Do You Need to Lighten Up About Your Blog?

  April 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Beech Island South Carolina


A tsunami of milk splashed my shirt, shorts, legs and sneakers a few moments ago.


My wife and I shopped late at Walmart. She asked me to grab a coconut milk for her. The split second I opened the refrigerator door a full gallon of skim milk rocketed from the 3rd shelf to the floor. I had no time to react. The milk container exploded on slamming into the floor.


From my chest to my feet, I became drenched in milk. 4 guys who observed the debacle laughed hysterically and said:


“Oh shit!”


How often do you see a guy wearing a blue dragon T-shirt get showered by exploding milk?


I said:




out loud, smiled, pulled out my trusty paper towel and wiped myself down.


No sense crying over exploding milk.


Blogging Lesson


Digging deeper, you and I can extract a valuable blogging lesson.


Being light about yourself and your blogging campaign makes you attractive to success. While all serious bloggers struggle with obstacles you will gracefully move through resistance.


Lighten up. Relax. Laugh at yourself. Never take yourself seriously. Life intervenes in unexpected moments. In one moment, I appeared to be clean. In the next moment, I looked like a Jackson Pollack painting.


Lightening up helped me to laugh versus feeling:


  • embarrassed
  • humiliated
  • mortified
  • angry
  • enraged


about taking a gallon milk shower at 10 PM in Walmart as 4 guys cackled at my predicament.


I laughed along with the dudes, cleaned myself and continued shopping seamlessly.


But imagine if I had taken myself seriously? Picture me feeling embarrassed. Visualize me feeling ashamed. Imagine me yelling at the guys who laughed at me.


Taking yourself seriously robs you of:


  • peace of mind
  • happiness
  • lightness
  • serenity
  • clear thinking
  • generous service
  • the ability to connect with anyone
  • time


Most bloggers struggle terribly in part by making blogging a life or death scenario. Blogging from a tense energy:


  • kills your creativity
  • dissipates your prolific nature
  • makes you a resistant networker
  • attaches you heavily to stats


Lighten up. Relax. Laugh. Have fun helping people.


Allow creative ideas to flow. Be a genuine networker. Engage in an authentic blogger outreach campaign. Feel detached about traffic and profits. Be patient. Be persistent.


Nothing hurts your blogging career like taking yourself and your blogging campaign seriously. People tend to avoid bloggers who emit a desperate, tense or generally strained vibe because folks want to have fun.


However, if you lighten up and laugh at yourself and your blog you will seamlessly glide through unexpected roadblocks not unlike me being clean, cool, calm and collected after a gallon of milk exploded all over my body.


Serious bloggers get lost in blogging problems. Problems seem to handcuff tense bloggers because you cannot find solutions if you tersely bury yourself into problems.


Light, calm and confident bloggers pluck solutions to their unexpected blogging problems seemingly out of thin air. Emitting a relaxed, cheery vibe aligns you with relaxed, cheery people, circumstances, situations and ideas. Being surrounded by relaxed people, circumstances, situations and ideas accelerates your blogging success.


Admittedly, I practiced emotional hygiene diligently to not take myself – and blogging – seriously. An older version of Ryan would have felt embarrassed and quite angry at the people who laughed out loud on seeing me being sprayed by a milk bomb. However, going back through my mind let me face, feel and release feels fueling my serious belief system.


Lighten up!

  1. Martin Pavey says:
    at 1:14 am

    Never a truer word spoken – relax! relax! relax! 🤣

    This is really charming Ryan, thank you.

    This post serves as a valuable reminder that, in whatever scenario, we have a choice of how we act and what we make of the world. You’re a very inspirational man.

    I can see you being soaked and the smile on your face and you don’t give a shit! Wonderful.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:55 am

      Hahaha I am getting there my friend 🙂 Slowly but surely feeling clueless, care free and cared for 😉

  2. Veronica Bareman says:
    at 9:57 pm

    Thank you for this excellent perspective. Blogging is a tough gig and I am guilty of sometimes taking it too seriously! Time for me to lighten up a little.

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