How Much it Costs to Live and Travel in Mexico


Mexico is a land full of cross-cultural communication and mouth-watering cuisine. In today’s society, it’s becoming a popular travel destination. To figure out why many expats and even more tourists are flocking to this country, we should first take a look at the facts.



Reasons to Move to Mexico


As Mexico News Daily states, the cost of living plays a major part in the decision to move there. Of course, there’s the wonderful weather and exotic appeal. Yet, nothing compares to the cost-effective angle of a move to Mexico. One of the studies MND featured in their piece highlighted the opinions of around 1000 expats. The majority of the participants believed that this place offered them a less stressful life. They were tired of their home country’s complications and were searching for a world of low-cost health care and cheaper rent. Alas, they found Mexico!


We are lucky that we are living in a generation that simply says ‘Why Not?’ Heading back 50 years ago, if you told your friends and family that you were suddenly packing up to leave the country, they might’ve assumed you’ve lost your way (and your mind). That would certainly be the case if you lived in a totally different culture. Yet, due to the digital age, it is the norm to stray away from the ordinary.



Reasons to Settle in Mexico


Mexico is becoming one of those last minute and trendy travel choices. The same study found that 41% of the expats had no desire to return to their home country. They felt happier there and that the culture welcomed their diversity. It’s a common trait, you know, when people find ‘home’ in faraway places. It just shows you that home is wherever the heart is. You’re not restricted and your roots don’t have to bind you to the ground. That’s the beauty of today’s society, we have a choice.


So, if you’re considering a life-changing move or a new adventure to Mexico, let’s see what is has to offer you…


Cost of Living in Mexico




If you’re serious about making a move to Mexico, you must research into living costs. It’s easy to say that you’re ready to move to a totally different country, but it’s best to be sensible. Mexico is pretty big so every city and town will vary in price range. Yet, if we are looking at the average rates, we should take a look at Mexico City. According to the latest statistics, monthly rent for furnished accommodation is looking quite good! For around $700 you can grab yourself an apartment (900 Sqft) in a normal city area. Utilities for your flat are around $70 a month and that’s actually for two people. Plus, one month of essential internet costs just $19! With regards to paying rent, you should be aware that many landlords in Mexico prefer cash in hand. Direct debit payments are still catching on in this country and you must handle your banking matters in person.





If you’re moving with your family, childcare expenses are worth a glance. For private preschool fees, one month will cost you around $250 and a year at an International Primary School will range from $5000- $6000. Based on your reasons to relocate, you may be offered a generous expat package to assist with these fees. However, if your move is an independent decision, then you may want to look into other options for your family.





With cappuccino costing 2 dollars on average, beer $1.50 – $2.50 (local vs imported), and a small bottle of water just over 50 cents, you’ll be able to socialize even more than you would normally in your home country. Add to that a meal in a restaurant ranging from $3 to $25 you will easily save money compared to your home country. Especially if you settle down for a while and start cooking for yourself.




In the past, Mexico has caused quite the stir with media headlines. Plenty of reporters have labelled the country as a magnet for corruption. This does not mean that the WHOLE country is unsafe. Every place has its ‘good’ parts and its ‘bad’ parts. Luckily, there’s a lot of information out there about which areas to avoid. If you’re ever concerned, you can check out the preferred areas in the Business Insider. At the end of the day, life is what you make of it! Wherever you go, you’re at some sort of risk. Low or high, it’s still a risk! Therefore, you should follow your instincts and live wherever you want to…


Reasons to Travel in Mexico


Rather than settling down in Mexico, there’s always the option to travel through this marvellous country. Thousands of tourists fly here for their yearly escape. In fact, Cancun is a famous spot for spring breaks and romantic getaways. With its captivating nightlife and dazzling waters, you lose yourself in Cancun’s alluring aesthetics. For a great price, you can book Beloved Hotels – Adults-Only Boutique All-Inclusive which are free from screaming children. There’s nothing better than escape to paradise alongside an affordable rate.



Cost of Transportation in Mexico


To travel around Mexico, there’s an array of transportation on offer. For local transport, you can get one-way tickets for less than 30 cents. That’s extremely cost-effective, right? Even if it means waiting for around an hour, it will only cost you around 5 USD. If you’re more of an independent traveller and fancy taking the steering wheel over, then you can hire a car to drive around. Although, be warned, there may be hidden costs when it comes to the personal liability insurance.



Final Words


Overall, Mexico is a hub of diverse cultures and delicious food. It is home to the majestic Mayan ruins and modern folk art. For any nature lover, there’s the El Popo Volcano in Puebla and several gargantuan mountains for hiking activities. There’s also a treasure chest full of UNESCO World Heritage sites for the avid explorer. Moving to Mexico means that you’ll have a bigger chance to experience the country ‘behind the scenes’ style. Yet, travelling through with your pesos also gives you a chance to witness its beauty at least once in your lifetime. With economic advantages such as lower bills and transportation costs, you may want to join the existing community of expats. As they enjoy their moments in the Mexican sunshine, you could too…


Have you ever considered moving to Mexico?


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