4 Blogging Lessons Learned from Shoveling Pig Slop in New Zealand

  May 6, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Timaru, New Zealand.


Sooie!!!! Oink oink oink.


I found 4 more blogging lessons for you guys. Shoveling pig slop.


Kelli did a fun house sit in Timaru, New Zealand. Little wee farming scenario, with a few pigs, chickens and alpaca.


Free Blogging Lessons


I made a mean mash at the crack of dawn each morning. Bullshit; I made a mean mash whenever I woke up.


Anyway, if you feel a bit confused with your blog, this blog post can give you greater clarity and energy for future posts. Sometimes a lesson flowing from a bizarre direction knocks you out of your blogging stupor.


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Let’s dive in to the lessons.


1: Timing Is Everything


At 8:01 AM, I was too late.


7:30 AM was the optimal feeding time. 7:30 AM meant I could sneak out to the pig pen, deposit food seamlessly and the piggies woke as the slop hit the bin. Clean, easy, piece of cake.


But by 8 AM every day, the pigs were waiting for me. Meaning I had to use smoke and mirrors to distract them to avoid pouring slop all over their heads, onto the ground, as they greedily tried to gobble up the slop from my hands.


Timing is everything with blogging too. In truth, the earlier you can make the next freeing, uncomfortable decision, the more quickly you succeed. Successful bloggers rarely wait, or hesitate, or deliberate; they get their ass into motion, making sometimes scary but always empowering, freeing decisions, buying courses, writing eBooks, publishing products and offering services, sharing value and building bonds to become rocking bloggers.


If you delay or hesitate, all the bloggers who don’t fart around will lap you. So….create, connect, follow leaders, buy eBooks and realize that the Universe loves folks who move into uncomfortable but freeing actions now.


2: Be Happy with Shit


Priscilla and Penny were as happy as pigs in shit. Because they lived in their feces. Part of being a pig. Root things up, poop, eat, get down and dirty. No worries.


Most sentient beings avoid their waste. Not pigs. Happy with living in the appearances of filth, because they are pigs. No big deal.


Your blog will go to the crapper. Mine did a few months ago, crashing for 11 days for some readers. I was relatively happy with the situation because experience taught me a big, freeing, fun change was on the horizon. Seemingly shitty situations goad you to make big changes you resisted.


So…..I changed hosts, went with a VPS and I have never been happier, nor have my readers been happier. If stuff goes South with your blog, take a deep breath, judge little, relax a bit, release your fears, and the more chill you are, the more quickly the success-promoting solution reveals itself.


3: Monster Mash for the Tastiest Bash


Sour apples. Powdered milk. Warm water. Weet-a-Bix. Whole wheat bread. Yesterday’s oatmeal. Last night’s kale. Old tomatoes.


The tastiest mashes included a jambalaya of all things old and new, and a wide range of food. Piggies purveyed multiple food groups.


The tastiest, party style mashes contained the most ingredients, said foods of varying age. Think….foodie contrast. A pleasant mix of old and new, plus a nice little range of carbs and dairy and water.


Blogging is no different. Even if you blog aligned with a core brand message, mix in the odd post sometimes. 1 trick blogging ponies grow lame after a while. Too rigid. No range.


Add a personal post to your blog. Share your struggles away from blogging. Inspire your readers with a big victory. Talk about your next trip. Be human. Mash it up. Readers trust bloggers who offer a bit more than one dimension. Makes you credible, and easy to relate to.


4: Ride the Pendulum


Kelli and I joked how the pigs would review me like….”1 star…..disappointed….subpar mash but poured slop on my head. Poorly executed.”


Despite my best intentions, the portly pepper pots became so enthused that I couldn’t pour said slop into the basin without showering the piggies a wee bit. Some days the mash was subpar I am sure. Other days I nailed it. Such is life. And blogging.


Some days, you will write what clearly feels like the perfect post. 3 weeks later, the post has 7 social shares and generated a whopping total of 30 visits. But then you publish what you deem to be a mediocre post and you generate ample sales and traffic through said post.


Ya never know.


Be open to the ups and downs of blogging. Ride the pendulum. Everything evens out; highs will be no big deal, lows will be no big deal. Bring peace with you, no matter what. Enjoy the ride. Great success finds the calm, confident, chill, unflappable blogger.


Your Turn


What blogging lessons did you learn from my pig slop experience?


What blogging lessons have you learned recently?

  1. Nancy says:
    at 4:07 am


    Thanks for sharing these lessons! Reading your blog made me reflect on my own blogging journey, and I can relate in so many ways.

    It’s so right what you said to be happy with shit. It’s going to happen, and if you stress out about it or don’t embrace that the lows are a part of blogging (and life!), you won’t be able to see clearly and take the necessary actions to move forward.

    Because I did some crazy travelling in New Zealand and Japan where you can’t travel slowly (too expensive!), I had neglected my blog for a bit. I was releasing weekly posts but didn’t have time to maintain the backend and everything that comes with blogging. As you know, publishing content is like 20% of the work, there’s a ton of other things that aren’t visible to a reader who happens to be passing through your site! So while my blog seems to be running smoothly, I was secretly freaking out about the GDPR implications and the Pinterest changes, which took me quite some time to learn! My first thought was that I should just throw in the towel and shut down my blog because I put in so much work (especially with Pinterest marketing!) and now it’s no longer relevant! 
Those feelings lasted for a day until I calmed down, embraced the change and worked out an action plan. Take things as they come and know that things will be ok. Yes, I’ll have to reevaluate my Pinterest strategy, and yes, I’ll need to think about GDPR, but it doesn’t need to be done all at once.

    Thanks for sharing your lessons – love how you’re able to blog full time!

    One burning question I have to ask is… after spending all this time with pigs… how do you feel about pork? I saw too many cute pigs in Asia and New Zealand, and now it’s hard for me to eat pork… even though dim sum is like my kryptonite lol

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:06 am

      Rocking comment Nancy! I do love bacon LOL….even after seeing cute piggies, but I eat meat so little because my wife is a vegetarian. I eat meat less and less though; some is because of animal suffering and some is because I want to be healthier, cleaner and leaner.

  2. Ananaya says:
    at 10:49 am

    Yes, rightly said Time is everything. Not only for blogging but for all the profession. If you respect time then time will respect you.

  3. Monna Ellithorpe says:
    at 6:14 pm

    Hey Ryan, The monster mash you described, played a little bit of havoc with my stomach but I got past it.

    It is funny, like you said; you think a post is going to be stellar and get tons of comments and then only a few. A blog post you think is just so-so almost goes viral. You just never know. All you can do is your best and not let anything stop you.

    I love bacon but I don’t think I’ll be having any very soon after this.

  4. Qasim says:
    at 6:12 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I really like your way of how you are mixing up professional blogging with just being a human and how your matching very simple life actions with real business blogging actions like the way you linked Pigs shit to having your blog down for some readers. Your enthusiasm and being optimistic is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing Ryan and as always enjoy your time.

  5. Aisling NiMhianain says:
    at 6:53 am

    I love the way you combined feeding cute pigs in with blogging. That was so interesting how, it really caught my attention and loved reading it until the end.

    It doesnt matter how good you become at blogging and how perfect we make our writing. We as humans find peoples misfortune hilariously funny. We all make mistakes and the misfortune of our blogging can go viral and the perfect blog could only attract fewer. It is amazing how people think and react. I think the more fun you make your writing the better comments and feedback you receive from people. Thank you so much for sharing this blog post 🙂

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