Living in the Paradise of Savusavu Fiji

Kelli walking beside Savusavu Bay


Living in the Paradise of Savusavu Fiji


Kelli and I did a 4 month house sit in Savusavu Fiji.


We had been told that locals called Savusavu the Hidden Paradise of Fiji. No kidding.


Savusavu is the most gorgeous, pristine place I have seen in person. Toss in our location – some say we had the best views on the island – and you have a magical tropical paradise sitting in the middle of nowhere in the South Pacific Ocean.


The Scene


After 12 hours of flying from Thailand – I told you; it really was in the middle of nowhere – we landed in Nadi on the main island. Our arms were tired.


A quick puddle jump to the island of Vanua Levu brought us to Labasa, then, a decent car ride across the island introduced us to Savusavu.


Town center is chill. As is everything and everyone in Fiji, where folks often say to “take it eeeeeasy.” On driving through we observed a serene dock with pretty sail boats and the clearest water I had ever seen.


Creeping out of town, Savusavu Bay invites you to feast your peepers on its other-worldly beauty. Mountains greet your eyes on the horizon, the South Pacific beckons far to the South and homes dot the waterfront, being backed by a lush jungle gorge.


The Street


I am staring at Lexington Avenue in New York City as I write these words. The street along the bay in Savusavu is a wee bit unlike Lex.


Some days I saw 1 car pass by. Other days, a bumper crop of 10 to 20. Either way, picture a narrow, quiet road in a serene neighborhood, slowly snaking its way between the mountains and the bay.


The Crib


We house sat in a small, simple home sitting 150 meters above the bay, on a cliff-like hill. Stupid vertical.


20 plus papaya trees rested on the front yard. I mean the cliff.


I regularly hustled from the street to the top of the cliff. For both cardio and sweet papaya picking.


Here I am in action:


Savusavu Fiji


This street is home to the famed Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort as well as ample beautiful homes with million dollar views overlooking the bay.


The View


Locals say we probably had the best view on one of the most gorgeous islands on earth.


I’d wake up and laze to the front porch to see crystal clear waters, pawpaw trees swaying in the breeze and the brilliant mountains in the distance.


The sunsets were intoxicating.


Savusavu Fiji sunset


A quick glance out back treated viewers to a deep, dramatic, severe jungle gorge.


Fruit bats swept in at dusk, bickering with one another over the sweetest papaya, mangoes and passion fruit that dotted the property.


Our cherished house sitting kitties slept the day away, often slumbering for 19 hours. Or more. Laziest cats on earth. Can’t say that I blame them.


Savusavu Fiji cats








Nature as it really is.


Clear nights looked like a trip to the planetarium. I recall believing that clouds had obscured my view in some areas on these clean, crisp nights. Nope. Twas the Milky Way.


One evening the power went out. No electricity. I could not see my hand in front of my face. This felt disconcerting as the 2 inch roaches I saw scampering around the house had the upper hand.


Driveway view Savusavu Fiji


Book a Fiji trip guys. Make it a bucket list trip. Or just get your ass out there ASAP.


I cannot speak for the 2017 version but in 2014, Savusavu was a genuinely peaceful, drop dead gorgeous place that is perfect from some South Pacific rest and relaxation.