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October 16, 2017


“The King of Guest Posting.”


“The Most Prolific Blogger on Earth.”


“The King of Blog Commenting.”


I stare at a screen. I tap little squares with my fingers.


Sometimes I discuss bodily functions of mine. In an intimate nature.




But over the past few weeks I have been called each of the above. The King. Of guest posting and blog commenting. And the most prolific blogger on earth.


Mind you; these are some serious heavy blogging hitters doling out these kind words.


Why do folks feel this way about me? I create a bunch of helpful content. I have fun doing it.


Why do I create a bunch of helpful content? I have learned – by delving into, studying, cultivating, practicing and applying the concepts in this new, live call series Kelli and I will be releasing, to raise my energy.


Since this is not a blogging specific course I was trying to think of how it would appeal to you.


Then things got fish in a barrel easy; if you want to:


  • have fun blogging
  • live your wildest dreams through blogging
  • become prolific
  • build a profitable blog
  • get more blog comments
  • become a guest posting dynamo
  • drive blog traffic
  • get over your fears of doing live videos
  • get over your fears of creating, shipping and successfully publishing courses and eBooks


you need to learn how to face, embrace, feel and release fear energies, so you can feel the “fat kid in a candy shop” type joy, happiness, elation, relief and happiness, joy, elation, relief and the pure love of building a thriving blogging business.


That’s where this teleclass comes in.


Does being happy, feeling relieved, feeling loved, and having fun with blogging feel like light years away?


Or maybe these lovely emotions and sweet blogging success feels like its within your grasp, but you just need that little extra nudge to get there.


This live teleclass may be singing to you.


It’s an Energy Thing


Everything in the Universe is energy. You. Your pet Gila monster. Your blog. Humans. Money. Courses. Ryan’s zany travel experiences. Bad breath. Puppy poop. Social media. Ryan and Kelli’s course LOA for Humans.


This course will show you the basics of my energy management strategy so you too can slowly – or quickly – elevate your energy to live the life of your dreams, whatever those dreams are.


The sweet part? You can apply the principles to any aspect of your life. Blogging. Online business. Domestic relationships. Gila monster relationships. Your kids. Your parents. Your village. Whatever.


Kelli and I (she’s my wife by the way, and founder and creator of the popular LOA blog Live Life Made to Order) decided to host our 2nd live teleclass together, to share how we went from some dire straits to living the life of our dreams, so you too can embrace, learn and apply these energy concepts, to mold your dream life too.



What Is the LOA?


You may see many definitions of the LOA – the Law of Attraction – online, but here is my clear, simple and infinitely powerful definition: everything in the Universe is energy and that energy is backed by 2 wavelengths, Love or Fear.


When you operate from the energy of Love and apply that energy to your blog, to your spouse, to your family, to even seemingly annoying clients (who are not annoying, but bringing up your Fear of Loss energy, so you should thank you seeming son of a bitches for clear your Crap Fear, so you can operate more from Love), you will freaking slay it. In a good way.


Kelli and I in NYC


Think of Love energy as when you first saw your new born child in the hospital. Or think of Love energy as cuddling with your cute puppy or kitten, or making your first $100 online, or when you proposed to your wife and she said “yes”, or when your husband made dinner, did the dishes and smiled, laughed and hugged you, even when you had a little bout with PMS and wished he was sitting on a carpet of fire ants right now, just because he was the only sentient being in your vicinity.


Yeah…those Super Love moments.


This class helps you feel that Super Love way in more aspects of your life, including blogging, which will both help you detach from outcomes and yep, which will help you see greater success, as you become a creative dynamo, generous giver and by nature, the very definition of persistence.


When you get your energy right, all the practical tips and good friends and prospering ideas find you.


LOA for Humans helps you understand how energy behaves in response to your conscious choice to live heart-centered, to do things from Love, to really live, and to face, feel, hug and release Fear energies, no matter how shitty those fears feel….because like I’ve been advising for the past few years, ya gotta eat a poop sandwich sometimes to clear the fear and do things from Love.


How the Live Teleclass Works


Kelli and I co-hosted a live teleclass a while back on manifesting money and got rave reviews, lots of laughs and the finest meats and cheeses available.


We do live, roughly 90 minute calls every week – with this class starting on Sunday October 22nd at 12 PM EST – that walk you through the core concepts of turning the theories of this energy/LOA/Love bit into your dreams, step by step, so you can embrace these new or known concepts, move into aligned action and see blogging success. Or, happiness, fulfillment and success in any area of your life.


Some deets:


  • we do a live teleclass weekly for 90 minutes
  • once the live class wraps up we offer recordings of each call in cased you missed it
  • whenever you purchase the teleclass you will have access to whatever live calls remain and the recorded calls (you can hop in and enjoy at any time)
  • when the 5 weekly live classes are complete we turn it into a packaged product for your consumption (add pepper for a real kick)
  • Engage in live Q and A sessions during the later portion of each call to gain clarity on these concepts by asking queries in relation to your real life experiences/problems/issues/wins (this is really fun as you get to interact with Kelli and I live and in the cyber flesh)


The format is super informal, chill, relaxed and real. You will feel like you are in the room with us, shooting the bull, as we flesh (there goes that word again) out these concepts to help you live your dreams in a non-preachy, humorous, fun and simple way.


How this Class Benefits You


Kelli and I explain how to feel good first *then* how to build success, to reach your goals and to live your dreams while largely feeling really really good.


The journey gets scary sometimes. If you have a class, a core concept, and some solid fundamentals to lean on, you can feel the fear and do it anyway. Blogging-wise, life-wise.


