How 2 Flamboyant Thai Lady Boy Prostitutes Taught Me (and You) 6 Clear Blogging Lessons

January 21, 2015



“You SOOOO handsome!!!”

“Come here boy!”

“You SOOOO handsome!!!”

I was traumatized.

I’d been hit on by lady boys before – I *had* been in Thailand for over a year during my current world tour – but these guys….and I do mean “guys”, were different.


The Scene


Insomnia struck. I’d been awake since 2:45 AM, working from the bathroom of an upscale hotel room in Bangkok. We were upgraded. We liked, oh boy did we like.

Since Kelli was fast asleep I didn’t wish to wake her (i.e. incur her wrath) so I worked from the throne.

Joking; I worked on a chair placed beside the throne.

At 6 AM I’d had it. Time for a cardio break.

I cruised outside to soak in the scene. Imagine Bangkok at 6 AM? Bangkok at 6 AM is basically last night’s stragglers, drunkards and prostitutes making their way back home while the early risers among us get to work or do our cardio.

I’m walking at a brisk pace. Older Thai men and women are tending to their stalls. Large buses and garishly colored taxi cabs whiz by.

A few tuk tuk drivers ask if I need a ride, believing that I’m another drunk farong walking off last night’s cocktail of shots, beer and hellishly fattening food.

I politely decline.

And then…..

….hairy arms.


Hairy Arms


When I see hairy arms reach out to grab me I recoil. Something’s off. I feel like I’m being propositioned by a gorilla. Something really weird and horrifying about it.

If I were gay I know that no way in hell I’d be into bears.

But I digress……

….a pair of hairy arms snatched my arm.

I didn’t see a face yet. I felt my right arm being jerked about. Like a rag doll. I looked up and saw 2 masculine looking lady boys.

They were….umm….masculine, unlike the smoking hot, “could have fooled the straightest arrow of the lot” Thai lady boys who actually do fool most of the farang in Bangkok.

These 2 prostitutes were heavy on the “dude”. Extra evidence; the ferocity of my jarring experience.

After yanking me around for a second or 2 I immediately smiled and yanked my arm away from the gruesome twosome.

I heard more than a few…..”Oh, You so handsome! Oh he so handsome! (to one another)”….as I briskly walked away.

OK who in the hell am I kidding?

As I sprinted away like Carl Lewis.

To add to the bizarre nature of the scene I observed a large, menacing soi (street) dog casually walking down the street at this time.

Said dog wore a cloth rag/chain attached to an oversized Tweety Bird doll whose feet almost dangled to the floor.

I chuckled at the thought of the dog; thought he was a bad ass but he was still wearing a Loony Tunes character.

My chuckle turned into a grimace when the thought hit me: one of the 2 prostitutes reach down toward my pocket when I was accosted.

Damn, did I have the wherewithal to pull away when being besieged by Old Hairy Arms?

Oh, the horror!! Oh, the Hair-A!

I reached into my pocket swiftly. Relief showed on my face.

Mutt and Jeff may have worked in an efficient pair around most drunk, bloated Farang looking for Thai tail but they weren’t stealing my Biddulph Baht.

So I cruise for a few minutes down the street/soi. I eventually had to turn around. I did so but with trepidation. I’d have to cross paths with the Gruesome Twosome again.

I gritted my teeth, held onto my Baht and made a beeline for the hotel.

“Hi, large, menacing soi dog with Tweety Bird doll.”

“Hi two lady boy prostitutes….whoa!”


Still There


They were still in the same spot! Damn. To make matters worse they saw me too. Not good.

I immediately put my head down to avoid being noticed. Too late.

“OOHHHHHH…you come back HEEEAAAAA…..You so handsome!”

I was walking down the other side of the street. Made no difference. I broke into a light jog. Gruesome Twosome high tailed it across the street.

I had no choice. I ran.


Mr. BFP, Mr. Ryan Biddulph, running from 2 Thai lady boy prostitutes in Bangkok at 6 AM makes for quite a visual.

I’ll give you 5 seconds to digest that one……

……………….OK, now that you’re back you knew I had to relate this colorful experience to blogging.

Conclusion: I sprinted to a safe spot (“safe” meaning away from 2 hungry whores who wanted to steal my money and steal other parts of me) watched a 5 foot long beastly-looking monitor lizard swim in one of the filthiest canals I’d ever seen and then I returned to the hotel room.

Another boring day in paradise.

Anyway, I learned a handful of blogging lessons from the 2 lady boy prostitutes.

If I ever return to Bangkok to see them again I’ll have to thank them with a “Sawadee Kap!” and then I’d run away.

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1: Know What You Want


There was absolutely no mistaking what the Gruesome Twosome wanted.

They liked white meat. Or falang meat.

Evidence of their preference was painted all over my arms. Old Hairy Arms twisted my arm to the point I felt like Liam Neeson should be chasing after me. I felt Taken.

I had to appreciate the Thai 2. Prostitutes are generally pretty darn desperate and for good reason; even if you have the goods you better believe the competition is fierce.

The prosties weren’t none too meek in trying to grab me, or rob me, or in doing whatever then intended to do with me. I appreciated their directness in one way and was horrified by their directness in another way.

Blogger, yes you, how direct are you in stating your call to action? How direct are you in clearly explaining:

  • What your blog promises?
  • What your tag line promises?
  • What you promise your readers?

I didn’t arrive to paradise by being iffy. Hell no. I am in your face. In a nice, clear, direct way.

You need not be a nasty jerk to be in your face. You can do it nicely. The thing is if you aren’t getting what you want regularly your readers likely have no idea what you want.

Example; look around my blog. Click on the page links located at the top of the page. Do it now. Clickie, clickie, my little chickies. I’ll still be here when you return………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..OK now that you’re back do you find me beating around the bush?

Not really.

I know what I want. I want to free me and I want to free you. I built my blog on freeing both of us.

I clearly explain my domain name, my tag line, my products, my services, my posts, my benefits and my calls to action throughout my blog.

Are you doing the same thing? I believe that you are. I do. Not only because you’re a brilliant, regular reader of Blogging from Paradise but because you’re letting my clarity energy ooze into/onto your blog.

That sounds almost disgusting, right? “Oozing?”

I digress……The lady boys in Bangkok didn’t play around. No dancing around or shyness here.

Each was about as subtle as heart failure.


Bastard Bali Luggage Touts


I couldn’t believe it.

I’d had run ins with luggage touts at the airport in Denpasar.

These crafty little critters are skilled at snagging your luggage before you can turn down their offer. At least in the old airport set up when said shifty tout could beat you to the luggage belt.

Not so now with the new airport; I figured the touts went the way of the dinosaur when the old style luggage belt went bye-bye.

Boy was I wrong.

After Kelli and I walked out of the brand new, shiny, stunningly modern airport – compared to the old 3rd world terminal where I once was met with an immigration officer who was smoking a cigarette – we slowly traipsed over to our transport driver (taxi driver).

An aggressive tout walked up and grabbed my luggage. I was flabbergasted. Stunned. A bit pissed too but thank the lucky stars I laughed off the greediness right away and grabbed my bag from him while smiling like the Balinese Cheshire cat.

