.


I care only about if they are skilled enough to help solve my medical issue.


I visit the doctor based on the referral of a trusted friend or a trusted doctor.



Trusting a close friend or skilled doctor put me in the office. Not checking the doctor’s tax returns.


As for your blog, you don’t make money through it or live your dreams through it by gaining folk’s trust, by making income claims; you make money blogging by trusting yourself and getting clear on your worth as a human being independent of what you do or what you own or how much money you make.


People who buy your stuff or hire you reflect back to you your clarity. These folks arrive, and buy, often based on trusted buddies who referred them to me, but in truth, I just allowed in like-minded folks based on my own clarity in self, my message, my clarity in doing things mainly with love, for fun, and I never needed to share that I manifested an energy called money to accelerate this process, or even to set it in motion.


You don’t gain their trust. You allow these individuals in based on the clarity you have in self, your blog, and the help you offer.


Of course, the clearer you get, you tend to help more folks and promote more folks and make more friends and render more useful service – premium and free – and this is referred to as over-delivering, and these bloggers who over-deliver often live their wildest dreams and make plenty of money, but you didn’t need to gain anything, because you already have everything, being connected to it all.


OK; now that we have discussed the Blogging Buddha Lesson of the Day, let’s discuss make money online blogs and income claims.


Make Money Online Blogs


If you go the route of John Chow or Pat Flynn it is advisable to do income claims because your chief benefit/promise is show people how you make money online.


John and Pat are fully clear on choosing this path. They promise to teach you how to make money online. So they share how much they made and how to do it.


I am clear on teaching you how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. So I share selfies from Fiji and Bali and Thailand, how many months or years I spend in these places, and how I do it.


The Wrong Crowd


Unless you run a make money online blog, you attract the wrong crowd by making income claims.


Paper chasers flock to you. People who worship a neutral energy called money versus choosing a life of fun and freedom.


Most of these folks are:


  • desperate
  • fearful
  • greedy
  • hellbent on proving their worth to their wife or husband or parents or society at large, BEGGING for approval or to prove they are good enough by stacking a neutral energy called money in Scrooge McDuck like fashion, swimming in pools of dubloons, and showing off their big homes and flashy cars as if these things are the meaning for their existence, their essence, the only reason that they are worthy of love and acceptance


Do ya really want these folks to be your readers?


I didn’t think so.


Making Money Versus Spreading Love and Changing Lives


A guy named Bernie Madoff was really good at making a poop load of money and advertising his prowess to clients.


But he also was equally adept at creating a shell game that spread nightmares, bankrupted people and eventually, he found himself a nice little square box to live in for the remainder of his life.


Some guys online are really good at manipulating people, numbers and things to receive money.


Some guys online are really good at helping people with love, for fun, and money is simply an effect, of that loving cause, and flows in freely to them, but they don’t give a rat’s rectum, as money is just something you exchange for something else. Bleh. It ain’t a God to these folks, it is a Gift, but not THE Gift, just an extra or bonus, or icing on the cake.


Some guys online are really good at helping people with love, for fun, but are new to doing things from a loving, fun energy…..and this is where we dive into a concept that I like to refer to as Loving Lag Time.


Loving Lag Time


You can get billion dollar advice from someone with $10.


This is because for some folks, a lag time exists between them offering helpful, dead on, successful advice from a place of fun and love (advice that helps you live the life of your dreams) and their manifestation of an energy called money.


When I had 4 pennies in my wallet – literally – I recall 2 distinct experiences:


  • a dude who legitimately made millions of dollars a year tried to bitch me out via email and social media, namely because he saw me as an established presence online, a rival, a threat, believing I was making as much money as him
  • a few 6 figure earners claimed – their words, not mine – that I was a fellow 6 figure earner….because they believed I was a 6 figure earner based on the clarity, soundness and inspiration in the advice I offered


Little did they know I was not a 6 penny earner who made Oliver Twist look like Tony Stark.


Anyway…..are you beginning to see why making income claims or believing income claims or using income claims as a prime trust-builder can absolutely destroy your chances of living your dreams, of having fun, of blogging with love and of designing a life of freedom?


The Solution


If you offer advice for how to make money online you might make income claims. But people who like your energy will follow your blog, sign up for your courses, buy your products and hire you for your services based on your help, not your tax returns.


Because we live in a Universe of energy, not outcomes.


However, unless you are 100%, dyed in the wool clear/chill/at peace/poised with making income claims – whether running a make money online blog or any blog – don’t do it . Don’t make income claims.


The only reason you make an income claim is to prove you are good enough. To prove you are capable. To prove you are not a scammer. To appeal to skeptics.


Funny thing about trying to prove yourself to skeptics; at the end of the day, if you try to be worthy in the eyes of a doubting asshole, you become the asshole, too, because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


If you try to appeal to an unclear person you instantly move from an energy of love and harmony to fear and disharmony, and unless you are the Dali Lama this ain’t gonna work out well.


