Human Beings Build Your Blogging Business Not Numbers

February 22, 2018
Your average overweight cat with T-rex arms Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I wrote this post last week.


A few days after writing it, I deleted 70% of my email list.


The Universe is always timely, perfect, balanced, poised, loving and just plain harmonious, eh?


Post coming soon on why I deleted 70% of my email list yesterday.


As for today…..


Numbers never made me a dime.


I never inspired a number to subscribe to my blog.


A number never hired me.


Nor has a number ever bought one of my 126 eBooks.


Why do bloggers focus obsessively on numbers, engaging in manipulation masturbation, trying like Hades to squeeze as much out of today, to add another 50 subscribers to their list, or to drive an extra 500 people to their site, or to make 6 figures this year?


Human Beings Are Sometimes Delusional


Don’t worry. I am sometimes delusional too. Sometimes. Not as much these days though. Because I hugged my fears – largely – and realized that no number outside of me:


  • solves my ills
  • makes me happy
  • makes me whole and complete
  • builds my community
  • builds my business


I have a 60,000 member community at Blogging From Paradise. But I care little about the number “60,000.” 60,000 is an inanimate object.


Old RB – that’d be me – could do a Thai jig, pray to Crom, throw salt over my shoulder, align the stars, double check my horoscope, consult the village shaman (yes we have one here in this sleepy Chiang Mai village) and if I tried to get “60,000” to do anything, all would be for naught. Although it’d be cool trying to convey my wish in limited Thai to the old woman across the street who walks with a Gymer stick, just like Yoda.


No; not Yoda the dog, who we’re watching during this house sit.


Yoda the character from Star Wars.


Human Beings Build Your Blogging Business


Living, breathing, dyed in the wool human beings help build my blogging business. Not “60,000”.


I’ve retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging because I co-created this life with other human beings who vibe with me.


I’ve co-created here on my blog, and on their blog.


Big numbers rock if you blog with love, from a heart-centered space, rendering useful service and promoting other bloggers to build your friend network.


How to Start a Blog: Peep My Course Here


But I never attach to big numbers because numbers are inanimate objects that cannot do anything. Let alone build my blogging business.


Human beings who listen to my podcasts, buy my eBooks, hire me, buy my courses, promote my blog and comment on my blog, these kind souls help build my blogging business.


Practical Tips


Before you do anything today, set an intent to blog predominantly from love, not fear.




  • visualize the human beings behind each interaction (blog comments, social chats, email chats)
  • treat borderline annoying people (spammers, lame pitch crowd, dingbat dopey folks demanding you pay $2.46 for a sponsored post volume discount) with as much compassion as humanly possible
  • own any urge to link your blogging success to manifesting some number; numbers are inanimate objects that cannot do anything, and literally have absolutely zero meaning
  • beware setting financial goals for your blog; make following your passion the #1 intent and money will follow, when you allow in money….and it will feel like extra or a bonus, not some idol that most human beings make out of money
  • be human; meaning, be authentic, genuine and share elements of your offline life through your blog…..this attracts authentic, genuine, heart felt people to you
  • focus on the Invisible Why in the visible what; you don’t want money or blog traffic or a car or a home, you want the feeling in the thing, and you can and need to cultivate that feeling now, before you get the thing, and when you fall in love with the feeling of having fun now you’ll give a rat’s ass less about stuff, the more you fall in love with serving people and making blogging buddies


Guys, that’s it for today.


Time to go watch a movie for 100 Baht.


Aka $3.19 USD.


Connect with the human beings who have co-created Blogging From Paradise:



Befriend my friends. Promote them on your blog and through social media. Comment genuinely on their blogs.


Friendships, not numbers, rule in the blogging game.


Your Turn


Do you attach too much to numbers sometimes?


Or do you focus on building bonds with humans more than anything else?


Blogging eBooks and Audio Books and Paperbacks


I hand-picked a few resources for you to enjoy from the Blogging From Paradise library on Amazon.


Scan through the list and grab a few today.


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  1. Perfectly said Ron. Thanks buddy.

  2. Ron Tuch Says:

    Hey Ryan!

    How’s it going man?

    I have to say I use numbers as a guide for certain things, but they mean absolutely nothing in other areas. I’m more interested in Authentic and Genuine engagement. I clean out my social contacts and email lists from time to time as well. I’d much rather have a smaller, personally engaged group than a bunch of people who aren’t interested in what you have to say.