That’s a big smile.

I walked briskly to the car with knife in hand…joking…..with a firm grip on my luggage.

The lesson: work on your grip before visiting Bali AND this luggage tout knew what he wanted and went for it!

OK this is an extreme example and I don’t recommend going the rude and obnoxious route like this guy went but you get the point.

Note: remove desperation from the equation. Bali Billy was desperate to make a buck. So desperate that he grabbed the luggage of a 5 time visitor to Bali who knew all about his Jedi Mind tricks.

Been scammed done that pal.

Honest to goodness though, I’d rather some bloggers be at least close to this bold versus never stating what they want out of me.

What you probably want:

  • Readers
  • Email list subscribers (I know I do)
  • Ghostwriting clients (I ghostwrote a book for someone after I let them know I was a ghostwriter….duh right?….gotta love that clarity!)
  • Blog coaching clients
  • People sharing your posts
  • People buying your eBooks
  • People becoming part of your blogging community
  • People commenting on your posts.

Use this foolproof tip to get people to do what you want them to do: ask them to do it.

As the Hairy Armed Henry (or was it Henrietta?) grabbed me immediately you’ll grab your audience’s attention with clear, direct, focused calls to action.

Post ‘em prior to published posts and in post summation spots. Or, before and after posts if you prefer the human sounding alternative.

Clearly explain your chief blog benefit in your tagline. Pick a clear, easy to visualize blog domain name.

Be clear. Let me know what you want. I may be able to give it to ya.

I was hit with the good old Shock and Awe from the Gruesome Twosome because each guy/gal made it explicitly clear as to what they wanted.

Do the same.

Let me know as soon as I visit your blog: what do you want? Tell me.

A funny thing happens as you’ll:

  • Grow your email list
  • Increase your blogging sales
  • Increase your blogging traffic
  • Grow your blogging community
  • Retire to a life of island hopping

..through the miracle of clarity.

Or through the miracle of clearly asking what you want in order to get it from your audience.


The Verdict


Either have a sex change surgery – leave the hairy arms please – become a lady boy prostitute in Thailand and grab unsuspecting farang in Bangkok or clearly state your blog domain, tagline and calls to action to get what you want.


2: Be Different…..REALLY Being Authentic


Thai lady boy prostitutes are kinda different cats. Or birds.

Visit Bangkok once. You’ll see what I mean.

Now plenty of saucy street walkers work Bangkok but these 2 chick-men stood out like a sore thumb at 6 AM on a Saturday morning.

I saw old Thai men and women – and some younger folk – industriously setting up shop for the day on the mean streets of BKK.

Let the smell waft into your nostrils; fried fish, Thai sweet snacks powdered with sugar, more noxious-smelling sun-dried fish (I’m not kidding) and the malodorous canal bilge concoction greeted me this fine morning.

I was used to this.

I certainly wasn’t used to seeing lady boy street walkers up and at ‘em early in the morning.

Only Stevie Wonder, the Walking Dead and the Nazgul would have missed these guys. If you had your sight or if you were flat out human you’d have seen them.

I betcha Stevie would have sensed them anyway.


Wedding Vows and Silliness

As you may have seen during my wedding – did you tune in to the Live Hangout? 😉 – I added a bit of humor to my wedding vows. (note; we nixed the Hangout in the end; too busy fighting off those TMZ clowns)

I joke around. That’s who I am. Me being authentic.

The lovey dubby mushy stuff vibes with other folks but not with me.

Which is why I added a bit o’ humor to my vows.

This is the easiest way to be different. Without trying to be different.

Just by being the true you, you’ll stand out.


Blogging Authenticity


Check out Sabina’s blog at:

Girl vs. Globe

It is different. REALLY different. In a good way.

Her blog screams “Sabina from Girl vs. Globe” because it’s authentic.

She is not fitting in nor is she trying to fit in and she’s also not trying to be different.

She’s just being her.

Now I can sense you rolling your eyes. Right now. I feel it.

I know, I know, you’ve been offered this advice a gazillion times already.

It’s old hat crap here.

The question is: if you’re resisting this advice, why don’t you follow the advice?

I guaran-damn-tee ya that any reader out there in paradise, or in a semi-paradise, or in their personal version of Dante’s Inferno, who is struggling to stand out fears:

  • Criticism
  • Failure
  • Being authentic
  • Being honest
  • Being real

Hey welcome to the club guys! I fear all that crap too.

Yet I don rice paddy hats and pet tigers and use salty language and crack jokes and make fun of myself and crack some more jokes and tell strange travel stories and write run-on sentences and break every blogging rule then turn around and follow basic blogging rules and do everything in between to be authentic.

I am the guy you’re reading these days.

Please re-read that statement.

If you met me on the street in Siem Reap I’d be the guy you know through my blog. I’d probably even shoot a clear and definite call to action your way.

Me. In Fiji. With my virtual assistants.
Me. In Fiji. With my virtual assistants

I’d joke. I’d laugh. I’d be warm – I think at least – I’d smile.

Who I am here is who I am all of the time.

When I get pissed on BFP – rarely – I get pissed offline, rarely.

Sabina is a brilliant branding budding blogger. She’s young, she’s sassy, she’s smart and her blog is different, way different, in an awesome way.

As you may imagine being a different blogger opens many prospering doors like:

  • Increased blog traffic
  • Increased social sharing
  • Increased blogging revenue
  • Increased interview requests
  • Increased podcast requests

I know that when I was Plain Jane, things didn’t go so swimmingly. Life was a struggle.

Since I decided to be different by being authentic things turned quickly for me.

Blogging from Paradise was hatched near the beginning of my different-ness campaign. That was fun.

But I REALLY put things into overdrive over the last few months.


Serious personal development guys. I spent 30 to 60 minutes daily meditating, visualizing and affirming my way to being my true, authentic, genuine self.

What you see is what you get. Online and offline.

I’m happy and smiling with a bit o’ sarcasm here and there.

Online and offline.

Which makes me different.

Here’s how it goes: every human being is different in a good way.

So different in fact that every human being can easily stand out from the billions of other human beings if they choose to be their authentic selves.

Same deal for bloggers.

Be different by:

  • Working on your mindset
  • Writing 1,000 to 2,000 words daily to find your writing voice (the different, inspired voice)
  • Being online how you are offline
  • Surrounding yourself with authentic people

Stand out. Build a profitable blog. Build a full-time, professional blogging, globe-trotting lifestyle.

Become a full time digital nomad.

Now that you’re different…..let’s learn more blogging lessons from the Thai Dynamic Duo.


3: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal


The touch was not too intimate but damn was it personal.

I was grabbed. I was prodded, and just short of being poked, I did feel a bit like cattle or in SE Asia parlance, a water buffalo.

The thing is though even though their invasion of space they did make a personal touch.


Lazy Ass Tuk Tuk Drivers


Many tuk tuk drivers in Thailand are lazy. Fat and lazy. I mean some are portly in Phuket and I’ve seen a few tuk tuk guys and gals who are chubby in Chiang Mai I’m talking more about being kinda fat in the pockets.

