3 Income Streams For New Bloggers

April 5, 2018
Me and the Pooches in Opotiki New Zealand.


Eons ago when I was a newbie blogger I recall Kelli walking me off of the ledge.


A few times.


On the day I bought my domain and hosting I fell prey to overwhelm; who in the eff was I, thinking I could learn this internet marketing stuff, and how could I *ever* monetize it? She walked me off the ledge when I wanted to get my money back and quit on day 1. See how persistent I was? 🙂


A number of years later Kelli also helped me open a freelance writing blogging income stream. I was far from new, not quite a Young Turk, yet lacked confidence and clarity in monetizing through freelance writing.


I thought my writing was nowhere good enough for folks to pay me for it. KC calmed me down, woke me up and years later I feel grateful she nudged me in a prospering direction.


Monetizing your blog as a newb feels scary. So many options. All feel daunting when you’ve no clue in hell where to look, who to trust or how to monetize the sucka.


Peep these 3 monetizing streams I hand picked for new bloggers. All potentially resonate with a beginner blogger’s skill set.


1: Affiliate Marketing


New bloggers can sell existing products and grab a cut of the earnings.


Sweet deal, eh?


If you have no idea where to start simply sign up for as an Amazon Associate here.  After being approved visit your Associates page and follow these steps:


  • sign in (of course)
  • click “Product Linking”
  • click “Native Shopping Ads”
  • click “Custom Ads”
  • query “blogging from paradise”


Go wild. 150 plus products to sell, from my eBooks, to audio books to paperbacks.


The upside of being an affiliate; no fuss, no muss, selling. Perfect for new bloggers. The best income stream for a newbie, really.


2: Write and Self Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle




You are blogging, correct?


Write a 6,000 word, long form, pillar style post over the next 2-3 weeks. This is a Kindle short read. 30-45 minutes.


New bloggers cling to mental blocks concerning self-publishing but a Kindle short read is akin to writing a long form blog post over weeks; toss in Kindle formatting and you are good to go.


Either design your own eBook cover or hire someone to do the job.


If you have zero knowledge of your blogging niche….do some research damnit! Just joking on the “damnit”, but research, dig deep, write your rear end off and within 2-3 weeks, you will have your eBook.


How it Works


Sign up for a KDP Select Account.


Create an eBook outline.


Begin writing.


Guys…you can do it! Do not be intimated. Just because you are new to blogging doesn’t mean you’ve no business writing an eBook. The self-publishing landscape has changed. If you can solve a problem in your blogging niche to the tune of 6,000 words you can write and self-publish an eBook.




I have written and self-published 126 eBooks on Amazon.


Buy this one to write a successful eBook:


How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook



3: Co-Create an Audio Book


This step is incredibly easy once you write an eBook. No brainer too.


Go to acx.com and sign up for an account.


Follow the step by step process of converting your eBook into an audio book by working with a producer.


Perfect for a newbie blogger; open a passive income stream by simply converting your eBook to an audio book, sharing a cut with the producer and acx to promote that sucker on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.


Quick Breakdown of the Process


Upload a small portion of your eBook for producer try outs. Listen to different producers aka voice actors. Pick your match.


Said producer….well….produces the audio book.


After submitting, if you dig the work, approve it, and acx gives it the nod and prices it.


Choose the option to split royalties by selling on Amazon, iTunes and Audible to access a global audience.


Wrapping It Up


Open each income stream guys. Even if you are a green, dyed in the wool newb rube, and even though your free content and blogging buddies are the real monetizing agents of your blog, monetizing through these beginner methods sends off an abundant signal and allows you to receive money through your blog.


What newbie blogger monetizing methods can you add to this list?

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  1. Nice information buddy! I’ll look further to start my e-book soon!

  2. Hey Ryan; As I’m recovering from my neck surgery I’m catching up on reading posts from my favorite bloggers like you buddy. I’m wondering about free lance writing. As The Blind Blogger I’m wondering what the market might be for my kind of inspirational, motivational, uplifting posts. And for all you new bloggers who are thinking I can’t write and publish an ebook no matter how small know that I have published three books so far. I’m working on a fourth about my first speaking tour last year. And am planning a book about positivity as well as a book sharing some of the stories from my life growing up a carnie kid. If I can write books, then certainly you can. If yu need help, reach out. Or follow my blog for encouragement. Wishing us all lots of success, Max

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