Is Blogging Similar to a Full Time Job?

  September 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


No, not really. At least from my blogging eyes.


But blogging seems similar to holding a job in some regards.


In one way, blogging is like a job: you better show up and work or you ain’t never getting paid because ya gotta work to eventually get paid. But other than showing up and working, blogging and being an employee cannot be any more different. Employees agree to work for a set salary. Maybe you get paid by the hour. Or perhaps you agree to work 8 hours daily, for 5 days weekly, for 52 weeks each year, minus one week of vacation. Employers agree to pay you an annual salary based on your work.


Employees get health benefits. Employees pay you based solely on some work agreement, a contract. That’s the gig. That’s being an employee. That’s working a job.


Blogging is being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is nothing like working a job.


How it works: you learn how to blog the right way, create and connect generously, open multiple streams of income by creating courses, eBooks, audio books and various service channels, and money shows up in its own time, via whatever amounts it chooses. No one pays you based on a set amount of blogging work you do. Nor does anyone pay you based on some agreement. No one employs you because you run the business, the whole show. This is a painful point for most employees who aspire to be pro bloggers because job folk want to get paid for blogging work completed and often look at folks for permission to complete blogging work, or, to tell them what to do with their blog.


The quantum leap between employee thinking and entrepreneur thinking is quite intimidating. I had to learn that thinking like a pier guard was nothing like thinking similar to an entrepreneur. People told me what to do and I got money, prior to blogging. Blogging became me taking charge, telling myself what to do, and allowing money to flow in, on its own accord, in its own time. Learning the skill of thinking like an entrepreneur versus thinking like an employee unearthed deep terrors concerning money, stability, certainty and comfort.


How can you let go this fear? Understand that being free requires paying a fear tax. Letting go a full time job and its perks including a steady paycheck involves facing the fear of not receiving a steady paycheck and not enjoying those full time job perks. But if you face each fear, freedom awaits you.


I gave up a steady paycheck 14 years ago, faced deep money fears and eventually traveled the world as a professional blogger. Did I really sacrifice a steady paycheck to live in Bali for 6 months? Did I sacrifice health benefits to live in Fiji for 4 months? Did letting go office cooler chats seem like a massive sacrifice for living in Costa Rica, Qatar, Oman, Thailand and New Zealand?


Slowly, deliberately and patiently thinking through the process of facing fear to be free reveals only the insane choose fear over freedom. No sane person desires to live scared and comfortable. Sane people desire to be free and uncomfortable, sometimes, at least.


Blogging requires a big time work commitment like working any full time job but thinking and feeling like a CEO could not be more different than thinking like an employee. CEOs are power brokers. CEOs call the shots. People who run businesses think and feel:


  • confidently
  • boldly
  • with posture
  • despite feeling fear


Employees do not think and feel like owners since employees think and feel like employees. Most folks who work jobs show some initiative but deeply fear the increased responsibility, risk and general discomfort that comes with being a CEO. Most prefer to enjoy a steady paycheck consistent with lessened responsibility. Running a blog involves taking full responsibility for your online business, similar to how CEOs take full ownership of their online or offline business.


Before you choose to become a blogger you better put employee speak and employee think in the rear view window.


Bloggers Own Businesses


Bloggers are business owners. Business owners put in time, generously help people, gain skills, exposure and credibility, and monetize through multiple streams of income. Business owners know; money chooses when to show up, money chooses the amount, and money does not care about your personal desires, budget, bills or dreams.


Money gives a rat’s rectum less about your goals, dreams, hopes and deadlines. Money shows up whenever it damn well wants to show up. Entrepreneurs know this.


Money gives a rat's rectum less about your goals, dreams, hopes and deadlines. Money shows up whenever it damn well wants to show up. Entrepreneurs know this.Click To Tweet


Again; blogging and full time jobs both require your persistent effort but that is where any similarities begin and end because bloggers are entrepreneurs, business owners who run the show, who fulfill various tasks, who network with like-minded entrepreneurs and who delay gratification in order to build their blogging business on a rock solid foundation.  Business owners work for themselves. Employees work for business owners. Big difference.


Think, feel and act like an entrepreneur to become a professional blogger. Step away from the employee mindset. Surround yourself with people who think, feel and act like business people to adopt the proper blogging mindset. Let go the idea someone will pay you based on putting forth a set amount of blogging work. No doubt, you have seen bloggers who ask how many posts they need to publish before making money, or, before making $1000. These bloggers seem stuck in the employee mindset of getting paid a specific amount of money based on completing some specific task.


Bloggers generously work to lay the foundation for a professional blogging career. Money arrives in its own time, in its own amount. Money takes its sweet time because money has no concerns about your time tables, goals, bills and financial aspirations. Money arrives when it decides to arrive. Accept this truth.


Get completely invested in:


  • learning blogging from pro bloggers
  • practicing your writing
  • generously creating helpful content
  • building genuine bonds with top bloggers by serving them and expecting nothing
  • monetizing through multiple streams of income


Money will arrive but works off of its own timetable. Be at peace with this truth. Get busy following the bullet point fundamentals above for 1000’s of hours. You’ll go pro. But the experience will be nothing like being an employee who works a job to get a paycheck.




Both full time jobs and blogging gigs require hefty work but that is where the similarity ends.


Running a blog requires you to think, feel and act like a CEO. But the rewards and freedoms consistent with this level of full responsibility makes for a fun, fascinating life.


Perks of Building a Blogging Business


Blogging full time gives you the ability to travel the world indefinitely.


I filmed a video recently sharing a break-taking sunrise over the Caribbean Sea.


Check it out here if you want to see some perks of blogging full time:


Sunrise While Flying over the Caribbean Sea


  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 3:52 pm

    Ryan, I LOVE your quote “Money gives a rat’s rectum less about your goals, dreams, hopes, and deadlines. Money shows up whenever it damn well wants to show up.” That is so so true! You must be self-motivated to work for yourself too.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:41 pm

      The drive needs to come from within Lisa because the money arrives of its own power, in its own time. Thanks!

  2. Paula K Sawicka says:
    at 1:08 pm

    Blogging is hard to start with. The whole past two years have been a gigantic learning curve.. and every day still is!! Your blog is awesome and I really enjoy reading your content 🙂

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