These tuk tuks often yell at you from across the road. No real effort other than asking if you need a ride. If you don’t answer it’s on to the next tourist or expat or farang.

Lazy. No personalization either.

No personalization = No emotional connection.

The Gruesome Twosome did go overboard but at least they personalized their approach.

I was told that I was handsome. Many times.

Follow up with an arm grab and there was positively no confusion about whom they were interested in.

Perhaps a light touch would have sufficed versus the heavy-handed, hairy arm approach but you get the drill.


Blogging Tips and Personalization


You may not dress up like a woman of the night to assault young foreigners but I will tell you this: personalizing is the great secret of blog community building success.

After finishing this post you’ll leave me a comment. (Jedi Mind Trick)

You’ll see my responses. Virtually every time I address my readers by name because hey; do you know of any sweeter sounding name in your native tongue?

I don’t.

Ditto on twitter and Facebook. I address my friends by name because we love hearing the sound of our name.

You love someone who cares enough to address you by name. Makes you feel special.


My next home office. Blogging from Paradise goes to Jimbaran, Bali in February of 2015.

Personalizing through “name calling” helped me grow Blogging from Paradise into a community quickly. I went from zero to 60 by being personal.

It’s personal not business. Ha. Mob movie fans know what I’m blogging ‘bout.


The Great Enemies of Personalization


I have nailed down a few enemies of personalization:

  • Mental hurry
  • Rushing
  • Attachment to outcomes
  • Greed
  • Lack of compassion
  • Envy
  • Jealousy

People who don’t personalize are in a rush. No time for name calling. No time to personalize. Some non-personalizers are worried about making money or getting shares or getting email list subscribers or generating sales.

In their idiocy the non personalization crowd ignores the very step, the very secret, which would help them manifest their outcomes.

Take my friend Matthew Capala at Search Decoder.

Personalization bleeds through all that Matt does. He’s the gem that he is because Matt makes you feel special.


  • Uses email to build intimate, personal bonds with power broker bloggers
  • Strengthens bonds across a variety of social networks like G Plus, Twitter and Facebook
  • Addresses you by your name to make you feel special

Matt gets it. Which is why Matt rocks it out online.

Part of personalizing includes calling folks out. In a good way.

Craig Emerson totally gets it and wrote a super smart post about paying it forward and linking in to other bloggers here. Click it. Read it. Leave him a comment.

Bloggers It’s Time to Pay it Forward


Vincent and French Fries in Malaysia


I met a chef named Vincent in Malaysia at the apartment/condo complex where we lived a few years ago.

He hooked me up with French fries and other fine fare. Yes, dingbat me traveled all the way to Penang, Malaysia to eat fries. We also ate pancakes at the mall and other Western fare because we’re lame like that sometimes.

Anyway, Vincent really cared about me and my friendship. He added a personalized touch including getting my cell number so he could call me when my fries were ready and he even gave me one or 2 on the house in good old Penang.

I do reckon some interest was periphery as Vincent came off as being someone who preferred men over women BUT he was kind, sweet, warm-hearted and hey, he also treated Kelli with the same kindness so I’m guessing either he played both sides of the ball or he was just a good guy.

After meeting 2,445 people around the world over the past 45 months – give or take 465 people (I just pluck numbers out of the air) – I can assure you that he stands out in my mind like few other folks.


He made me feel special. He made things personal.

Sure I still recall the swaying, monstrously broad-leafed palm trees by the pool in Penang. Look at my sidebar. That shot’s by the pool, beside Vincent’s restaurant in Malaysia. Palm trees look distinctive in this country. I’ve no clue why.

I recall seeing a 3 and a half inch cockroach helicoptering around our spacious apartment.

Yep, 3 bedrooms, flat screen TV, big kitchen, quiet, with stunning views of the Strait of Malacca. Hell yeah I remember our damn sweet pad too.

Vincent stood out though. He made me feel special.

Bloggers, make your readers feel special by:

  • Responding to your comments
  • Addressing your commentators by name
  • Addressing social engagers by name
  • Using email to ask friends – by name – how you can help them

Personalizing builds communities. Communities build profitable blogs. Profitable blogs help you…..

…..Retire to a Life of Island Hopping…..

Isn’t that what you’re here to do?


4: Persist


The Gruesome Twosome were hell bent on getting in my pocket or on getting in other places.

After our initial somewhat outright awkward meeting I felt the urge to do 2 things:

  • Take a shower
  • Get the hell away from the Thai Ho-Hos

I chose 2. I’d have been sweating like a pig if I showered that early in the morning in Bangkok anyway.

After jogging/moving quickly/sprinting away from the Thai Tag Team I had to eventually turn around unless I wanted to tour Bangkok. My hotel was in the opposite direction.

After I turned, I had to turn tail. Prosty 1 and 2 sniffed my white meat out from the crowd.

Sure I crossed the street, looked down at the ground and did everything but don a hat, glasses and fake beard to appear incognito but these persistent SOB’s found me. They found farang and they wasn’t taking “No” or a light trot turned jog turned sprint, for an answer!

The duo crossed the street. Said duo almost tried to run me down. They gave up when a Scottish tourist with a large gut walked by. Fresh farang meat. Mmmmm….tasty. But you get the drill. Persistence either wins or it puts you in the running to win.

I owe my freedom to persistence. I persisted like hell through thick, through thin and through everything in between.

I persisted through failed blogs, failed book launches and through all types of struggle.

I persisted through wins too because wow is it easy to get fat and happy when one of the world’s greatest business minds calls you a “smart guy”.


I always wanted to free me and to take you with me so that crystal clear, pulsating, overpowering reason why led me through the sometimes rollercoaster like ride we entrepreneurs take.


How Can You Persist?


I heard recently of a blogger who struggled like hell to grow their list past the century mark over the course of years.

I can help you grow your email list quickly.

I can help you create your dream life through blogging.

I can teach you how to persist.

Pull up a chair. Grab a coconut water. Visualize yourself in your paradise of choice.

Is it Fiji? Bali (Jimbaran here we come on February 1!)?  Costa Rica? Malaysia?

Pick a tropical hot spot. Let’s proceed.

You will persist through thick and thin to:

  • Create your dream life through blogging
  • Become a full time digital nomad
  • Become a time professional blogger

…..IF… blog to free yourself and to free your audience.

Because If you blog to free yourself and to free your audience your love of freedom will overpower your fear of doing uncomfortable things and this fear of doing uncomfortable things will die and when that fear dies you’ll be the most persistent, machine-like, cyborg-like, blogger.

You’ll not be Ahhhnold – The Terminator – but you’ll be a cyborg with a heart.

Persistent as hell, inspired, positive and prolific too. You’ll embody each quality and you’ll keep at it until you get it..

Buy 1 of my eBooks today to learn how to run a profitable blog AND to create your dream life AND to learn how to be persistent.

Like I have.

I persisted because I knew why. I wanted to free me and free you. Your reasons may be very different but as a blogger you need to get crystal clear on your WHY reason and if you want to persist like heck through the peaks and valleys, and through all of the boring moments, and through the elation of success, and through the dregs of failure, and through the doldrums then you need that freeing element to your driver.


