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Working in the Tropics: Cobras, Cultural Considerations and the Common Dream




Cultural Clashes?


The Common Dream?


I have rarely met a Westerner – or any human being – who scoffs at the idea of retiring to a life of island hopping.


Hell; you’re looking at a guy who retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Old RB inspires folks to build thriving blogging businesses so they can change time zones like most people change their minds.


But life ain’t all about banana shakes, pristine beaches and infinity pools for me.


You know that by now, courtesy of my 27 Netflix Worthy Travel Experiences.


Nature often intervenes, whether via critter or climate.


Cultural considerations – or sometimes flat out clashes – arise when people raised in two different countries and cultures try to find a meeting ground.


The common dream is to retire to the tropics and certainly, many folks live that dream life, but as I always like to stress on Blogging From Paradise, you need to be aware of……the rest of the story.


Living this type of life ain’t for everybody.


My Travel Blogging Buddies


Last year, Kelli and I met our rocking friends Marta and Chotika in Chiang Mai, Thailand during our house sit.


They were literally our next door neighbors.


Marta is an Italian expat living in Thailand.


Chotika is a Thai who spent much of her life in Italy.


Koh Phangan Thailand


Both are kind, energetic and quite worldly people with an explorer’s streak and that certain bold clarity that Kelli and I admire.


M and C decided to launch a travel blog called The Outsider detailing their life in Thailand to help tourists and expats better understand life in The Land of Smiles.


I am excited to share their most recent blog post that skillfully paints a vivid picture of how running the Spicy Salad Bar and Bungalows in gorgeous Koh Phagnan has introduced them to a rich range of experiences.


From facing down a Monocled cobra, to deftly handling cultural considerations while working with staff to embracing day to day life on a sleepy tropical island, you will enjoy this heartfelt read.


Working on a Tropical Island a Common Dream But Not a Job for Everyone


Living the Tropical Dream


Are you living in the tropics full time as an expat?


Or are you a tourist digital nomad hopping from country to country long term?


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