Khao Lak Thailand


Khao Lak Travel Guide


White sand beaches.


Clear waters.


Cheery locals.


Khao Lak is a picture-perfect tropical paradise located on the Andaman Sea in Phang Nga province.


This gorgeous beach community has made a major comeback since being decimated by the Boxer Day tsunami that ravaged Thailand in 2004.


Khao Lak Thailand


Imagine dramatic, lush, green mountains in the distance, more palm trees than you can count and rows of coconut trees lining quiet, narrow roads that snake through the area.


Friendly Thais will be quick to smile and greet you in a traditional way as you wander around the beach areas, surrounding jungle or simply laze at your hotel.


If you are visiting Khao Lak soon keep these tips in mind.


Best Time to Visit


December to February is the optimal time to visit Khao Lak.


This marks peak high season on the Andaman Sea. Expect clear, cloudless days and serene water for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.


Rain showers are rare during this period. If anything you will see a short burst of precipitation followed up by sunny, blue skies.


Visiting during the low season means more vacancies, cheaper hotel prices but more rain and potentially rough waters. The Andaman Sea whips up wicked rip tides during the monsoon season. Even if lifeguards are present on the beach, swim with care.


Fun Things to Do


What would a vacation to a tropical Thai paradise be without a trip to the beach?


White Sand Beach and Pak Weep Beach are 2 popular destinations adored by tourists and locals.


Laze under palm trees while you enjoy views of the pristine, clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Go for a quick dip when things get a little too hot to handle on the beach.

Scuba diving is popular in the area as is snorkeling.


The International Tsunami Museum makes for a sobering but informative activity.


Grab a bite to eat at a beachfront restaurant. If dining in a sandy setting is not your thing head back to your room, take a shower and visit one of the many restaurants in town. Expect a bevy of Thai seafood eateries with a healthy mix of Italian spots to boot.


Where to Stay


Luxury resorts dot the Khao Lak community but you can also find simple, clean hotels for $30 a night. Whether you want budget or highend accommodations this village has you covered.


Khao Lak Thailand


As with most tourist spots the prices rise substantially during high season.




Renting a motorbike or car are 2 options for getting around the Khao Lak region.


If you dont want to deal with the hassle of renting and feel a bit unsafe on a motorbike its easy to book a private transfer with KiwiTaxi. This 24hour service helps you get to and from Phuket International Airport which is only about 50 miles to the south of Khao Lak. Book a ride via your phone quickly and conveniently.


Tips for Saving Money


Save cash by eating at local food stalls.


Use ATMs to withdraw cash versus exchanging money at the airport, where rates are not as favourable.


Shop from local markets for fresh produce and other delicious, cheap fare. The market stays open daily but it really livens up on the weekend. Get a feel for Thai culture by wandering through the vendor stands, seeing, smelling and soaking up the bustling commerce scene.


Khao Lak offers you a relaxing beach holiday in one of the worlds most beautiful settings. Enjoy this little peaceful gem nestled by the Andaman Sea.