Give all of your attention and energy to:


  • blogging mainly for fun
  • blogging with love
  • being a student of blogging
  • choosing the best web hosting (read that brilliant review at WHSR)
  • practicing your writing
  • following 1-2 successful bloggers who are fun-loving, kind, generous and who offer uplifting, helpful advice
  • creating helpful blog posts that solve the problems of your 1 ideal reader
  • building your friend network by promoting other bloggers, by commenting on their blogs, by featuring them, by interviewing them and by serving them however you can


I wanted to write this post because as I get more interview requests I see this income claim thing coming up.


I respond how I don’t make income claims, and either the fellow blogger understands that we don’t have a match, or their head explodes like the lady from “Total Recall.”



Either way, I am clear enough to either move on or dive back into completing the interview without allowing my fear of loss to override my integrity, my commitment to what I value and who I want to attract to my blog.


Get Entirely Clear on Who You Want to Align With


Get clear on your perfect reader and these folks will help you live your dreams.


These readers will progressively give you more and more money.


These readers will hire you and buy your stuff.


These readers will be rabid, loyal minions, promoting your latest posts and eBooks and courses and services with the enthusiasm of a Revivalist spreading the word for the first time.


If you get clear on tailoring your message so you speak only to people who want to:


  • spread love
  • have fun
  • learn blogging
  • practice blogging
  • live their dreams through blogging


the paper chasers will gradually disappear – or pop up and then fade quickly – you will build your like-minded tribe and then, you will gradually live your wildest dreams through blogging.


Of course you will make sweet dough. But it will be no big deal. Extra. Icing on the cake.


You will get high off of helping. You will trip off of serving. You will celebrate receiving money like a portly pepper pot feasting on a double chocolate cake, yet 2 seconds after your money dance, you will move on to help, to serve, or to enjoy your offline life.


At the end of the day, you want the F words: Fun and Freedom.


When you love fun and freedom and speak to people who love fun and freedom your life will be a celebration of fun and freedom, as you learn, as you help and as you receive all the sweetness life has in store for you.


Hold an intent to have fun, to blog with love and to help people and success will be yours.


If someone comes along – readers, potential clients, customers, interviewers or anybody – and does not share this same intent, these same values, simply smile and release them as a non match.


Nothing personal at all. Just a choice to walk the fun, freeing, loving path which helps you reach heights you never dreamed you’d reach.


Your Turn


Do you make income claims on your blog?


Why? Who not?


More importantly – and do not avoid asking yourself this question – where is the energy behind you making income claims? Do you feel like you are unworthy unless you proved that you earned money? Or are you making income claims from a worthy, happy, whole and complete place?


How has not making income claims helped you with your blog?


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


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I created this course to help you gain clarity and confidence in your blog.


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The first 2 fundamentals focus heavily on cultivating that Ryan Biddulph type energy that will help you become limitless. The remaining fundamentals focus heavily on simple, powerful, practical tips you want to follow to build a highly successful blog.


I also tossed in an audio course titled 10 Common Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger (not someone with an impressive vertical leap, but me, Ryan Biddulph) to cut your learning curve by years.


Learn more about the course here my little sweet robbins:


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  1. Being more relaxed, chill and just feeling at peace with the whole online thing helps you focus mostly on giving….and you care less about getting, and even less about sharing your getting. Thanks for the rocking comment Joy.

  2. Joy Healey Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    What a great post – and I just loved the restaurant and doctor analogy. You really got me wanting to go to that restaurant!!

    Once or twice I have said how much I earned in “this or that” on my blog, but then it occurred to me that what I earn is completely unrelated to what someone else might earn because it depends completely on how hard I / they work and the time spent or available. So… if I earned $300 a week working just an hour a week that would be great, but if I earned that working 24 / 7 it’s not as impressive!

    Also, once it dawned on my “innocent self” that some of these income claims were fake anyway, well… why bother.

    Yes, I USED to do it to prove myself “worthy and competent” – but I’m much more relaxed now and quite happy to tell people to mind their own business. Especially armed with the points you made above!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  3. If you are clear on the IC deal definitely go for it Prabash.

  4. Its ok in my view, after we start earning 1ok+ monthly, so at least you can proud on your income and will encourage to newbies.

  5. Agreed on that Adeel. When you think beyond money, things really pick up for you. All the energy is focused on giving and having fun, and money seems to sneak in the back door. Thanks brother as always 🙂

  6. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hello, Ryan!

    I actually dislike this idea.

    Not that not everyone earns but claiming for the earned sources may make one’s self a serious person than the one who’s just the simple person busy working in his/her’s field of interest.