Again, if you really want what I have, energy-wise, service-wise, generosity-wise, fun-wise and playful-wise, all the blogging success and fun travels and dream life stuff can be yours when you learn how to turn this LOA-Energy theory into reality.


It happens by adjusting your energy first, then doing the work/play, then seeing the sweet success manifest in your blogging life, business life, relationship life, all that good stuff.


LOA for Humans: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Manifesting


If this sounds fun and you are ready to take your blog and life to the next level by raising your energy click this link:


LOA for Humans: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Manifesting

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Much appreciated Sue. I do look forward to meeting one day; fellow globe trotters always seem to meet somewhere in this awesome world, being on the move.

  2. Sue Slaght Says:

    You are the king of energy that is for certain. Prolific, enthusiastic and a work ethic that I can’t even imagine. Although we have never met in person I have no doubt the classes would feel just as you write. the genuine you and not pulling any punches. Having fun but the hard truths of its not always easy.Always enjoy that honesty.


  3. Vinil thanks so much for all the love over the years. I appreciate you!

  4. Vinil Says:

    I’ve been following you for more than 7 years now. Your energy just doesn’t seem to drop. You seem to get more and more energetic every year.

  5. Amen to that Vincent. That loving, fun energy makes things pop. Yes; the energy really does come naturally when we calm down, bring ourselves back to the moment and simply are being ourselves.

  6. Hi Ryan,

    I will definitely remember these words:
    “energy-wise, service-wise, generosity-wise, fun-wise and playful-wise, blogging-wise and life-wise”.

    I agree with you and I will say that if we really want to make things happen, we just have to do those things from love and with fun.
    The energy will come naturally. We will be happy when working. People will feel our happiness and will enjoy what we do.
    That is a kind of service we are providing without even realizing it. Because we don’t consider it as a work.

    Thank you very much as always!
    Have a great day!

  7. Awogor thanks so much bro. Really appreciate the love. Chat soon my man.

  8. To be honest Ryan, you deserve just more than those words. Your type of blogging sometime amazed me. And ever since I got to know you, you have always been my viewing point. I got to realize the importance of blog commenting, guest posting and making friends with influencers years ago after I started following your blog. What amazed me most is the facts that before a post is even published on many blogs I use to visit daily to comment, I must have seen you there and secondly before I should discover I will see different guest post by Ryan Biddulph.

    This is more than being a prolific blogger.

    If it’s easier to transform someone completely, then you could have been one.

    Let me go and check Keli’s post

  9. Awesome Shantanu. I have seen you over at Kelli’s blog sometimes, reading and leaving comments. Sensational too. No matter how things appear to be it is all really energy. Thanks for the rocking comment as always, you are a star!

  10. Haha Winston I never thought about the Bahasa Indonesian or Malay meaning of the word. That is neat. Actually, this is a big tough lizard that lives in the Western USA. I thought it would sound funny in the post. Thanks a bunch and hey, I love Malaysia. Especially KL and Penang.

  11. You have that same positive, attractive vibe Vishwajeet. Keep up the great work/play bro!

  12. Winson Ng Says:

    Ryan, you’re indeed a guru at blogging. Freddy was right to say that we can feel the good vibe in your writing. By the way, “Your pet Gila monster” – would Gila here happened to be Malay/Indonesian meaning crazy? Hahaha..

    Cheers from Malaysia!

  13. Hello Ryan,

    Awesome post. You are really changed the way people doing blogging. You definitely have a strong Law of attraction and I see it in your personality. Our skills and how we interact with others will be helpful to create a law of attraction. Thanks for sharing these great tips here.

    Have a great day 🙂

  14. Hello Ryan,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Live Teleclasses are fun and also something new for me to learn over here. We all are playing by our own and it depends upon
    our skills and talent we want to put into. The more we strike, the more we are going to last long. Finding innovatives
    ways to make it last long in the middle.

    Indeed everything we are surrounded by is made up of energy, sometimes we get attracted to positive as well as negative
    energy. This depend on us how can we make thing count by getting paired with positive energy.

    Law attraction is something which always plays an imporatnt role in shifting our life styles. I regualarly visit Kelli’s
    web site and the methods she talks about over there is so effective. I have oppted some of those and it has changed my life
    to a very large extent. I know things are not pretty easy to get and transformation is the key which which will help us to
    get going forward.

    Thanks for this awesome share.


  15. Wow, rocking comment Freddy!

    That Jim Carrey quote is spot on. We are consciousness inside a human body for a minute. Accept this idea, live by it and your life changes dramatically because all the illusory lack and limitation type stuff disappears into the ethers and you blog and live from love, harmony, wholeness and completeness. I can see you are doing that Freddy. Thanks for the fabulous insights.

  16. WOW! I felt the good vibe and energy from you through your written words man!

    I can relate to you and your beliefs about life and our magnificent universe. There is one thing I heard Jim Carrey say one time, he said; ‘we are not a human body that has consciousness, we are consciousness inside a human body!’

    This is so true!

    We live in a Quantum Universe – a Holographic Universe. This is what makes all One. We came here to play out our individuality – just to remember our unity. We need Duality for evolution! Fear and Love need each other, in order to evolve and grow. We are not here to play against fear, but love fear and play with it.

    I approach everything with the same mentality that you have. This is a play of energies and you have the free will to choose how you play here. If you want to achieve great things, you have to understand this. You have control of the energy you put out and the things you want to attract to you. You have the power to succeed with blogging and anything you put your mind into. This is not something “so new” to know.

    The law of attraction is always working – just like any other laws of our immense universe and galaxy. Whatever you Focus on, Energy Flows! 🙂

    I tend to rant on this!! shoot!

    Anyway, thank you for all your help guys (you and your wifey)!

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers! 😀

  17. I left a thought.