Do You Think Upside Down to Hurt Your Blogging Campaign?

  April 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Phuket, Thailand.


I noticed something interesting after approving a hefty chunk of friends on Facebook recently.


Everyone sees that I have 4000 plus friends.


However, 90% to 95% of my friends try to:


  • get my attention
  • ask me questions
  • chat with me


amid the 50-100 plus messages I receive daily instead of taking a genuine interest in me by dropping a genuine comment in reply to one of my updates. Everyone sees that my current Facebook wall posts only nab 1, to 2 to 50 comments. Dropping a genuine comment:


  • gets my attention
  • gives you public exposure
  • connects you with more friends
  • builds our friendship


Connecting with me where you WILL stand out (my less busy Facebook wall posts) makes perfect sense. Trying to connect with me where you WILL NOT stand out (my busy Messenger inbox) makes zero sense.


But because most people think upside down they do unintelligent, failing things. Since most people think upside down they line up behind 100 human beings in my Messenger inbox instead of lining up behind 5 or 10 human beings who comment on my updates.


Why do people do things which make no sense? Why do people try to compete with 100 people instead of being seen with 5 people? Why do people gain zero exposure? Why do people get ignored? Why do people fail as bloggers?


Most bloggers think upside down through the ego versus thinking right side up through Love.


For example, a Facebook friend who thinks right side up:


  • Likes my Facebook wall posts
  • drops comments in response to my Facebook wall posts


Not only does Liking and commenting on my posts snag my attention, doing these things increases my organic reach on Facebook. I notice this! Believe you me. Anytime you help me directly I note it.


He or she:


  • snares my attention
  • bonds with me
  • builds our relationship


Bloggers who snare my attention, bond with me and build our bond often get mentioned on Blogging From Paradise.


Blogging Failure


Bloggers who think upside down fail.


Check out these few examples of thinking upside down:


  • spamming blog comments to try to put the attention on you and your business
  • publishing thin content to try to increase your blog traffic
  • publishing thin products to try to increase your blogging income
  • sending a Message on Facebook only to compete with 100 other Messages versus dropping a genuine comment with 5-10 other friends in response to an update


Upside down thinking is ego-induced. Upside down thinking is fearful thinking. Being afraid goads you to make unintelligent decisions. Blogging unintelligently prolongs struggle and failure.


Think Right Side Up


Listen to people instead of trying to get them to do stuff for you.


Publish content to solve their problems.


Take a genuine interest in human beings.


Be generous versus being stingy. Be authentic versus being fake. Be honest versus trying to lie with hype in order to get more readers, customers and clients. Stop focusing on trying to get money. Begin focusing on helping people generously.


Think right side up. Stop thinking upside down.


Accelerate your blogging success by doing what you love doing to help people versus forcing work to try to get money and traffic from and through people. Reverse your thinking. Think about helping instead of trying to get. Ponder serving people instead of trying to manipulate them to become:


  • readers
  • loyal readers
  • subscribers
  • customers
  • clients


Evolve from modern – and old school – traditional business advice. Stop looking at human beings as things to:


  • convince
  • convert
  • close




  • help
  • serve
  • detach from


these individuals.


The less you need someone the more likely someone helps you. The less you try to manipulate someone the more people help you.


Pay close attention to bloggers and other online entrepreneurs with massive and loyal followings. Pros with epic tribes help people with no expectations. Struggling amateurs try to control, manipulate or coerce every human they seem to come across. My Facebook Messenger inbox reflects amateur hour blogging mistakes of this nature. Bloggers claim to want to be my friend but desperately friend requested me to GET business from me. After an instant block these lost blogging souls will desperately try to GET business until either they decide to think right side up by serving people or they simply quit blogging.


Blog to have fun helping people. Be interested in your fellow human beings. Help them. Release expectations. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process.


Blogging feels easier if you think right side up. Blogging feels easier if you blog to help.


Blogging feels tougher if you think upside down. Blogging feels tougher if you blog to manipulate people to give you traffic and money.


Put on your blogging thinking cap.

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