How Comfortable Do You Feel Breaking Your Blogging Rules?

July 11, 2018


“The level of a being’s enlightenment is the degree to which they feel comfortable with their contradictions.” ~ Ancient Wisdom


I advise you to write on a single topic for your blog. But I write about travel sometimes, in addition to blogging.


Am I am hypocrite? Of course I am. Like you are a hypocrite and every human being who ever existed has been a hypocrite. Sometimes, at least.


Enlightened beings like Christ and Buddha were the closest thing we had to perfection. Re-read the first line of this post; those bright lights contradicted themselves because even enlightened beings choose a human experience, for a little bit, and humans contradict themselves.


I have broken virtually all of my rules once and some rules many times. Why?  Humans are consistent and persistent but not mechanical.


I write about blogging tips 90% of the time. Solid number. Helped me carve out a sweet spot in the blogging tips niche. 10% of the time I write about travel. Intuitive thing. I am clear on my approach. My readers sense the clarity and simply roll with my delivery. All good.


Full Body of Blogging Work


Clear, happy, successful bloggers are comfortable with their FULL body of work. I blog on one topic most of the time. Sometimes I blog on a different topic. My full body of work is: 90% blogging tips + 10% travel = 100%, and I am clear/comfortable on the 10% travel, because most of the time I follow my advice. I feel OK breaking my rule 10% of the time. Evidence of my clarity: Virgin, Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur featuring me as a world renowned digital nomad authority. Even though I publish travel stuff 10% of the time; that’s clarity for you.


When Problems Arise


If your full body of work looks like a desperate, hodge podge, jambalaya of unclear values, you are not clear or comfortable with breaking your rules and often run into problem after problem and struggle after struggle because you have no idea what you want your full body of work to look like, so naturally, your readers will have no idea what your full body of work will look like.


Also, wild fluctuations in what you value send a loud, clear red flag to readers, to stay away.


Example; today you preach blogging primarily for fun, not money. Tomorrow you promise your readers THE SECRET TO MAKING $100,000 A YEAR WITH A TURN KEY SYSTEM! Massive value shift. Red flag. Few human beings feel comfortable or clear breaking rules in such fashion because their values shift from love to fear, a violent, desperate pendulum shift.


The Rule of Thumb


If you break your rules because you are having fun and blogging with love, in a flexible way, you will feel clear breaking your rules and will see greater success.


If you break your rules from a heavy energy of fear – teaching readers to blog mainly for fun one day, then falling into a deep panic the next day because rent is due and you are $500 short, so you promise readers you’ll show them how to make 6 figures a year with a turn key system – you are totally unclear on breaking your rules and will struggle terribly.


Something to think about.


Especially when you want to skyrocket your blogging success.


The eBook


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