1 Lesson Most Bloggers Never Learn

  March 28, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read



You cannot get something for nothing.


Most bloggers never learn this lesson.


For example, scanning spam comments reveals bloggers who want to get traffic and profits for nothing. Bloggers want to grow a thriving blogging businesses without giving an equal amount of value.


Forget practicing. Do not even think about honing skills. Never mind helping people generously. Do not bother thinking about offering useful content to empower people.


Bloggers want all the smoke without giving much at all.


Spam Comment Example


I trashed another collection of spam comments a few moments ago.


Each of these bloggers tried to get:


  • exposure
  • credibility
  • business
  • profits


by spending 2 seconds writing comments like:


“nice post.”


“good job.”


“visit my site.”


Imagine how insane you need to be to believe going pro is as easy as copying and pasting:


“nice post.”


on 1,000 blogs daily?


Each of these spamming bloggers wants to get something for nothing. But since you cannot get something for nothing these bloggers get nothing, fail and eventually quit.


Observe spammers who cut and paste 25 paragraph comments (LITERALLY; I am not kidding) of business advertisements. Each tries to get business by promoting their business via a spam comment completely irrelevant to the blog post. None of these spammers get any business because they give nothing of value.


How About You?


Do you need to check yourself?


Some bloggers give up after writing and publishing ten blog posts and not driving steady traffic and profits.


Since each of these bloggers gives little each receives little.


Other bloggers publish ample helpful content but gives little in networking terms. Even though their content hits the mark nobody sees it because since they give little on the networking front they get little on the exposure front.


Look at yourself in the light of truth. Do you need to be more generous, patient and persistent? I have been there. I still need to look at myself in the mirror on a daily basis to ensure that I am giving freely of my time, talents and energy. The ego definitely tries to hold me back. I can only move forward by owning any selfish ego motives and moving forward from a more generous energy.


Manual Example


Some bloggers write a few words, give scant value, package the information as an eBook and expect to get sales.


None of these bloggers drive sales steadily because they gave so little of their time and talents through the eBook.


I decided to jam-pack hundreds of blogging tips into my blogging manual.


Giving freely opens the way for getting freely.


You cannot get something for nothing. But you can position yourself to get quite a bit if you give freely of your:


  • time
  • talents
  • energy
  • knowledge
  • skills


Everything depends on your willingness to give freely. Giving freely opens the doors to getting freely over the long haul.


Everything depends on your true blogging intent. People sense your energy a mile away.


Be generous. Be patient. Be persistent.


You cannot get something for nothing.


Do Not Over Deliver or Work Hard


Some bloggers use phrases like “over-delivering” or “working hard”.


In truth, over-delivering and working hard can appear to precede success. But over-delivering and working hard seems to precede struggles, failure and quitting since most bloggers never go pro.


Shift your mindset from trying so darn hard to get traffic and profits now toward having oodles of fun helping people freely to experience freeing, fun, peaceful long term success. Focus on helping versus trying. Concentrate on giving away as much as possible versus trying to succeed.


Always put the focus on giving freely from a trusting energy. This is the foundation for never making the error of trying to get something for nothing.


Working hard is not the answer because you are doing the wrong things, or, doing the right things with the wrong energy, any time you work hard.


Over-delivering is not the answer because a trying-forcing-pushing-straining element pervades your work. Fear precedes failure.


Give freely. Cut the strings of attachment. Be generous. Cut the strings of expectation. Release any urge to get in order to enter into an abundant frame of mind.


Blogging feels easier if you have fun helping people. Blogging feels tougher if you strain to get traffic and profits.


Simply observe the armies of spammers who work hard, struggle, fail and quit routinely. Each tries to get without giving. Quitting results because you cannot get something for nothing.


However, generous bloggers who give away their time and talents – and who charge for products and services – position themselves to become professional bloggers.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 3:28 pm

    Given how I’m still building my presence, (let’s be honest, you never stop building your presence,) the only thing I can give to the bloggers is the fact that their blog post reached me, and change the way I approach this. Hopefully, that would give them some satisfaction that yes, their words are reaching somebody.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:31 pm

      Well done, Tanish. You are doing great in sharing your thoughts, support and positive energy with all of us. Carry on, my friend!

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