Palm tree with blue background Phuket Thailand. Just like the guy’s Twitter avatar.


How a Jerk Became an Inspiration and Helped Me Travel the World




How dare he challenge me?


A few years later I was sitting on the beach in Phuket Thailand. Looking up at the very palm tree he preserved via picture. Perhaps. Maybe not.


Anyway, a Dutchie became an inspiration who got my ass on the road.


Traveling is funny like that; one minute, you have no aspirations to see the world. The next minute, a spark is kindled, and the flame begins to grow. Who knows where the traveling itch will take you?


How it Started


Like 453 years ago – or about 8 years ago – I came across someone on Twitter. A Dutch trader. He lived in a place called Phuket Thailand.


I never heard of the place. I do recall being smitten by his Twitter avatar; a palm tree surrounded by the bluest of blue skies. Brilliant. The image seared onto my monkey mind, I asked the guy how life was in Phuket. He said something like it was “awesome” and to “come see for myself”.


I said “yes, someday”. (imagine me saying shit like this? Insane, right?)


He immediate tweeted back “You do or you don’t.”




My initial, loser-esque, fear-based, smallish reaction was to call the guy a jerk. Arrogant. How dare he challenge me. Didn’t he know I was the owner of $70,000 worth of debt?! Ha! I was a somebody, building my name, posting to my blog, and copying and pasting links to hundreds of Facebook Groups daily.


Jests aside, I believed he was a jerk for a little bit but when I got it: he called me on my shit. He didn’t challenge me. He just showed me where I lacked clarity.


I was not used to communicating with people who had clarity in their lives, and who freely showed other folks how you live your dreams, too: through the power of taking inspired, freeing and sometimes scary actions.


Phuket Thailand


I slowly began to see that I had lived much of my life – to that point – in fear. I worked jobs prior to my then budding blogging venture because I feared not having money, and I feared not fitting in.


I started the online venture for some fun and freedom but did things mainly from an energy of fearing I’d run out of everything.


This guy pointed my fear out to me. The someday fear. The terror you feel when someone points you toward your dreams, and you feel a flood of every reason known to man/woman why it can’t possibly come true.


I took a few deep breaths. Felt the sting of truth.


Then I looked at that palm tree. I said to myself “I am going there.”


I Made a Decision


This was the turning point.


I decided to go there. To Phuket.



In that moment I saw the guy as my inspiration. He pointed out my lack of clarity. He helped me begin purging deeply rooted fears from my being.


I changed direction with my blog and online business. A little bit, at least. But over time, the shift occurred.


Kelli and I eventually booked a trip to Bali. We spent 2 weeks on the Island of the Gods before we decided to book our next trip.


She mentioned Phuket. I agreed. I was all in.


After flying to Thailand’s most famous island and as we settled into Palm Village, I stared up at a palm tree from the front porch, noting the impossibly blue sky in the background, tantalizing my senses.




Everything came back to me. I recalled seeing a palm tree with the blue sky background on the Dutch dude’s Twitter feed, the jerk judgment, then, I remembered how I admired the dude and saw him as an inspiration to me.


He had left his life in Holland to become an expat in Thailand.


His Twitter palm tree avatar and Phuket location planted the seed of a dream in my mind.


There I was. living my dream.


The Energy and Work Part


The moment I got clearer on my direction, I started shifting my energy (if you want to raise your energy this is a course Kelli and I are offering).


Phuket Thailand


I raised my vibe. I cleared out some fears too.


We began planning for the trip. Slowly but surely. It took some time because we lacked clarity at that point in our lives but the wheels were in motion.


Money flowed in as we rendered service through a few online streams. Kelli landed a teaching job in Bali. Tickets booked. Trip planned. We arrive in Bali. Hop over to Phuket. Palm trees, blue skies, the ocean, paradise.


Where Most People Screw Up


I never build the business and make plans to travel and manifest money unless I make the blanket decision to go to Phuket after the jerk became the inspired, awesome dude who blazed a trail for me.


Most people screw up because they either call the guy a jerk and then shit all over their dreams with doubts, or they hold the dream, act inspired for a little bit, then cower to their fears.


Your job is to pick an intent that is seeping with love, fun and freedom. For me, that intent was circling the globe, initially. Now it is circling the globe and teaching people how to blog so they can do the same, or so they can blog from their hometown, full time.


You must be passionate about travel blogging, or blogging in general, or whatever you do online, because the passion makes you:


  • a blogging student
  • diligent in practice
  • generous
  • a creator
  • a connector


Get those aspects down cold, and you will persist through thick, thin and everything in between, because the work becomes the reward. All else – money, traffic – is extra, or a bonus.


The travel planning part is easy. Especially in today’s age, with a plethora of booking sites and house sits and all that good stuff.


Hold that fun, freeing intent with love.


Celebrate people who appear to challenge you.


They are not jerks.


They are nudging you toward your dreams


Your Turn


How did your world travels unfold?


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