How To Write And Publish An eBook In 24 Hours (Audiobook)

July 21, 2017



I am excited to promote only my – gasp – 2nd eBook like…..ever!


I have been as busy as a Jehovah’s Witness assigned to the Soi Cowboy district of BangkokΒ with promoting my eBooks. But I wanted to pull back and toss a little change up out there. For the listeners.


So without further delay, I am excited to release:


How to Write And Publish an eBook In 24 Hours (Audiobook on Amazon)


How to Write and Publish an eBook in 24 Hours (Audiobook on iTunes)


Excitement To Dive Into The Self Publishing Game


Everybody and their brother seems caught up in the eBook self-publishing game.


And for good reason.


The process of writing, self-publishing and effectively selling an eBook through Amazon has become easier. More streamlined. More mainstream.




I co-created this audiobook for you to:


  • help you brainstorm, write, self-publish and sell an eBook in under 24 hours (duh)
  • open a passive income stream quickly
  • challenge any untrue, BS, horse crap writer’s block limiting beliefs that may be kicking around in your brain box or cute but sometimes silly mind
  • give you clarity and confidence in your writing
  • help you create a huge stock of helpful, informative, short and punchy eBooks for your author library on Amazon
  • stare at my smiling mug for hours (cover reference)


I went on an eBook writing and self-publishing tear in Bali in 2014. I wrote and self-published 1 eBook daily for 3 months in a row. That’s a lotta eBooks.


I kinda got the process down to a science.


Just to ensure that the eBooks are not pure drivel, a handful were best sellers and one is even the highest rated eBook on all of Amazon for its category, with all 48 reviews being 5 star reviews.


So yeah; if you want to write and ship an eBook in 24 hours, this audiobook gives you the practical tips, the steps and the foundation for creating a helpful, successful read in under a day.


Back To That Excitement


Wouldn’t it feel super exciting to see yourself as a self-published author on Amazon? Really….think about it for a minute.


The branding potential alone is big-time. Adding an eBook to that blogging arsenal, you blogging boss, you.


But way too many bloggers let their fear of churning out an eBook dominate the desire to write one. Goodness knows I have been there.


This audiobook solves the problem of “Man I’d love to write an eBook but…..(insert excuse here)” and does so in dramatic fashion. Because when you learn how to write and churn out an eBook in 1 day you will be pumping out those puppies on the regular.


The Critical Component


Any eBook you write in a day will fit Amazon’s short reads category. 30-45 minute reads.


This increasingly popular category vibes with folks who have no desire to read the next “War and Peace” on their Kindle at the beach, or, before going to bed at night.


My readers love my eBooks because they are filled with practical tips as simple, short and sweet reads. More authors are following this same path, creating helpful, bite-sized eBooks for a busier and busier audience whose attention is being pulled in 15,340,978 directions.


So the 6,000 to 10,000 word, in-depth, helpful eBook that you are writing and shipping in 1 day fits perfectly into an eBook category that is becoming more and more popular in today’s fast-paced world.


The Chapters


To give you an outline of this listen (I am always tempted to say “read” when writing my oh so rare audiobook promoting posts) I’ll list the chapters for you.


1: Know Why and Make it Freeing

2: Write in Quiet for as Many Hours as Possible

3: Write First Edit Later

4: Publish Practical Tips Laden Books

5: Only Write within Your Wheel House

6: 7,000 Word eBooks Work Nicely

7: Trim Online (and Offline) Fat

8: Work Strictly off of an Outline

9: Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Training

10: Eat in that Day


The Cover Story


I snapped that smiling selfie while on my eBook writing tear in beautiful Jimbaran, Bali, at a jaw-dropping villa where Kelli and I lived for 6 months on a house sit.


The Narrator


The narrator of this audiobook is the talented and enchanting Gene Blake.


If you want to hear me gab all day long then buy my audio course. You’ll get 6 hours of me.


The Call To Action


Are you psyched to get your first eBook out quickly?


Buy How to Write and Publish an eBook in 24 Hours (Amazon Audiobook)


How to Write and Publish an eBook in 24 Hours (iTunes Store)


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  1. Way cool Antonio. I am glad you dug the post.

    I don’t focus much on my paperbacks because since my eBooks are so short, so are my paperbacks πŸ˜‰ I would say some similar principles apply but everything expands because books are generally tens of thousands of words, versus the 6K to 15K you would find in an eBook. Follow your passion, write for fun, build your network and over time, you will self-publish and ship your book. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Thanks for the info Ryan! I didn’t even know that Amazon had a “short read” section … learn something new everyday. DO you have any tips for writing a book (non ebook)?

