Is Blogging Still Worth it?

  June 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
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Is blogging still worth it?


Is blogging dead?


If human beings still enjoy writing and reading blogging is still worth it.


Bloggers write blogs. Readers read blogs. Potential loyal readers, customers and clients read blogs. Entrepreneurs still profit through blogging because loyal readers, customers and clients enjoy reading.


Even though more people than ever enjoy watching videos and listening to podcasts on their phones many people prefer reading. If people like to read blogging remains highly relevant.


Do not believe typical click bait titles claiming that blogging is dead. Even people who prefer videos or podcasts still read sometimes. Blogging will only die when people stop reading words. Until that point both aspiring pro bloggers and their readers will benefit from this beneficial medium.


Is Blogging Still Worth It?


Before wondering if blogging seems worthwhile consider why you want to blog.


Getting clear on your intent makes deciding whether or not to blog a simple decision.


Blogging to:


  • make money
  • be popular


tends to make blogging not worth it because money and popularity never arrive quickly. During inevitable lean months and years all money and fame chasers quit.


However, blogging to:


  • express yourself
  • have fun
  • help people


makes blogging worth it because each driver originates within. Inward-driven individuals blog until they go pro because no outside metric dissuades this crowd.


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Go within. Find your genuine driver. Assess your intent.


Blogging seems worth it to those who see the value in blogging.


Blogging rarely seems worth it if the medium feels like too much work.


Consider the pros and cons of blogging to make the proper decision.




Blogging offers you a medium for freedom.


Professional bloggers life live by design. Whether you want to circle the globe or enjoy life in your hometown, blogging provides you with a passive income channel.


People love freedom. Profiting while you:


  • sleep
  • vacation
  • relax
  • work


feels enjoyable.


Blogging intelligently for a bit positions you to do what you want when you want to do it.


For example, my wife and I have circled the globe for 11 years as of this post publish date. Being able to live anywhere in the world for any time frame feels liberating.


Parents who blog professionally get to spend more time with their kids. Taking spontaneous vacations feels fun. Pro bloggers can shop at off peak hours, relax at home during rush hour and make their own schedule.


Business and branding potential skyrocket for skilled, professional bloggers.




Blogging gives individuals the ability to build powerful brands.


One person with a clear vision can create a highly visible brand through a self-hosted, WordPress dot org blog.


Social media offers virtually no branding potential. Websites prove to be clunky and rigid in terms of branding.


Bloggers tailor one-of-a-kind brands through:


  • custom-built themes
  • customized designs
  • a genuine brand voice


Blogging gives you the ability to stand out from all other brands.


Business Growth


Blogging lays the foundation for a thriving online or offline business.


Blogs give entrepreneurs potential for opening multiple streams of income.


Pro bloggers prosper through:


  • affiliate marketing
  • creating and selling online courses
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • selling ad space
  • publishing sponsored posts


Running a blog stocked with SEO-optimized, detailed content:


  • builds credibility
  • gains reader trust
  • attracts customers
  • attracts clients


Businesses grow on the bedrock of trust. Skilled bloggers gain trust through their thorough, targeted blog content.


Blogging makes building trust simple compared to other online channels because diligent bloggers show off their knowledge seamlessly with every optimized, targeted blog post.




Publishing helpful content drives business.


Promoting only your business leads to struggles.


Remember this before deciding to blog:


Do You Promote Your Business or Knowledge?


Leveraging Potential


Blogs offer online entrepreneurs maximum leveraging potential.


Seasoned solopreneurs who blog outrank billion dollar companies with large workforces for select keywords because Google gives precedence to quality content before any other ranking factor.


Highly skilled pros reach the top of Google to access large, targeted communities through well-stocked blogs dripping with detailed content.


Few if any online marketing methods rival blogging because blogs serve as 1-stop-shopping for interested individuals.


Imagine querying the phrase “successful bloggers to follow” on Google.


Clicking on the first few results offers you:


  • lists of successful bloggers to follow
  • blogging courses published by pro bloggers
  • blogging manuals published by pro bloggers
  • videos
  • podcasts


to give you rich premium and free resources for learning how to blog from top bloggers.


Google serves up a wide range of valuable content to users through carefully thought out blogs.


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Stocking your blog with detailed free content and premium products positions you to leverage your online presence exponentially over the long haul.


Picture the leveraging potential of drawing readers to your:


  • blog posts
  • YouTube channel
  • Anchor podcast
  • blog coaching services
  • blog consulting services
  • online courses
  • blogging manuals
  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter profile


any time someone visits your blog.


Imagine each channel serving as a tree branch reaching far and wide to consider the leveraging potential of blogging.


Channel for Expression


Blogs serve as expression channels.


Bloggers experience fulfillment by creatively expressing their ideas through the written word.


Most bloggers benefit from the therapeutic nature of moving ideas from mind to laptop. Getting thoughts off of your mind feels good for you and your readers. Helping people feels fun. Expressing yourself creatively feels enjoyable.


Few bloggers dwell on the fulfilling aspect of blogging until spending a few months publishing blog posts. Gaining creative momentum reveals how it feels good to simply write content as a way to share your thoughts.




Blogging is not for everyone.


Getting clear on why you want to blog steers you toward blogging or not blogging.


As a rule, blogging becomes highly uncomfortable in moments. Fear arises during this online journey. Either you face fear to proceed or quit because fear feels too intolerable to suffer.


Keep these ideas in mind before you decide to blog.


Learning Curve


Blogging is not worth it for learning-resistant individuals.


Learning how to blog take substantial time. Blogging successfully takes even more time.


WordPress dot org seems to be the number one option for aspiring bloggers but the platform involves significant learning, practice and time to use effectively.


Prepare yourself to spend years mastering the skill known as blogging.


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Spending 1000’s of blogging hours to go pro challenges even disciplined bloggers.


Work Load


Typically, amateur bloggers spend 1000’s of hours blogging for 3 years or more before going pro although no one accurately predicts pro blogging time frames.


Imagine blogging for 4-10 hours daily. Picture yourself blogging daily for 3 years.


Do you have what it takes to:


  • write and publish one SEO-optimized post weekly?
  • engage in genuine blogger outreach daily?
  • patiently learn how to blog successfully?
  • write offline daily to gain confidence?
  • exit your blogging comfort zone every day?
  • monetize your blog patiently?


Blogging frees you mentally and physically. Most bloggers crave physical freedom of time and location but despise the process of freeing self from fear. No one enjoys facing fear. Most people want something for nothing.


Blogging is not worth it for people who fear working for years before generating substantial blogging income.


Increasing Costs


Is blogging worth it for budget conscious individuals?


Generally, budget bloggers struggle, fail and quit because going pro entails investing higher dollar amounts in your blog.


Bloggers who fear losing $5 per month on hosting shudder at investing $30 per month on high traffic blogs as their success expands. If you fear investing money in a seamless user experience blogging is not worth it because you cannot go pro with a slow-loading, unreliable, $5 a month hosting blog.


Budget bloggers play small until quitting blogging. Be prepared to open your wallet before deciding if blogging is worth it for you.


The Verdict


Is blogging worth it?


Freedom seekers who enjoy helping people love blogging.


People who have not the time or desire to work should try something else.


Get clear on your blogging intent. Find your driver to gauge if this creative medium works for you or seems best left alone.


Going pro requires ample time, work and a willingness to face fear. But living a fun, freeing life seems worth it for passionate bloggers.


Ultimately, you decide based on your personal drivers. The world offers you seemingly endless creative channels for helping people.


Blogging is not for everyone but if you feel drawn to it this gig frees you in ways you can never imagine.

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