Do You Frequently Test Your Blogging Limits?

  February 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru


Freedom awaits for you outside of your blogging comfort zone.


Blogging limits imagined in mind set the boundary of your blogging comfort zone.


Fear fuels limits. Limits in mind dissolve as fears in mind dissolve. From there, testing blogging limits becomes routine.


Do you see blogging limits or opportunities? Do you test blogging limits or sprint back to your comfort zone? Testing my limits on social media back at the end of 2021 revealed that I feared allowing in greater freedom and worldly success because I feared engaging people for hours daily on:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook


However, testing the limits of what I deemed possible engagement-wise on social media nudged me forward to allow in greater freedom and worldly success. Blogging is an inside job because all work, limit-testing and success or failure exists solely in your mind. Even though I advise following specific practical tips you either follow tips or do not follow tips based on you mindset. Testing limits begins and ends in mind. Either love freedom more than resisting fear to test blogging limits or trade freedom for comfort to resist testing limits.


Blogging is an inside job because all work, limit-testing and success or failure exists solely in your mind. #blogging Click To Tweet


Think in terms of baby steps. Perhaps you created a limit in your mind regarding broadcasting live on Facebook. Going live feels like a quantum leap for all fears in your mind. Forget broadcasting live now. Take the first baby step of recording a video offline. Watch the video. Be with subconscious and conscious fears related to how you:


  • appear
  • talk
  • speak


Face, feel and release those fears. Perhaps you upload the video to Facebook. Maybe you do not upload the video to Facebook. But you took 1 baby step toward dissolving imagined limits concerning broadcasting live, by recording a video and watching yourself speak on video.


Step 2 may be uploading the video to Facebook. Step 3 may be uploading 5 videos to Facebook this week. Perhaps step 4 is broadcasting live a few weeks down the road. Allow your intuition to guide you but keep baby stepping forward to migrate toward and beyond blogging limits.


I feared publishing a high volume of text only tweets related to blogging for perceived limits in mind regarding:


  • my blog
  • Twitter rules


However, testing the limits by doing what I feared doing boosted my engagement dramatically overnight. I only figured this out by testing my blogging limits. Sit with uncomfortable feelings. Test the boundaries. Edge forward. Nudge forward. Freedom and worldly success await outside of your blogging comfort zone.


Traffic struggles occur inside of your blogging comfort zone, within imagined limits. Increased blog traffic – and dissolving of blog traffic problems – wait for you outside of your blogging comfort zone as you test your limits. Observe the comment section below. Reading this post and publishing a genuine comment gives you greater exposure and boosts your blog traffic. Once me and my blogging buddies see your name we Google your name to find out more about you and your blog. Clicking through to your blog through Google boosts your blog traffic.


However, you will have to test these limits in your mind to write and publish a genuine blog comment:


  • nobody reads blog comments
  • nobody will visit my blog because Blogging From Paradise comments contain no no-follow backlink
  • Ryan will not read my comment and Google my name to find my blog
  • Ryan’s readers will not read my comment and Google my name to find my blog


Face, feel and release fears fueling those limits in your mind. Publish a genuine comment. Experience increased blogging success by testing your blogging limits.




Nudge into fear guys. Little fears. Big fears. Wouldn’t it feel fun, freeing and fulfilling to see what’s on the other side of fear? You betcha it is. Success awaits. Keep testing those blogging limits.


I recorded a video reminder:


Keep Testing Your Blogging Limits




I am updating this post in February of 2022. Today, I am testing different blogging limits related to:


  • writing and publishing blog posts daily
  • updating old blog comments to beef up the content on this site
  • updating old blog posts to beef up the content on this site


Edging into this schedule triggers fears in the ego. But facing, feeling and releasing each fear allows me to blog a bit beyond my current perceived limits. As I edge beyond these imagined mental handcuffs everything seems to expand for Blogging From Paradise.


Keep testing your limits. Face your fears. Nudge outside of your comfort zone. Reach beyond. Increased success meets bloggers who test their limits. Even better? Greater peace of mind meets bloggers who edge outside of their comfort zone beyond their imagined limits.


Everything is possible!


But prepare yourself to face deep fears as you inch outside of your comfort zone. At 11:30 PM on a weeknight I am putting off sleep for a bit to update and re-publish this blog post. I fear the ego; it tells me the number of people who will read this post does not seem worth the time, energy and effort of re-publishing and adding content to this post.


I edge into the discomfort.


I re-publish the post.


Again; we live in a world of infinite possibilities.


Keep testing those blogging limits.

  1. Jaya Avendel says:
    at 3:58 pm

    I love testing my blogging limits by exploring new ground in my writing and trying out collaborations I have not attempted before! I enjoyed reading about your experience with pushing past previous limitations and what led to this post!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:44 pm

      I can definitely see that from your writing Jaya. I feel the same way about collaborations. Commenting genuinely on blogs recently along with guest blogging edged me a bit beyond imagined blogging limits in each area. I ramped it up by replying to all comments on my blog in in-depth fashion based on a gut pull. Ultimately, publishing more content through comments instantly boosts engagement, builds friendships with my readers and adds more valued content to Blogging From Paradise. Solely upsides exist to this approach but delving into my uncomfortable zone definitely feels a bit scary sometimes.

  2. Stuart Danker says:
    at 5:37 pm

    Oh, you definitely know a thing or two about writing genuine comments. And what a wonderful topic to explore, as I have been thinking about limits as well. I’ve been exercising very frequently these days, and have reached somewhat of a plateau, and it’s during these times that I’ve been thinking about my writing limits as well.

    For some weird reason, my words cease to make sense after I pass the 2,000-word mark. Is that a challenge to try pushing to 5,000 words per day instead? I don’t know. Can I do it? I have no idea either. But like my workouts, I try to expand those boundaries just a tiny step each day. Hopefully that’s enough to grow. Anyway, thanks for this post, Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:40 pm

      Asking those questions and diving into answers is the starting point to edging beyond your limits. Honestly; your current blog posts are fabulous as they are, from the word length, flow and overall delivery. But if your intuition tells you differently then it may guide you to write a bit more. Good on you for working out frequently. I do all types of yoga plus I power walk daily. As for limits, I have been diving deep, way back into my mind over the prior few months. Various fears seem to emerge on a daily basis. Some of these fears fueled blogging limits I only became aware of in eye-opening fashion. Goodness knows I have been at blogging for a long enough time to unearth all types of limits. Keep on growing Stuart. You are doing awesome my friend.

  3. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 6:24 pm

    You really do need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Test your limits. If you never try anything new, you’ll. Never grow. It can feel awkward (or even terrifying) trying something new like live video, but stepping outside your box leads to growth.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:35 pm

      Stepping into discomfort leads to massive growth. But it feels scary and I feel like most bloggers deeply fear embracing a little discomfort. I need to observe myself sometimes. Making some recent changes after digging deep into my mind triggered deep, pulsating fears concerning my blog. But I have learned early and often that wading into deep fears always leads to more peace of mind and greater success down the road. All limits are imagined, anyway. As you said, all growth occurs when we try something new and expand in that direction. Hugging terrifying emotions feels rough but growth awaits beyond those feelings. Feeling awkward feels routine to new bloggers if the individuals decide to grow.