Examples of Freedom


Maybe you’re disgusted with your job and want to free yourself from the bondage of employment. You want to be free to work at home.

Perhaps you love your job but feel the crunch of paying your bills each moment. As the pressure mounts you’re desperate to open a part time income stream away from the office. You want to free yourself financially.

Maybe you received an inspirational idea today: you’re a travel blogger who’s excited to become a *full time travel blogger* yet you are quite unsure what to do next. Think freedom. Visualize yourself being free to travel the world indefinitely. You want to be free to travel.

I go topless much of the time. In my home of course. In the tropics. Because the heat index hits like 120 F in some spots. 110 F in others.

That’s kinda freeing. No shirt and tie. My morning breaks consist of heading to some of the most gorgeous, mind-blowing beaches on earth. That’s kinda freeing.

I earn a full-time living online. The world is my office. That’s freeing, my kiddies.

To be as persistent and dogged as those 2 Thai lady boys you have to be in love with being free MORE than you fear doing uncomfortable stuff. That’s the great tipping point. That’s the great shift.

Fall in love with being free whatever your version of freedom is. You need not set bold blogging goals; just focus your attention, energy and essence of freeing you and on freeing your audience and you’ll understand how to be persistent.

Persistent people have that extra gear; ya know, that extra gear that most folks never find.


My Painful Lack of Persistence


Goddamn it!

I was disgusted.

After posting (insert astronomical number) of comments on authority blogs I saw few returns.

Screw it. I’m done.

Bail out time. Bail, bail, bail out time.

I was about as aggressive as a glass of warm milk.

I was a milquetoast.

A quitter.

I tortured myself by not persisting. I made myself go through pain.

Almost like I was struggling like hell to survive in an arid, desolate desert. I’d walk 140 miles to reach a life-saving, cool, fresh desert well. Then when I was 10 feet away from the well I’d say, “Eff it this is too much effort,” then I’d turn back into misery and suffering.

But one day, I finally began to live my dreams. I reached the water. I saved my life. I walked those last 10 feet.

How in the heck did I go from A Bail Guy to a Bali Guy?

I knew my motivator.

I knew why.

I wanted to be free. I wanted to free you.

Being persistent is no problem for me.

Being persistent in:

  • Creating new blog posts
  • Building new connections through blog commenting
  • Strengthening old connections through blog commenting
  • Persistently taking time off (even when your monkey mind fights you on it)

…well, you’ll be as persistent as crab grass in that you will never, ever go away.

I feel crab grass gets a bad rap by the way.


5: Take Risks


Ok I am putting a twist on this one.

I’m not into risk-taking. I give myself opportunities.

BUT…for the risk-taking crowd understand this: inspired bloggers simply took more chances than the average bloggers. Many of the chances/risks were asinine, bold and uncalculated. Yeah, stupid moves, bold moves, risky moves.

The Thai Lady Boys took risks on many levels.

#1 – Lady Boys are still highly marginalized in Thailand. Some see them as freaks. Many Thai dislike lady boys. So being a lady boy is a risk in some ways because you’re bound to run into trouble by being different, by being flamboyant and by not following the herd. Kudos, lady boys. Except when you’re prostitutes trying to steal my money.

#2 – Lady Boy #1 and #2 stalked me not 40 meters from a police station.

This police station (well across of the street from the police station it’s more than a statue).

RB in Bangkok with The Law.
RB in Bangkok with The Law.

That’s pretty ballsy. Pun intended.

In a split second I could have turned around, marched to the station and reported the incident. Sure it was farang versus Thai but there’s a good chance the Twosome would have wound up in jail. Methinks the prosty’s would be in lockdown based on my angelic nature (yeah right), my Megawatt smile and my record for releasing persistent resistance into the ethers.

Or releasing lady boys into jail.

Anyway the cops patrol this are heavily like 24-7. Like Robocop almost. Or like Superman. Hell even Superman sleeps. The Thai Royal Police do not.

So these guys/gals ran the risk of getting cuffed by the police.

Or they ran the risk of getting socked in the face after grabbing me. I’d never do it but you better believe more than a few guys in the same scenario let the prostitutes have it – which is terribly wrong of course – after being violently grabbed without warning on the street.

More than being a flipped out reaction it’s simply self-defense.

Bob and Robert could have been popped in the grill. Not a good look for a street walker.


Blogging Risks/Opportunities


6 years ago I had no clue in hell what a blog was.

Kelli told me about this thing called blogging.

I was conditioned with the erroneous idea that all entrepreneurs were dishonest crooks. Or was it, that all entrepreneurs are lucky? Or were they blessed? I’ve no clue in hell. I do know though that attempting to build a sustainable, profitable blog was a HUGE risk at the time because:

  • I had no idea where to start
  • I was choking – then vomiting – on information overload
  • I was scared
  • I was desperate
  • I was like a cornered, rabid, savage dog

Point blank whatever you see today – the smile the selfies and yeah RB cold maxing in places like Fiji – was the result of me traveling down an entrepreneurial rode paved with countless risks taken.

At the time I had no choice so I had to move forward, taking risks.


Venomous Snakes in Bali


I was fascinated by how meticulously the lady hacked away at the stalks.

She patiently – and cautiously – took down stalk after stalk with a machete. Damn was she ever careful. For good reason. The rice fields of Bali are home to:

  • Cobras
  • Kraits
  • Pythons
  • Big old dinosaur-look-alike monitor lizards

You could either film a cheap, campy B-movie with this cast of characters (I can envision the not too special effects in King Kong versus Godzilla) or you could flat die or perhaps be maimed for life if you came across these critters.

The rice field lady in Bali had to take the risk of working where dangerous snakes laid their scaled heads; she had no choice.

Children needed to be fed. She needed to be fed. So she cautiously, carefully and deliberately worked the rice fields daily even though she knew that dangerous, deadly creatures made their home in the fields.

You need that same type of “I don’t give a crap about the risks I’m gonna do this anyway” attitude to become a full time digital nomad.

You need to have the same mindset to become a professional, full-time blogger who retires to a life of island hopping.

Then, you need to take it one level higher.

You need to see opportunities instead of risks.

Since I don’t envision any readers of Blogging from Paradise blogging from the rice fields of Bali – light bulb on!….branding idea – I figure your risks won’t be life and death.

Your risks may be financial:

  • Do I have enough money to retire to a life of island hopping?
  • Do I have enough money saved to become a full time pro blogger?
  • Do I have the dough to invest in what I need to invest in to grow my online business?

You also have other risks, like exposing yourself to criticism, to ridicule, to failure and all that good stuff.

I see opportunities though. I never gave much thought to risks.

Risks are opportunities misread.

Feel free to quote me on that.

Sometimes when I puss out a little bit and fear doing something on the blogging side of things – some imagined “risk” – I tell myself:

“Ryan, nut up! Are you working the rice fields of Bali, with kraits and spitting cobras preparing to sink their imposing fangs into your pale feet? No. Get the job done!”

Actually I have never told myself that but it makes for good writing.

