Do You Really Leverage Your Blogging Campaign?

  May 9, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
From our trip to Manual Antonio, Costa Rica. Stunning beach scene.

Manual Antonio, Costa Rica


Imagine writing then publishing a blog post.


Picture yourself sitting on the cyber sidelines after publishing the post.


What happens next?




Bloggers succeed by capitalizing on the concept of leveraging.


Bloggers fail by not leveraging.


Writing then publishing a blog post does not involve leveraging since you miss an opportunity to maximize your impact through the content.


Leveraging is basically using a blog post to your maximum advantage.


For example, leveraging a blog post may involve:


  • optimizing the post for SEO to rank on Google
  • sharing the post across 10 channels
  • solving reader problems clearly to goad social sharing
  • solving reader problems clearly to increase backlinks pointing to the blog post


After I write and publish this post I will share it on:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


The post feed automatically populates sites like:


  • Triberr
  • Feedly


Sometimes I publish a:


  • podcast
  • Facebook video
  • YouTube video
  • Rumble video
  • LinkedIn video
  • Instagram video


based on the blog post topic.


At a minimum, one piece of content multiplies into 6 piece of content through leveraging. At a minimum, one piece of content syndicates through 6 channels by leveraging.


Never create one piece of content based on a topic. Create 5 pieces of content based on the topic. Publish a podcast. Publish 5 videos across various online channels. Leverage. Reach a maximum amount of targeted people with minimum effort.


Other examples of leveraging include:


  • guest blogging
  • genuine blog commenting


Basically, any time you reach far and wide with a minimum number of actions you leverage your blogging campaign.


Any time you make the absolute minimum impact you barely leverage your blogging campaign.


Most Bloggers Never Leverage


Picture the scenario I shared above.


Most bloggers create and publish a blog post and do nothing else. No wonder why most bloggers struggle, fail and quit. How can you succeed in a world of highly leveraged bloggers? I have heard of top bloggers who built relationships with syndicators at sites like Business Insider, Forbes and Entrepreneur. Each relationship yielded sweet blogging fruit because those high traffic sites eventually syndicated every post published by top bloggers. Imagine millions of people seeing your blog through Business Insider, Forbes and Entrepreneur repeatedly every month?


This is leveraging.


What Is the Most Powerful Form of Leveraging?


David Boozer began following Blogging From Paradise years ago.


He is a thriving blogger with a large, loyal tribe.


No less than 10 bloggers from David’s tribe have become Blogging From Paradise readers based on the relationship David and I established by helping each other.


Building relationships even trumps building a list. Building a 1,000,000 subscriber list is incredibly difficult. But building strong friendships with 20 high level bloggers who collectively promote your blog in front of 1,000,000 human beings is much easier than trying to gain 1 million email subscribers because people beat things, every time.


Picture yourself trying to get 10,000 people on a thing called an email list. Imagine yourself making friends with 5 high profile bloggers who easily promote your blog to a collective 10,000 people. What sounds easier? Of course, generously and patiently helping pro bloggers who drive a massive volume of targeted traffic to your blog is far easier than trying to get the email addresses of a huge number of targeted people.


How Do You Build Relationships to Leverage Your Blogging Campaign?


Help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Allow bonds to form organically. Observe how blogging friends promote you and endorse you to leverage your blogging campaign.


A few ideas:


  • comment genuinely on blogs
  • promote bloggers on Twitter
  • promote bloggers on Facebook
  • Promote bloggers on LinkedIn
  • link to bloggers on your blog


Be patient. Eventually, your expanding blogging friend network will drive traffic to your blog around the clock but only because you served these people generously.


How do you best understand why you need to leverage your blogging campaign through relationship building? Surround yourself with bloggers who embody this concept.


Blogging pros like:



have had a profound effect on Blogging From Paradise. We have all helped each other to highly leverage our campaigns by building strong relationships with one another.



  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 3:49 am

    HI Ryan, I like your reminders about making a podcast or video about your blog post, a great way to extend the reach of a blog post. Thanks for the kind mention as well. Have a great day!

    at 4:08 am

    Hi Ryan,
    What an informative share for bloggers, it’s really sad to note that many bloggers, especially the newbies skips most of the tips and strategies you presented in this content.
    I used to do most of the tips you pointed out. Great share Ryan, keep sharing.
    Glad to share it on my social media as one of the wonderful tips to get more leverage. 😂😍🌹🙏
    ~ philip Secunderabad, India

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