Biddulph Between Brothels in Istanbul Turkey?

July 18, 2018


Been a minute since a colorful post, eh….;)


Boobies and bottles flew left and right.


Tyrannical trannies rained whiskey bottles on passerby who gawked without paying, nearly decapitating a few unsuspecting folks trying to get a wink at the pink without dropping a dime.


Nightclub beats throbbed until 7 AM, sometimes keeping Kelli and I awake, our bloodshot eyes and drowsy demeanor reminding one of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.


Welcome to a little bit of our experience in Istanbul, Turkey.


Istanbul Turkey


First off; Istanbul is one of my favorite cities on earth. I love the place dearly. The history, sights, sounds and overall welcoming vibe of the place beckons you to see the place… visit Istanbul already! 10 thumbs up.




…..being honest, genuine and transparent, I would be remiss if I did not mention we booked a place on a Turkish site which never mentioned we’d be living between 2 whorehouses in Istanbul. To the right, straight. To the left, tranny.


The apartment owner may have mentioned this. Or the fact that across the street was a scene that’d have make Mykonos club heads green with DJ envy, the resounding base pounding on our ear drums until well after the crack of dawn.


Boobs, Babes and Booze Flying


I vividly recall strolling down the street with Kelli as we arrived at our apartment. I noted something strange; husky-looking women with many masculine features, and really really big boobies, appeared to be caged up in windows, chain-smoking and calling down to me and other passer by with their Kathleen Turner esque voices, beckoning us to come hither.


I immediately recognized; whorehouse. Plus, bare boobies.


Or, 2 whorehouses. To the right we had a trans brothel. To the left, babes. Or chicks.


No problem I thought. Adds flavor to the hood. Spice too. I dug it. Fun time. I also mind my own business and did not envision myself climbing those stairs to learn of their Turkish Delight Services, so who cares, right?


But when the booze started flying at 2 AM, things got real….


Whiskey Went What Way?


The right side brothel housed a number of pretty stout folks, often seen chain-smoking like a beat writer in the 50’s. From time to time, some of these gals called down to dudes on the street. Some dudes hit the stairs, enjoyed service rendered, and that was that.


But at about 2 AM on the first night I noted a trend; during early morning hours, if a group of guys gawked upwards for a good 10 minutes, blocking the flow of paying customers and eating into the ladies profits, the women became so pissed at the window shoppers that they threw whiskey bottles at the guys….2-4 stories below them.


We’re talking projectile missiles hurled by women with the strength and jaw-line of Chyna.


I’d wake suddenly, being stunned by the shattering of bottles on the Istanbul street and men yelling as they fled for their lives, other folks laughing their asses off at the humorous but intense scene.


Boogie Nights


Most nights were a civil affair, brothel wise. But the night club kept on pumping out those fat beats, the disco carrying on well into the morning.


More than a few drunk souls stumbled out into the Istanbul streets at the 7 AM close.


Kelli and I devised a system involving:


  • turning on a fan and air conditioner to drown out some of the noise
  • using ear plugs
  • closing the shades; did a fair job sealing the apartment and lessening noise


that allowed us to sleep fairly soundly.


Overall Impressions of Istanbul


Add it to your travel list guys.


We rented an apartment about 5 minutes from Taksim Square. Prime area for tourists but being down a back alley we benefited from a more genuine experience involving coffee shops and brilliant buffets and a flavor you just won’t get on the main tourist drags.


Istanbul is where East meets West in a largely secular setting. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia transport you back centuries to a different time, adding to a city already dripping in rich culture.


We’d spend nights by the Bosphorus Strait, watching men catch sardines as ferries navigated the impossibly narrow canal deftly.


We even saw a few loons masquerading as teens jumping off of the bridge some 30 feet into the water. Free entertainment.


First rate food with much veggie fare, and the Turkish people are warm, helpful and genuine. Many speak English as well if you need a little help getting around the city or simply want recommendations from locals.


The Verdict


Even if you are sandwiched between 2 whorehouses and a loud nightclub, Istanbul is one of the fascinating and fun cities on earth to visit.


Book your apartment or hotel and plane tickets and get going.


If you rent the same apartment we did just beware flying whiskey bottles and “Night at the Roxy” types.


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