I DO however dive into opportunities head first. At least most of the time.

Take blogging risks.


Examples of Blogging Risks You Should Take


Here are risks you should/could take to become full time, fully retired from the 9-5, professional bloggers:

  • Buy a self-hosted domain and hosting
  • Purchase eBooks and other products to further your blogging education
  • Publish your first blog post
  • Publish your first comment on an authority blog (hey Blogging from Paradise lurkers that means you!)
  • When you could live off of your savings for 6 months to a year AND you’re making a full time income with your blogging exploits leave your 9-5 to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging

I can hear some of you shuddering in your cyber boots.

This is exciting right? It’s freeing right? Don’t worry about your fears; embracing your fears is part of your online tuition.

I’m going to Bali soon to live in paradise, with papaya trees above me, with a beautiful in ground pool in the backyard and heck, I’ll be 30 minute away from the exotic beach known as Padung Padung (sounds so cool right?) all because I paid my tuition.

I felt the fear. I did it anyway. I dove into risks until I decided to see opportunities instead of risks.

So if you’re scared fall more in love with your pro, full-time blogging gig instead of being terrified about leaving your full time office gig.

Focus on where you’re headed to leave where you came from, behind.

Does any part of me look like a security officer? Other than the square-jawed, stern look you may see me flash from time to time?

Hell no!

I am a globe-trotting, full time blogger all the way because I focused on being a full time, globe-trotting blogger and I moved my attention towards the opportunities I wanted to seize versus any perceived risk I may have been taking.

Seize opportunities.

Retire to paradise.


6: Desperation Is Repelling


I smelled fear, desperation and cheap perfume on the lady boys.

I was repelled. Really repelled.

As you may have guessed by now the Prosty duo didn’t exactly attract me with their pheromones.

Nor was I seduced by this sicko tag team.

I headed for the hills before the two could pull me into their…..well….possession.

Shocked I didn’t reach Chiang Mai before I stopped my sprint.


Apex Predators in Bali


We will be in Jimbaran, Bali in early February. What a sensational Birthday Gift for me as my day of entering my meat suit falls on Feb 8th.

Anyway I remember 45 months ago after my 1st day in Bali. It marked the first day of my world travels.

Kelli and I spent Day 1 of Blogging from Paradise in Sanur.

Picture a calm, peaceful bay, with the requisite coconut trees swaying in the breeze and all that jazz.

We were staying by a few luxury hotels nestled by the bay.

Which meant that even amidst the scene of peace and tranquility we were being stalked by an apex predator. I was terrified frankly. Never dreamed in 1,001 years I’d be in their crosshairs.

A persistent, dogged stalker had identified me as prey.

Each day I felt lucky to escape without being persistently stalked.

I felt like one of those poor sea lion pups being sized up by the monstrously large killer whales on those nature shows.

I felt like any day now I was finally going to fall victim to this apex predator.

The predator took a different shape than you may imagine. Height: about 5 foot tall. Weight: about 105 pounds.

Chief hunting method: brutal persistence along with……the power of speech.

The apex predator I speak of is the Balinese massage tout. Their pray? Tourists. These folks *never give up* which IS good in one way but the reason why I call them apex predators is because they would:

  • Stalk tourists
  • Never take “No” for an answer
  • Chase tourists for minutes
  • Stalk the same tourists every day
  • Lie in wait to pounce on tourists

….ok enough already. I actually admire the persistence angle. I really do

I admire their tenacity but the overwhelming energy present was that of desperation. I felt repelled by the touts. Not in a nasty way. I smiled at them. I was polite in declining. I had no issues with them. But said massage touts stalked me daily. Said touts were so desperate and so attached to any one person that they’d waste *minutes* (yes a few massage touts followed me for minutes, asking me incessantly if I needed a massage) while ten other possible customers walked by us.

The desperation made me want to get a massage less and less. I felt guilty at first to say “No” then a little agitated then I simply ignored them, not saying a word, but smiling politely.

Whatever you chase, flees. Thai lady boy hookers chased me, as did Bali massage touts.  I ran. Desperation repels.


Blogging and Desperation


Desperate bloggers chase:

  • Money
  • Subscribers
  • Readers
  • Community members
  • Stats
  • Social media shares
  • Any one of 400 metrics (drilling the stat point home here)

….and naturally what is chased, flees. Because desperation repels. If you chase money it’ll flee. If you chase blogging readers by:

  • Tagging strangers on Facebook or Google Plus to read your post
  • Message strangers on twitter to read your post
  • Chasing
  • Begging
  • Cajoling
  • Grabbing

……or doing anything that displays the posture of an earthworm (or jellyfish) you my friend will struggle like hell to retire to a life of island hopping because doing so requires you to act like a professional.


The Solution


Attract. Don’t chase. Create thorough, in-depth blog posts – by writing a bunch of words daily – to attract readers to your work.

Branch out by promoting successful, inspired bloggers and by commenting on their blog posts. Attract successful bloggers by helping them out.

Blog to free you and your audience NOT to make money blogging. Money flows to you in response to the value of both your content and connections of course, but more than anything, money responds to your beliefs around money.

Chase money and money will flee like a hunted animal.

Allow money to flow to you. Become attractive to value by giving value and by expanding your prosperity consciousness.




The Gruesome Twosome was brutal but damn did they teach this blogger – and you – a few priceless lessons, my Blogging from Paradise kiddies.

Know specifically what you want, life-wise and blogging-wise. The Thai lady boys were hellishly clear in getting what they wanted; white, farang meat. Or my Baht. No a Baht isn’t *that*, it’s Thai currency.

Bloggers you best be getting ridiculously clear on: what do you want from your readers? Well hell, ask them for it!

Be different, really, really different. Like the Thai lady boy prosty’s. Like Blogging from Paradise. Like Ryan Biddulph. Being:

  • Authentic
  • Genuine
  • Honest
  • Real
  • Playful
  • Detached

….helps you stand out from any crowded online blogging niche.

Personalization is the great connecting blogging factor. The Thai 2 got a bit too personal but at least the boys/ladys/whatevers went personal. Which made me remember them. Ok it was 1 reason why I remembered them. Hairy arms comes in at A1 there. But personalizing is the great equalizer.

Bloggers, freaking use first names! Goodness gracious, I’ve retired to a life of island hopping by using first names. How many folks do you know who’ll be taking a 4 month honeymoon (yeah we’ll do work/play too) to Bali? Use first names folks. Personalize.

The twosome persisted like mad, stalking me fervently. I appreciated the LBL – Lady Boy Love – on some level. Gotta admit it. You’ll do things differently, you island hopping, professional, full time bloggers. You’ll just blog to free yourself, and to free your audience, and you’ll have identified the essence, the nectar, of creating a life that’ll make people call you lucky, or blessed or aligned.

Yeah, you’ll do the island hopping bit.

Take risks. Or even better; seize opportunities for blogging growth. Buy your domain and hosting. Today. Book your vacation to Bali. Do what you need to do to set the Universe in motion because does the Universe EVER love swiftness. The Duo got down and dirty by taking some ballsy (yes I went there) risks and you’ll do the same if you want to grow a thriving, profitable blog.

