Do You Lack this Critical Element of Building a Blogging Business?

  January 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Boat, Savusavu, Fiji

Boat, Savusavu, Fiji


Hi guys!


I decided to re-publish this blog post from December 2017 and keep it as is because the concept is 100% evergreen.


On to the post……


8:58 PM.


Thursday night.


I am writing my 3rd post of the day. No; I mean my 4th post. 5th? Yeah I think so. Lost track.


This after a full work day of networking and promoting my eBooks.


I am still cooking.


Big time.


I can go to midnight if need be.


But I do not work hard. I work energized. I actually play.


I play because I focus heavily on the critical element of building a thriving blogging business.


The energetic element.


How you choose to vibe determines how much you do online but more importantly, how you choose to vibe determines the energy you inject into your online actions, and we all know by now that the online business game is an energetic game more than anything else.


My Energy Routine


My energy routine now differs from the routine I followed when I wrote the eBook you see below. No worries though. The key part of the routine is just to HAVE a routine, or a ritual, that you follow every morning to weed your fear based energies and to raise your fun-love energy.


Right now I:


  • wake after getting 8 hours of sleep (or spending at least 8 hours in bed)
  • dive into an icy cold shower for 30 seconds
  • do 40 minutes of deep yin yoga
  • meditate for 20 minutes
  • spend a few minutes meditating on a line from
  • I also exercise for 45 minutes or longer daily. One day I walk, then I run on the alternate day


Intermittant fasting is part of my daily routine. I drink ample water. I eat relatively light.


I take care of my energy. Because I take care of my energy from the inside-out I find gears that most people are totally unaware of. Or I find gears that baffle people, making them shake their heads in stunned disbelief.


Honestly guys; I just manage my energy. I have managed my energy for quite a while. Sure I practiced writing and learned blogging and created helpful content and built meaningful connections with top bloggers. But I also understood that until I did things more from an energy of love and less from an energy of fear I would not make the progress that I am making these days.


Building a thriving online business gets so much easier when you make the freeing but sometimes uncomfortable decision to raise your energy daily.


I do not relish the fact that I jump into an icy cold shower when the wind chill factor reached 5 degrees F a few weeks ago but doing uncomfortable things positions me to expand my blogging business.


Business Success Expands Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Managing your energy involves nudging outside of your comfort zone.


Edging outside of your comfort zone builds blogging business because profits sit beyond your fears.


Become highly comfortable with being uncomfortable. Clients and customers sit beyond your fears. High profile features on top blogs sit beyond your fears. Increased business sits beyond your fears.


Understanding this basic truth positions you to thrive. But managing your energy feels:


  • highly uncomfortable
  • challenging
  • demanding


Few parents teach their kids to play all day toward a worldly fortune. Most preach hard work. Some even program kids with the poisonous idea that they will never amount to anything. Reversing calamitous limiting beliefs in mind demands you to:


  • face fears
  • strengthen your mind
  • manage your energy


The critical element of building a blogging business known as strengthening your mind by managing your energy seems like a secret to the general public. But billionaires, pro athletes and iconoclasts preach this core truth continually. Every top pro professes how success is about your mind. Leaders manage their energy to strengthen their mind either consciously or unconsciously.


Now it is your time to succeed online.


Manage your energy.


Strengthen your mind.


Blogging never needs to be a struggle.


Blogging only becomes a struggle if you do not strengthen your mind daily.


Go within.


Change the without.

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