    That makes me think that the money is they are only after. They work, they write, and they think of the only money to get out of every effort.

    I personally don’t like that approach.

    The money tag is not the solution of everything. Be the simple. Earn must but not be the money’s man.

    Thanks for this great one, brother!

    ~ Adeel

  7. Cool Aashima. It all depends on how clear we are in delivering our message, aka, the income claim.

  8. Aashima Says:

    Wow this is so in-depth post with detailed information.

    I don’t actually like to claim income on my blog and I think it should be done by top bloggers who are earing 5 figure income.

  9. Interesting Kevin. Seems to have the reverse effect on you. A few folks are honest, clear and yep, I feel they are good with it but many bloggers do it from lack and limitation, which are terrible drivers. Thanks much.

  10. It kinda does my head in when people make claims to what they earn on their blog. I’m a believer that it should be kept to yourself. I also think 9 times out of 10 they have photoshopped what they earn anyway. It is almost like begging you to come over to them to see how. no claims to me speak bigger volumes as they really do earn and don’t need to prove it. very interesting post

  11. Cool Prosperity. As long as you do it from a clear space, go for it.

  12. I think making income claims on your blog isn’t bad at at all. It can show proof of efficiency of the lessons you teach on your website. Great collections!

  13. Not going overboard is one of the easiest ways to detach from the income and also, to attract rocking, loving, trusting readers to our blogs Rajkumar. Thanks for sharing bro.

  14. All are great reasons Drewry. For me, it attracts the wrong type of energy, the wrong vibe, the folks who want to get, or who envy me, or, well, the same reasons you share, those types of people. Make life about giving, helping, serving, relaxing, having fun, following your passion and save the odd image of you by your nice ride or home, leave the income claims for folks who want to attract that type of riff raff to their blogs. Thanks for the rocking comment bro.

  15. Godswill that is great. Thanks much bro and chat soon.

  16. Hi Ryan
    This post is really encouraging I enjoy visiting and reading your blog post. I have already saved this post offline and I will share it on social media.
    Thanks so much

    Best Regard

  17. DNN Says:

    I wouldn’t make income claims on my blog for a few good reasons.

    1. I don’t want anyone growing jealous of me.
    2. I like living my life as a private person as most affiliates to.
    3. I don’t want to portray myself as a showoff and seem haughty when I might try to pose a picture as an inspiring marketer trying to motivate others to do the same thing.
    4. I have jealous family members that secretly look at my site and might come calling if they think I’m hoarding large sums of cash.
    5. I was never the type of person that liked to put myself out there in advertising money or material things.

    I can see once in a while if anyone might take a picture next to a nice car or something like that. But as far as continually discussing how much money I’m making is like inviting unwanted people to possibly start stalking me. If anything, I’ll show someone else how to replicate the same success and wish the best for them. 🙂

  18. Rajkumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I can’t agree with you more where you firstly spoke about the utility of showing income proof as a way to give a clear identity about you, in terms of “why he should chose you”. Now, then you rightly made another strong point where we shouldn’t go overboard in convincing people who aren’t actually ready to listen, as in this way our energy goes down the drain.

    Thanks for creating such a helpful post

  19. Donna you rock so much 🙂 Thanks for the inspired comment.

    The IRS point is something few folks ever make. Do you really want to attract that attention? Not only that, you could slam into problems with the law in regards to inflated income claims if you’re not telling the truth, and even if you are telling the truth, making bold promises and guarantees sets you up for lawsuits from greedy or desperate or, totally lost folks who blame you for their lost investment.

    Teach folks how to succeed by using your skills and generosity and avoid those income claims, I say. Barring a few folks totally clear on doing this – Pat Flynn is the gold standard – you are opening a can of worms.

  20. Hi Ryan,

    Brilliant article! Would I ever make money claims online? No way. I’ve been in business too long to do that kind of thing. It is between me and the IRS if you know what I mean lol.

    I love the way you integrated the restaurant owners and the doctors…I had to laugh because I’m on the same wave length as you my friend.

    I do have an affiliate marketer “friend” who is always speaking in dollars. I finally had to block this friend because the energy made my stomach hurt. Well….you know what I mean.

    Only once in my career offline to online did someone ask me how much money I was making. That was like asking me if I went to the bathroom today…ha…I was shocked and appalled at this question. It is personal and maybe this was an IRS agent lol. “None of your beezwax” I told her.

    As for the people running after others who show six figures, some may have clarity and know the deal, but the others look up to numbers man and think they could do the same without all the work involved. This is when they drop off the map.

    I couldn’t give a rats bottom of how much money someone makes, as long as they provide good information and come from an honest and caring energy.

    Now I know this audio will be so healing for others because it is the God’s honest truth about blogging, so I’ll spread this around my friend.