Smart bloggers seize opportunities.

Don’t be desperate. The LB’s scared me off and desperate bloggers slather on a big old, greasy coat of “Stay the Eff Away” Repellant. Work on your mindset. Develop posture.

Create like a champion and connect like a charmer.


Your Turn


Have you ever seen Thai lady boy prostitutes in captivity?


What blogging lessons did you learn today from the Trauma-Inducing Twosome?


Call to Action


Guys, we got da paper!

I’m talking paperbacks.

Blogging from Paradise is taking Amazon by storm – click here to download my eBooks  – and yes, NOW I have paperbacks too.

Sand can get into your kindle ya know? These paperbacks make for fun summer time reading. Maybe YOU will be the next person to leave the 9-5 to blog from paradise.

Does honeymooning for 4 months in Bali sound absolutely exhilarating to you? Thought so. These books will help you craft your dream life through the simple, powerful tool known as blogging.

Digital marketers, travel bloggers, digital nomads, office workers, stay at home moms….and anybody who wants to engineer a more freeing, inspired lifestyle…..

Click here to buy my Blogging from Paradise paperbacks – as they are added – from my Amazon author page.

Until next time……enjoy paradise!

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  1. HAHA Adeel no probs! Happy to give you a laugh and some inspiration along the way. Watch out for those lady boys and thanks much!

  2. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hey Ryan!

    I am finally here!!

    I want to get freed, from all these difficulties to find my path. I am getting on it at slow pace but thank GOD I am getting it.

    Building connections (not just to hang for a minute but to befriended with great folks!) to help me in my journey! And always learn from the great folks!!

    Awesome post I must say!! Humorous but very inspiring one! I needed a good laugh and it made me to understand everything, every while is an opportunity to completely change you from inside. Just that look for opportunities and grab them!

    See me often! 🙂

    ~ Adeel Sami

    PS: Thanks for the wrist’s tip! Mine is super fit and one day you’ll read someone’s beaten up from me on that airport. 😀

  3. Hahaha Sayantan, yes please be happy 😉 Seriously though it was insane and a fab growing experience for me. And it gave me a blog post idea. Thanks much as always!

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Like all the other posts, this one too was epic and amazing. You really justify your blog’s domain name: blogging from the paradise. Moving through all the nations, and sharing knowledge to all of us.

    Though I’m happy that I haven’t encountered such scenario :p but happy to read this inspirational post. Loved it! You are really one heck of an amazing writer.


  5. Haha Manoj you’re on the way!

  6. manoj kumar Says:

    haha! I’m stuck on the road, i think you will not see me on this road.

  7. A little bite daily Andy works just fine 😉 Thanks for reading as always!

  8. Andy Willis Says:

    Hey Ryan
    I’m enjoying the lessons shared in your blog posts, although I am also struggling a bit to keep up and take in all of the many points you make, I do hope to be able to retain enough to progress though.
    First up congrats on the title of the blog post, this certainly go my attention. The main take away for me is to be direct/upfront in “asking” for what you want, ask people to share, ask people to comment, ask people to subscribe etc etc.
    Of course there’s is more that I will take away but this is the main one for me today.
    Thanks as always for sharing and inspiring.
    “Carpe Diem”

  9. Meg Jerrard Says:

    BAHAHA lol Ryan I still can’t get past the first sentence “I’d been hit on by lady boys before” – I really love your unique approach to blogging lessons – they’re entertaining, informative, educational and your blog is one of the very rare ones I actually read. Love your work, thanks for the continually inspiring posts and hilarious posts!

  10. Manoj thanks, I’ll see you on the road!

  11. TG you got that right! Thanks so much for stopping by and happy travels 🙂

  12. The Guy Says:

    Crazy the type of characters we can meet at such hours of the morning hey Ryan? Glad you managed to gain positives from it all, but yet again you always do.

    We should continuously live and learn by our experiences and you certainly do and channel it into positives. As for those lady boys, well I guess it is just locational hazards.

    Nice shot out for Sabina of Girl v Globe and I endorse all you say about her.

  13. manoj kumar Says:

    Indeed, you are blogging from paradise, enjoying the world and sharing knowledge with people like me who avid to know this beautiful world by words. Thanks.

  14. LOL Lewis on the BBB! Awesome comment and hey, thank YOU for telling such fun stories!

  15. I was kind of half-joking when I brought up the idea of a post revolving around what you learned from the Baht Butt Bandits. I’m honored and pleased to see that you went THERE Ryan. I’m glad you did and as you can see in the comments here, your readers are happy that you did as well. 🙂

    In the 1999 classic, “Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me,” Dr. Evil travels back to 1969 in an invention he calls a “time machine” to steal Austin Power’s “mojo.”

    As soon as Dr. Evil drinks his nemesis’s “life force,” he becomes totally irresistible to Frau Farbissina. The effect on Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, is catastrophic.

    The irrepressible 60s swinger becomes anxious, nervous, self-conscious, and impotent. He is unable to follow through on an opportunity to have his way with Felicity Shagwell. As a result, Felicity blames herself for not being adequately attractive.

    Austin arrives at the painful conclusion, “I’m useless without my mojo.”

    Not having “mojo” is a major problem for a lot of bloggers.

    A lack of mojo (“libido, vitality, life force” – according to Dr. Evil) is probably the primary reason you have experienced frustration and rejection with the market and colleagues.

    Mojo empowers you to approach readers and colleagues confidently. It is what causes
    fans to notice you and want you in their life.

    It is what gives you the balls/guts to set the tone and take the lead. It is what gives you the backbone to walk away from the wrong people and ill-conceived and dripping-with-desperation strategies.

    It is what makes you think positively and abundantly.

    Thank you Ryan for being an inspiration to those seeking their mojo via blogging or those who have lost it want to get it back. 🙂

  16. Noel will do and thanks so much!

  17. Thanks Naveen I really love apples lol!

  18. Thanks Sachin!

  19. Jess thanks so much and yep it gets easier 😉 Appreciate it!

  20. Andrew you are truly YOU and that’s as good as it gets on the blogging front. Thanks!

  21. Andrew Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Really interesting post.

    When I wasn’t in a relationship, for whatever reason, I wanted to go to Bangkok. Don’t know what I was thinking now. After you describing your experience there with those two “girls”, I’m glad I didn’t go. Nor do I have any plans to go. LOL I’ve seen Hangover 2.

    Your point about being different by being authentic is really spot on I remember when I started blogging, I was scared. Scared to let my personality show through. Scared to be me. But I took that chance and took that leap of faith and I handed on my feet (so to speak). Now, I’m all about people being who they are and expressing that through their writing because when people see you … the real you … they’ll love you more.

    Great post, Ryan.

    – Andrew

  22. What a fabulous post…and the metaphor. Love the metaphor;-) Point one really stuck out the most to me…call to action and making it crystal clear what you’re about and what your readers should expect is so, so important…and I think this gets easier the longer you’ve been blogging, right?

    So look forward to following your adventures and will definitely be checking out an ebook or 2!