    Not because what you have to say isn’t interesting but maybe your message isn’t intended for them. Maybe you weren’t supposed to connect with this group or that group because you were intended for a different purpose in life. I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason.

    Back to the numbers, I agree with the fact that so many people are trying to take, take, take and are chasing an inanimate object that really means nothing in the end because they made up some monetary definition of success.

    It all goes back to my overall philosophy on life, AUTHENTICITY. Speak from the heart and have some meaning behind the words you write or speak and the money and success will follow your passion. Another great post from you my friend!

    – Ron πŸ™‚

  3. Yep I have a few on Amazon. Exactly Mel; bonds over numbers. Friends over inanimate objects. Gotta go that route to be happy and successful.

  4. What a fabulous feeling Sue. Such a release, right? Likewise my friend πŸ™‚

  5. Sue Dunlevie Says:

    I recently “cleaned” out my list too, Ryan. If someone isn’t opening your emails over 60 days, they aren’t ever going to buy anything from me.

    Thanks for being my online friend!

  6. Mel Butler Says:

    Firstly wow you have 126 ebooks. I am definitely over the numbers game, I rather speak and interact with people who are genuine like your self πŸ™‚ I think I have like a hundred subscribe to my blog but they do comment and I definitely prefer creating bonds with others.

  7. Anda it is my pleasure. Thank you for helping me for years. As for deleting the list it felt so heavy, so burdensome. I am uber grateful for my rocking subscribers but enjoy writing and connecting through comments so much more. So we’ll pull back on it and focus on different activities going forward.

  8. Anda Galffy Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    You made me blush again. Thank you for counting me among those who helped you. And thank you for the Wake up-Kick ass-Be kind speech you gave us in this post. I really needed to hear that after looking at my Instagram and Pinterest numbers yesterday. Erasing 70% of your email list when I scramble to build mine? But then seeing how relaxed you are and how much fun you have doing what you do, I realized that I am in danger of becoming obsessed with numbers. So thank you for reminding me why I started blogging in the first place. This was a very inspirational post!

  9. Amen Cori. Focus on humans above all else, serving people, and numbers take care of themselves. Thanks much.

  10. Making the shift from number obsessing to people connecting is one we all take Glenn. So happy you’re focused on the latter my friend. Thanks for the rocking comment.

  11. Group growth is the way to go bro. Thanks Gopal.

  12. Thanks so much Moss. We are in the human being business, with genuine friendships making our blogs, and our success. I just spoke to an online entrepreneur with no email list yet he has thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of followers on sites and a thriving business. 30K followers on Instagram alone and they engage him and grow his business. If human beings support you, you’re set.

  13. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I love the way you ended this article, “Friendships, not numbers, rule in the blogging game.” Do I agree with you?

    Absolutely! In fact, it doesn’t matter how many your followers or email subscribers. What matters is how genuine they are. Do you have a relationship with them?

    Building relationships is the best way to go, as Donna outs it “we as bloggers and marketers are into the people business. If we love others, we will do well. If not, it is an anxiety filled lifestyle of coming up with pushy marketing.”

    Rightly said Donna, it is when you love someone that you can provide him with value via your content.

    Thanks for sharing Ryan.

    Don’t worry I already scheduled this post.

  14. hey Ryan
    First, your name is awesome as your post. I am also believing to share business, why we made growth individually. I think growth must be with a group not be individual. Be a Human Being, I too. I am doing a small business and offer other to get join and earn and My product also free to those who want to crack their exams. And yes this will definitely make us successful. Thanks, Ryan to Share your thought. It helps us to remember who we are.

  15. Hey Ryan,

    It should go without saying, because your posts are always awesome, but awesome post, buddy!!

    This is something that I’m always banging on about to people who want to get traction with their blogging. In fact, not only with blogging but with many other areas of building their businesses too.

    Numbers are all well and good and are important, it’s true. It would be foolish to think otherwise. But as you’ve so excellently highlighted in your post, it’s essential to keep things in the proper perspective.

    I recall when I first got started with my blog way back in 2012. I was obsessed with checking Google Analytics every day. I got very excited when I saw sparks in traffic and where it was coming from. And, again, being mindful of and interested in that stuff is good and helpful. But what I started to find is that I was becoming too ‘numbers oriented’ and focusing far too much on the numbers themselves as opposed to giving primary attention to the things that would lead to the increase in those numbers. I’d then get worried, frustrated and down when I saw the numbers drop or if I didn’t get the numbers I was hoping for on a particular day.