  21. That’s it Liza. Practice writing and make friends, and all comes together nicely. Thanks much.

  22. Freddy you embody this concept of knowing our Infinite Universal Well, and focusing instead of spreading Love versus getting heavily attached to outcomes and trying like heck to prove you know your stuff, by sharing income claims. The latter comes from fear. The former, from Love. And we know where our Power lies. Thanks my man, loving the comment.

  23. liza Says:

    Practicing your writing on a daily basis and then creating helpful blog posts that solves specific problems can work wonders. Then back it up by building a friend network, you have game on.

  24. Mark thanks so much bro. Great to see you here.

  25. Yep Shantanu; creating a post that solves our reader problems is the way to succeed, to grow a tribe and to also generate income. Thanks for the helpful comment bro.

  26. Agreed 100% Prosper. Why make claims when it has nothing to do with your niche? Prove you can help folks, share your skills, serve people and you will succeed while attracting your perfect readers to you. Thanks much.

  27. I vibe with ya Robin. In most cases, this is not the path to take. Seems like most bloggers make claims from fear, versus from a space of love and playfulness, and clarity. Thanks bro.

  28. Good deal Rajesh.

  29. Sure thing Agness. Thanks for commenting.

  30. This post is definitely food for thought, Ryan! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Rajesh Says:

    I keep my expenses track by maintaining an Excel sheet which always helped me in paying taxes at the end of financial year.

  32. Hi Ryan,
    In my opinion, we should not share the income claims. But For some, it may work. ALthough it’s not going to work, I think.
    Although, it was an excellent post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Prosper Noah Says:

    Great Insight Ryan!

    I so much believe only those on the make money online niche should actually make income claims on their blogs as it helps encourage their followers.

    For any other niche, it’s not necessary

    What’s necessary?

    Share the Knowledge and keep sharing more.

    Thanks for the share.

  34. Hello Ryan,

    Good one over here 🙂

    Yeah people do publish their income reports in front of their audiences. This is so because might be they want to establish
    their authority in the blogging world and also publishing their result also act as a indirect salesman, which can
    automatically get their products and other courses. People want to know how one can end up making so much money monthly,
    which other dream that they can touch a half of it in year.

    Creating a blog post, that will solve out the problems of our readers is the thing which would bring the heat on. Our blog
    would be in the hot news and all the else matter on networking, how strong is our networking, totally going to effect
    the money making factor.

    Thanks for the share.


  35. Hey Ryan!

    Loving this blog post man!

    You have a lot of very helpful tips for bloggers here. I agree with you, you do not need to make any income claims on your blog in order to build a successful blogging business.

    I don’t make any income claims on my internet marketing blog. I have a bigger vision, beyond wealth, because I do understand our magnificent universe well (or I’d like to think so), and spreading love and light seems to be a great way to live life!

    Focus on your passion. And make your blog’s niche is something you are very passionate about. I think if you start a blog just for the money, and solely for the money, you are probablry not going to make it very far.

    Just my 2cents!

    Thanks for sharing such helpful and interesting post man!

    Cheers! 😀

  36. Mark Newsome Says:

    Fabulous post Ryan!

    And I love you analogies about the doctor.

    You totally nailed it as per usual! Lots of
    food for thought! Definitely sound advice worth heeding!

    Thanks bud! I always leave your blog, more enlightened than we
    I arrived!

  37. Exactly Mike. Being a hybrid it does make sense to share income. Also, you are clear/cool with it. The energy is key. You are doing it for fun, for a case study, versus the desperate proof many income claims are made from, a fear-based energy. Thanks for sharing bro.

  38. Patrick that is awesome bro. Do enjoy the audio course when you grab it. One of my readers bought it the other day; she’s loving it.

    As for the income claims, smart move. When you get the WHY and HOW down, you’ll develop the skills more quickly and the income will come together nice. Thanks much.

  39. Yep it can be inspiring Tom to see what is possible, with other folks. I think being clear on why you share income is the key. Thanks much.

  40. Tom George Says:

    Hey Ryan:

    Nice analogies!

    Like you mentioned in the post:
    Practicing your writing on a daily basis and then creating helpful blog posts that solves specific problems can work wonders. Then back it up by building a friend network, you have game on.

    I have noticed many popular successful bloggers doing a monthly update of income reports. Some of them are inspring though.


  41. Patrick Says:

    I’ll definitely be checking out the audio course. I don’t know enough about the HOW of blogging to even delve into making income claims. But I will definitely save this as a reference for when I get there. Thanks Ryan!

  42. Great post Ryan.

    We don’t but I have to say “yet”. We’re a hybrid; a travel blog but we do teach people how to make money online so they can do what we do. It’s only a matter of time before sharing our income becomes a silent salesman for our courses, guides, etc.

    If we do it’s not going to be a monthly thing, and it will be a case study –email for download. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

  43. I left a thought.