  23. Sachin saini Says:

    its good article for clearly define with us
    thanks sharing with us
    have nice day

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  25. Noel Rosos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    First of all congratulations to you and Kelli. Best wishes to the new man and wife!

    I love posts like these where a learning experience happened out of a not-so-ordinary situation. Just goes to show that if you have a positive attitude, all circumstances, positive or negative, can teach us a thing or two about life.

    So far your situation has been the most unique that I’ve read about. Imagine being hit on by She-males and learning something out of it and relating that to you blog? You’re a genius man!

    Keep up the good work bro and keep inspiring more of us to come with you to paradise and blog our hearts out there.



  26. Carey thanks so much! I love what you’re doing over there so it was my pleasure. Keep up the inspired work my friend!

  27. Sabina is a gem, ain’t she Hannah? Thanks so much for reading and see you in Siam!

  28. Lorraine, kudos to you! Always fun and interesting to see the paths our lives take 😉 Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading!

  29. Thanks Arbaz!

  30. Rachel thanks so much!!

  31. Interesting post, especially how you turn what many would consider a ‘disgusting’ experience to a learning one. Love the humor and lessons 🙂

  32. Arbaz K Says:

    DAMN, that was a long post! Never read anything that long in months.

    However you really are a smart guy – getting blogging ideas from your encounter with the lady boys is pure genius.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  33. Ryan, listening to you talk about prostitutes is hilarious… because they are guys!

    As a former prostitute, I found this very entertaining. And nope, I’m female… all the way.

    Yeah, I know you just sucked in your breath while reading that last sentence, but hey, I enjoy shocking people! LOL

    I hope you don’t think any less of me!

    Prostitutes are people, too.

    And they have feelings, like anyone else.

    Most people forget that!

    Oddly, my past has been a huge contributing factor to where I am now, and, as the title of my latest post suggests, has been a contributing factor to how I actually saved someone’s life by being so open and honest.

    Who knew transparency would have such a monumental effect? 😉

  34. Hannah Says:

    Dying laughing right now…god I need to get over to Thailand. That is definitely a story to go down in the books!
    Loved how you related it to blogging- excellent tips and something every blogger- no matter how experienced, should keep in mind.
    Also glad to find another Sabina fan, she kills me! 🙂

  35. Carey Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Crazy entertaining! Never in a million years would I have been able to see the similarities between ladyboys and blogging, yet you managed to open my eyes. Great read, and amazing succinct advice.

    Also wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate the support.

    and, Congratulations to you and Kelli!

  36. Don, congrats on landing those guest posts! Nothing like being a regular contributor on a few major league sites. Well done and thanks so much!

  37. That authenticity note is key Edward; as for the Scot, I have no idea lol…..thanks much!

  38. Hi Ryan,

    Super mammoth post.

    I can’t help wondering what happened to the Scottish guy. Maybe he couldn’t run fast enough. Maybe he had a good morning.

    Being authentic is my favourite tip in this post. By being yourself you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. No one is like you nor have they had the same experiences as you, so you’ll always have something different to offer even on familiar topics.

    Always fun and interesting to read your blog posts Ryan.


  39. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Love the video… Just tell them what you want them to do… It really is that simple and the more specific you are the higher your conversions are as well.

    Your points are really succinct and clear.

    Be “really” different… Persist…. Take risks.

    WOW! That is really the key to success in any business adventure!

    That formula has helped me become a regular contributor now in and coming soon to Business 2 Community and prospectively to some business journals in the Northeast.

    By the way, I’m glad your in shape and can run from the he-she’s, lol… Well played, lol…

    Have a great week and enjoy the snow before you head of to Bali!!!

    Chat soon.

    ~ Don Purdum

  40. Loz, what a wonderful way to put it! Congrats on your novel – even 10 years after the fact 😉 – and I totally vibe with your take. It’s like we can touch what we’ve achieved which is pretty darn neat. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Loz James Says:

    Hi Ryan

    Great post – had me chuckling – I like how you’ve turned a weird and let’s face it pretty distressing experience into some blogging lessons we can all learn from 🙂

    I love seeing your ebooks as physical paperbacks – it’s like a physical manifestation of all the hard work you’ve put into your writing, and gives a real sense of achievement.

    I published a historical novel about 10 years ago now (shows my age), and can remember being so proud when I unwrapped the first copy. In some ways feeling the paperback in my hands felt like validation of what I was trying to do as a writer.

    Anyway, great post man and I hope you’re well.



  42. Will do!

  43. Thanks so much Hasir!

  44. Thanks Robert and yep, we usually do too 😉 This didn’t happen in Pak Nam Pran lol. Thanks for reading!

  45. Hi Ryan,
    That seems to be the norm almost everywhere nowadays. When visiting thailand we usually stay away from the tourist spots so that doesn’t happen. Those are some great lessons for any blogger to have success early. Take care Robert

  46. Hasir Nancy Says:

    Hello Ryan,
    Thanks for the important lesson that you have taught me through this post. It’s really important to tell my readers about my view and aim. I think most of the people feel shy as me to be direct to their readers.
    Your point is really good, “Be direct and say what do you want”

    Thanks Ryan, Thanks a lot. Have a nice day 🙂

  47. DNN Says:

    Thanks bro. Keep the blogs coming. 🙂

  48. You’re doing great Bob love your posts 😉 Thanks for reading!

  49. Promoting yourself the right way is the way to go 😉 Thanks Constance!

  50. Jon that point is well taken 😉 Keep on blogging, you’re doing great!

  51. Jon Says:

    Sounds like a harrowing experience, although I guess being called handsome under any circumstance is a good thing!You’ve got a great attitude about blogging. I started mine about a year ago and have felt no desperation, because I had already saved up to travel for 3 years – I figured if I hadn’t “made it” in 3 years I wasn’t good enough, and even though it’s going well I should probably be a bit more proactive about it.

  52. I really agree with your concept of ‘desperate bloggers!’ Although we all want to be successful bloggers in one way or another, it is important to know the right way to promote yourself. Of course, I love the fact that my blog keeps growing but that means what I write is being enjoyed by more.

  53. Bob Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I had to re read this post a couple of times just to make sure I got all the tips and ideas you were putting out. In fact I’ll bookmark and re read it again probably. The ability to take a situation and intertwine it into a message that relates to what you want to convey is an art form. One I am attempting to get better at.

    Keep the stories, advice and tips coming.

  54. Thanks Drewry you da man!

  55. Agreed on persistence Neamat. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  56. Much appreciated Jassica 😉

  57. Unaiza thanks so much!

  58. Aarti thanks so much, search engine visit woohoo!

  59. Hi ryan ,

    First of All , Its my first Comements Your Blog , and my First visit On Search Engine , i am Really impress Your Blog and Your Great Writing Work , This is Very Interetsing Information Article For Blogging , Superb Work ,

    Aarti Agarwal ,

  60. Unaiza Naaz Says:

    Mind Blowing informative Article , Really Superb lady Boy Blogging Ideas , Such a Great Work , Thanks a lot For Sharing me ,

  61. Enjoyed your blog thoroughly. Hope to see more of you around. Indeed writing great and gripping content is a skill which can only be cultivated by slogging it out over a period of time.

