3 Inclusive Blog Tips for Networkers

April 19, 2018


Inclusive blog tips bring people to you. They attract that one person who most needs to hear the message you have to give.


Bringing together networkers who are interested in building value together can be a huge undertaking, but as a blogger, it’s easy. Inclusive blog tips give you simple ways to connect.


How different are your people?


I find the most interesting people to pull into my network, from all over the world. And every single one of them is looking for something. They want value. They need substance, and I want to give them power. With all that is inside of me, I want to empower my readers to live their dreams.


These incredibly cool inclusive blog tips will help you bring your network to life.


1 – Accept your differences


Individual differences make us who we are, and accepting those differences allows us to love openly. It’s okay to be different.


You can stand out, when you’re a little different from the rest of the crowd. And it’s okay to stand out, be different, be yourself. In fact, the real truth be known, the more individual you are the more recognizable you’ll be.


Accept your differences. Align yourself with the core values you choose, and accept that not everyone will agree with your view. Give yourself room to be different. Accept who you are.


Once you know your own differences, you can celebrate who you are. Celebrate what makes you different. Share your brand of crazy with those around you by being open and giving of yourself and what you have to offer.


2 – Give from a full heart


Have you ever noticed when your heart is full, filled up, and overflowing with love, you feel like you could just hug anyone who comes near you? Did you know you can “fill up your heart” by loving who you are?


You can fill up your heart by giving yourself margin. 


A few days back, I had been working toward a deadline, and every minute of every day had been packed with work. I was out of time. There were days I hadn’t taken time to eat a meal even, I just felt so overwhelmed with “work” and getting things done. At one point, nearing exhaustion, I knew I wasn’t going to accomplish anything else, I crashed. Face down on the bed, fully clothed, I just crashed. Tears flowing, I cried myself to sleep. There was nothing left to give, and yet… I had a ton of work left to do.


When I woke up several hours later, pre-dawn light glimmered through my window. I needed space. And I felt confined.


I was still dressed. But I grabbed a jacket and the keys, my purse, and shoes, and nearly ran to the truck. I needed space. So, I drove west along the river to the knoll where I could see real mountains (I live in the foothills). And I watched the sun rise from the backside of a mountain.



“The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets.
The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”



On the way down the mountain, after the sun was high in the sky, the skies deep and rich, Colorado Blue, I spotted an incredible little diner tucked away on a back road. Breakfast was a plate of cheesy creamed eggs, bacon, buttered grits, and the most delicious pinon coffee I’ve ever tasted. All the locals asked where I was from, and I told them a bit of my story. They told me theirs.


And when I arrived back at the office about noon, I went back to work. Refueled and ready for the deadline.



You cannot give freely from an empty heart. Take time to fill up your heart. Give yourself margin.


If you need to heal from a broken heart… Take time to heal. Allow yourself to grieve.


If you need time to breathe, space to grow. When you realize life is eating up your “give-a-damn” take time for yourself to refuel, rejuvenate, and rebuild. For me, it’s a moment or two in the mountains. Some need oceans, and others just need a cup of coffee. Whatever it takes, refill your heart, so you can give from a full heart.


3 – Ask for something back


Are you an island? Are you that person that when others ask, “What can I do for you?” you respond, “Nothing, I’ve got everything I need.” And you never ask anyone for anything? Why?


Do you realize you’re depriving those who ask an opportunity to do something for you? Do you realize you’re preventing them from using what they have to GIVE?


Instead of saying, “Nothing.” Why not give them an answer, one that will lift you up, and give them the ability to give too?


A blogger might say, “You could comment on my blogs, you know… Say something real, share your story.” Or “Buy my books! Give me a legitimate book review on Amazon.” Or maybe what you really need from someone is for them to just share your blog post, or tell someone about you.


Write a blog post and link back to my post!


There’s always something you can do to include others. Use inclusive blog tips to bring others into your circle. Invite them to give something back, by telling them what they can give you.


Inclusive Blog Tips –


  • be your authentic self
  • share your differences
  • include your own failures
  • empower others to share
  • offer up opportunities to give
  • give more than you expect in return
  • always use inclusive blog tips for the benefit of others
  • be generous and real
  • give from a full heart


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