  3. Exactly Gaurav. Many of my audiobook readers note this, as they listen on the bus, or walking around.

  4. Gaurav kumar Says:

    Audibooks are quite helpful. Can learn even when moving around.

  5. Actually Sara I co-create these with a producer πŸ˜‰ The requirements of having studio quality equipment are a bit much for me to fulfill, especially as I am circling the globe. Maybe one day when I settle down….and build a studio LOL.

  6. Sara D. Says:

    Awesome cookies, Ryan. Audio books for you are the next thing. It will allow you to branch out from Amazon only into places like iTunes. πŸ˜‰ Was it easier for you to do an audio book?
    I actually listen to books with my Kindle reader while exercising. It’s not the best but it allows me to get through books I want to read.

  7. Awesome Laci! Do enjoy the audio book πŸ™‚

  8. Laci Davis Says:

    Hey Ryan!

    I’ve always been interested in writing and self publishing children’s books. So this post was right on time πŸ™‚

  9. It’s fun Wete. Do enjoy the audiobook too.

  10. Wete Says:


    Really nice blog!
    Being a world traveler and blogging from anywhere must be a wonderful feeling.
    I really like this kind of lifestyle.

  11. Thumbs up Rajneesh.

  12. rajneesh Says:

    Great work. I will try to listen to this fantastic audio book as soon as possible.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have a good weekend.

  13. Good deal Nikhil πŸ™‚

  14. I found this article at the perfect time – Eager to hear your audio book.

  15. Manish Kumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Congratulations! Great Work!

    I wonder how do you do all these. Ryan “The writing machine”!

    Your tips, suggestions, ebooks will help a lot of people.

    It will be really a nice experience to write and self publish an ebook. It will also open a passive income stream.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  16. Thanks Prosper!

  17. Prosper Noah Says:

    Awesome as always thought Ryan, I’d be giving it a trial

  18. Way cool Brian. Great blog you have too. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Brian Zeng Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Really nice blog!

    Being a world traveler and blogging from anywhere must be a wonderful feeling.

    I really like this kind of lifestyle.

  20. Not a ton of homework Shantanu, really, because writing a short eBook is similar to writing a long form, 6,000 word blog post. That part is not too strenuous if you pick a niche you know inside-out. But if you tackle a topic you are not familiar with, your due diligence will take at least a few days or weeks to get your research for writing the eBook. I always stick to what I know though. Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

  21. Way cool Robin. You too bro!

  22. I was in the same boat 3 years ago Sue. I was scared to write an eBook because I thought it had to be some huge endeavor but short reads are A-OK too. People dig ’em and they are pretty easy to write too, within a day sometimes πŸ˜‰

  23. You can do it too Hadi πŸ˜‰ Enjoy it.

  24. Hadi Nugraha Says:

    It sounds an easy job to create an ebook in 24 hours.
    But because you are the man who full of idea. πŸ™‚
    I should learn a lot from you and your book.

  25. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan I will say that whenever i thought about an e-book I had thought ” Well I don’t possibly have time or desire to write a full book!” I appreciate hearing more about short reads and that truly it is attainable for most anyone. Always leaving me with food for thought and inspirations for blogging. Much appreciated.

  26. Hi Ryan,
    Great work. I will try to listen to this fantastic audio book as soon as possible.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have a good weekend.

  27. Hello Ryan,

    Congrats for your new audio book πŸ™‚

    This is something innovative thing done by your side and thanks for mentioning down the guide lines. It would be of great
    help to others.
    I wonder how much homework we need to be doing for getting our e-book or audio book launched?

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a great weekend ahead.


  28. Go for it Prince. Audiobooks are fine learning vehicles. I have sold over 1000 of them passively, with only 1 blog post promotion many years ago before today. One secret; co-creating with a producer. Producers push these audiobooks on iTunes, Audible and Amazon and also with samples on SoundCloud to boost their sales. Thanks much and will do buddy πŸ™‚

  29. Hehehe Donna I gotta find an outlet for my crazy mind LOL. Thanks much!

  30. You never seem to run out of ideas Ryan!

    An audio book is awesome!!! Congratulations


  31. Hi Ryan,

    Writing has been a down to earth stuff. If you can write enough, you can sleep enough. Recently, I’d considered publishing more audio books than ever.

    This is coming the right time. I will check it out as I practice what I’ll learn. Cos I believe in every piece, there’d be something new to learn.

    Take care as you travel round the world, Ryan.

    ~ Prince.

  32. Awesome Valeriy. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

  33. Valeriy Says:

    Thank you. An excellent book. With pleasure I’ll listen.

  34. Thanks G. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

  35. G Myilraj Says:

    Thanks for this post and audio book. I will purchase it for my blog.

    Congrats Ryan Bro,

  36. I left a thought.