  62. Hi Ryan,

    Never did and I hope never will be snatched by a masculine prostitute. lol

    These are very valuable lessons you came up with from your experience. I loved them all but Persistence stood out for me. Persistence is key if we are to reach our dreams and become free. We have to go through thick and thin and commit to achieve.

    Thanks Ryan for sharing your experiences and lessons with us. I enjoyed reading the post. Very entertaining and valuable.

    Enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  63. DNN Says:


    You are absolutely off the chain with this blog post talking about’re definitely a creative blogger who knows how to stay on his a game when it comes to “creative content marketing!” 🙂

  64. Hahaha Aileen good stuff 😉 Yep, I saw a few really gorgeous, feminine-looking lady boys that had me fooled! But they were not these guys lol….thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  65. Henrico, way cool 😉 Thanks for reading!

  66. Brittany great to see you! Yep, after chatting with Don the other day I think he noted you’d be featured….so I thought of you, and here you are 😉 So happy to have lit the spark. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Ryan!

    Long time no see, friend! (Kind of. I see you everywhere, I just haven’t been able to visit here lately, sorry)

    CONGRATS on the wedding! Woohoo for you guys!

    Anyway, about this post– so I was chatting with Donna Merrill the other day and I couldn’t believe she didn’t know that I run a freelance blogging company with a staff of 20-30 writers/social media managers. It was a big wake up call for me that I need to be more direct. I need to put myself out there and be clearer about my intentions, like you are!

    Way to go, man. Happy 2015!

  68. Ryan this is spine chilling blog post. But nevertheless you remained cool under pressure. Great rebound on the ladyboys.
    – Henrico

  69. Aileen Says:

    Hey Ryan! I am trying to find the post where you said you were stalked haha! I’m not sure if it’s this one, but it could be it!

    Anyhow… first off: can I just say? I like how you retold the story and twisted it into something real good! Haha! And omg, the horror! My boyfriend has been to Thailand before but I think he’s fortunate that no Thai ladyboys of the masculine kind had haunted him. (Though he did have the occasional Philippine ladyboys harassign him). Sorry but it just happens to foreigners! But I guess you already know that now.

    When I did go to Thailand by myself I only saw the Thai ladyboys of the feminine kind and boy, were they pretty! Though I had a feeling they loathed my presence and would have preferred the next foreigner guy behind me waiting in line to get a photo with them 😛

  70. Hahaha Donna, loving your Thai prostitute impressions and I never knew you grew up in Bensonhurst? Loving the comment, your story and your take. Thanks so much for sharing!

  71. James appreciate that buddy!

  72. Ryan, I think you’re the only person in the world that can take an experience like this and turn it into an eBook’s worth of valuable lessons.

    I feel fortunate that I have never had the experience of being grabbed by lady boys, but it was very entertaining reading about your experience. If I ever visit Thailand I’ll know what to look out for, LOL.

    Congratulations again on your wedding!

    – James

  73. Hey Ryan,

    I know I said it on Facebook and I’ll say it again Here!!! CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you.

    Now back to this post. Although it is a long one, I read it like a novel. I enjoyed the “Hairy Armed” twosome story as well as your other adventures you shared.

    Yes, this does illustrate how we are perceived by others. When we are bloggers, we need to have our own edge. We can give out great information, but never fear being ourselves. I did a video on a blog somewhere and I talked about growing up Italian in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and how my dad made his “sauce” Ah that secret sauce.

    It was quite silly, but it was congruent with the message that we all have our secret sauce and lets not be afraid to get it out there, be ourselves because we are unique and need people to know who we really are.

    We cannot grab people with our hairy arms he he, but rather just pump out good information and engage.

    When it comes to offering our products/services…yes indeed tell them!!! Constantly give that CTA like Check out the sidebar guys I have (whatever) to give you.

    If you don’t tell them, later on they will say to you “I didn’t know you do that!” So what the hell is the big secret? Some bloggers hide behind what they are selling. Why?

    I rather be like the prostitute that says to someone “you are handsome” I charge five dolla…. i.e. speak to people, engage with them and be up front that you have a product and what it costs.

    Now I have visions in my head he he


  74. Manish, YIKES! It’s almost surreal right? When they ask/request something like this??? So crazy, and I know Pattaya is a pretty nutz place. Thanks for sharing with us and I am happy you made it out alive 😉

  75. LOL Naomi on the magical allure you are good 😉 Thanks so much!

  76. Manish gupta Says:

    Thanks for the nice article. In 2 year ago, when I visited Pattaya walking street, 2 ladyboys comes to me and told me to F**K him along with a girl named Hom free of cost. I am shocked, what he said and I refuse his appeal and go there. On the whole tour I am not go there again. Really very bad for this….

  77. Hi Ryan,

    In answer to your question..ummm.. no.. I have never been snatched by masculine prostitutes?

    Hopefully I never will!

    Congratulates to you and Kelli – I wish you both many happy years together (or until Ryan gives into the magical allures of the hairy armed Ladyboy).

    I agree with what you say. Go for what you want and just ask. This works great on social media too. When I started adding obvious calls to action followers were happy to get involved and take part.

    Another amazing post



  78. So happy to connect with you Craig and hey, thanks so much for subscribing!!

  79. KC what a fab point, remove the need and shift your energy. Thanks much!

  80. Hahaha I guess so Renard, thanks 😉

  81. [ Smiles ] Apparently, important blogging lessons do come in all sorts of disguises; including prostitutes!

  82. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    This was one of your most entertaining posts, and that says a lot because they all are. I loved each and every one of these tips but particularly the one about not being too desperate. That energy will certainly repel. That is why it is so important not to make money the main driver. Sure, you want to blog full time and make money doing it–we all do. But, when that is the main reason front and center at all times, desperation will soon follow when things aren’t falling into place as soon as you ‘need’ them to.

  83. Craig Says:

    Holy crap Ryan – I open my WordPress dashboard and see that I have a referral from a post titled Lady Boy Blogging. You should have seen the look on my face.

    Thank you so much for the link. Funny thing is, I just commented on one of your other posts last night. I guess that just goes to show you the power of networking. You saw one of my comments on another blog, which led you to my blog (where you commented), which you than go on to mention me in your blog. You’re awesome.

    I’m really digging your blog. Love the headlines, and they just suck you right in. I’m really understanding how telling a story can be so beneficial. and how it sets you apart from other blogs.

    You won me over, subscribing now!

  84. Hahaha Tim you’ve just about been there 😉 Thanks for reading!

  85. Thanks Kelly come back soon!

  86. kelly Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    This is my first visit on your site and really got well impressed.
    What a nicely and well written post indeed. 🙂
    I like the simplicity of your blog even its so informative also.
    I like your all the pics and video that you have tagged here above.
    Thanks for sharing!

  87. When I visited Bangkok with my girlfriend last year I had a couple female prostitutes grab my arm, wasn’t exciting as lady boys though, maybe I just wasn’t handsome enough for the lady boys.

  88. What did the lady boys teach you about blogging?

    What lessons did you learn?

    Have you ever been snatched by masculine prostitutes?