    Eventually, I decided to just stop the obsessive checking. As I learned more and honed my skills I realised the importance of focusing on people rather than numbers and, as you said in your post, always thinking about the real, flesh and blood people behind those numbers. By so doing, I found that, not only did the numbers look after themselves, but I began to enjoy my blogging much more than I already had been doing.


    Because I was focusing completely on people and not obsessing over ‘traffic’, ‘clicks’, or ‘subscribers’. I was becoming people-oriented and the whole thing was feeling much more natural.

    So I 100% agree that it’s essential to put the work into focusing on what really makes your blog successful – the people.

    Thanks, Ryan!


  16. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    At first I was all about the numbers – that was when I was still wearing my corporate America hat on when it was all about the numbers.

    Then after I started following Lisa, Donna, you and other great bloggers, I learned that it’s more about the human connection. Once I embraced that, it became easier for me to write.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t check my stats. I do, like once a week to tweak my blogging plan. But one thing I’m not concerned at all about are my social media followers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreicate every single one of them but I also know that some come and go so quick that there is no need to stress over it.

    I just have to do my part and that’s share helpful content and connect with them. πŸ™‚

    Great share as always! Have a great day and weekend!


  17. Helping people to make them successful is the core focus of my campaign too Vishwajeet. If you will just serve folks everything becomes much easier, and you will also focus on the humans behind the business versus numbers. Thanks brother.

  18. Same deal here Sue; the joy comes from special 1 to 1 bonds and those chats. Really the most fun I have online is spent creating posts, doing videos and connecting with folks 1 to 1. Thank you my friend.

  19. Post going live soon Naveen. Although I may pull back on posting to deal with some site issues first. We shall see πŸ˜‰

  20. Awesome sauce Janice. Thanks for being you my friend.

  21. The people business is much more fun to work than the numbers game Donna. Focusing on building one to one bonds grows numbers quite nicely over the long haul. Thank you my friend.

  22. The engagement – especially off topic – makes you stand out Drewry. Like the opposite of The Godfather movies; it’s personal, not business.

  23. DNN Says:


    There’s nothing like human interaction. Well said in your blog post. One thing I learned in content marketing besides the fact that evergreen content gets better SEO is that a person needs ot take time to mingle with their target audience without trying to sell them something. Sometimes, it’s those off topics that gains interest in a person about your business. And you do a fantastic job engaging people. Keep doing what you’re doing! πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Ryan,

    I’m not a numbers gal. I often clean up my email list because I like quality over quantity. I just love it when peeps on my list will ask me a question or email how much an email sent to them has helped. I get a fair amount of good human conversation going on.

    We, as bloggers and marketers are into the people business. If we love others, we will do well. If not, it is an anxiety filled lifestyle of coming up with pushy marketing. I don’t want to walk in those shoes!

    It is a choice and if someone is chasing numbers they just gotta check their ROI a few times per year and see if their efforts are worthwhile.

    Just my 2 cents,

    P.S. Thanks so much for the mention….it means a lot to me.

  25. Janice Wald Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Ryan! Much appreciated! I’ve shared your post. I’m getting traffic from your post. Thanks for the mention and the link. Very thoughtful.

  26. Hi Ryan,

    The fact that you deleted 70 percent of your email list is proof that it is not about numbers. Though we will be waiting for the post about why you did it. The point to understand here is humans form a business.

    The “Practical Tips” are really worth reading twice and remembering. You and your blog are living examples of these tips. It can be seen clearly that you operate from these same principles.

    Hope you enjoyed the movie. Have a great time!


  27. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan I’ve now picked up my jaw off the floor. Thank you my friend for the shout out. What a pleasure it has been to converse with you over the past year or more. So much learning on my part, especially about not chasing numbers. It’s hard to resist not comparing oneself to others yet most of my joy in blogging comes from conversations with readers and bloggers. Very grateful for your support Ryan and your ongoing wise words and guidance. Thank you.

  28. Hey Ryan,

    You are absolutely right. Numbers don’t create magic. All we need is to connect with people online and help them. I also believe in inclusive growth. We, humans, are a social animal and when we help each other, it is very easy to conquer the success. I actually didn’t so much focus on list building as my primary focus is to provide a relevant and helpful post. Help people to make them successful. When you do that it automatically makes you successful. Thanks for sharing these great tips and suggestions here. Aslo thanks for including me πŸ™‚

    Have a Great day πŸ™‚

  29. I left a thought.