How to Write One 7,000 Word Blog Post Weekly

March 31, 2015
I took this picture in the highlands of Bali. How dramatic is that?! 1 image says....7,000 words.
I took this picture in the highlands of Bali. How dramatic is that?! 1 image says….7,000 words.

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Blogging from Paradise: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping (Part 2)

Blogging from Paradise: How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

I have an in depth blog post going live on Wednesday. I have the next chapter of my new eBook to write. I also have clients to write for.

I have:

  • blog posts to promote
  • eBooks to promote
  • blog commenting duties
  • living in paradise duties
  • beach going duties

I am kind of a busy dude. Busier than you may think. I don’t just sip on Mai Tai’s in paradise all day, lazing like a slobbish Jabba the Hut – minus the intergalactic frog snacks – calling the shots, collecting checks, writing posts with alarming ease because I am talented, whatever that means.

You have asked me, how in the HELL I do this. Well, here’s the post. Remember too; I am not writing one, 7,000 word post weekly, then calling it a day. I am an author. An autheur, or however they say it. I publish eBooks. On Amazon. I run a freelance writing business. I run a blog coaching business. I sell affiliate products. Strike that. I’m an affiliate. Sounds more professional, doesn’t it?

When you’re trying to figure out how to write a blog post you may focus heavily on the 600 word bit. If I bump that word count up to 1,000, you start to sweat. If I bump it up a bit higher, well, you’ll tremble a bit. You may even toss your cookies. Mom’s spaghetti. All over the floor. Badda Bing!

BUT….if I bumped that word count up to 7,000 words your head will explode like that portly woman from Total Recall. Mind blowing. Impossible! Get ready for a surprise….(for all you Total Recall fans, or for New York residents who had nothing better to do but watch channel 11, good old WPIX, on Sunday afternoons at 3:30 PM)

Today, I’ll teach you how to write a 7,000 word blog post weekly. Why would you even WANT to publish such an in-depth post?

  • Your readers will love you for it
  • Google will love you for it
  • you’ll love yourself for it
  • your writing skills will improve
  • minstrels will sing songs worshiping you
  • you’ll probably become a more humorous blogger
  • you’ll become self fulfilled
  • your influence will grow
  • you may even blog from paradise, really, really soon.

Now, on to the Travel Story

I hate to say this, but we have a murderer on the grounds. Roxy the Balinese Rottweiler (capitalized for branding purposes) is a sweetheart. Unless you are 1 foot tall. Full of feathers. A squawker. Quite nervous. Eat grubs, worms, corn and garbage. Roxy is a chicken killer.

She killed 2 in the past week. Today the Balinese gardener, Freddie, called me out with “ayam, ayam”, which means chicken in Indonesian. I saw a corpse on the lawn. Damn. Got another one.

Kelli and I are heartbroken each time she kills these little chickies. I have no clue why she does. Well I do have a clue. She has a strong prey drive. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Roxy is looking for an energy outlet. Like, she has excess energy and that energy is moving towards low energy, mischievous channels.

In truth, I run the dogs like mad in the morning. Each sleeps well. I do the same at night. But I think today, Roxy felt a bit stressed, not doing her usual running. Not sure why. Just an energy thing.

Now, I don’t feel like I need to run them even harder. Each comes back with tongues wagging after our walks through the heat and humidity of the Balinese mornings and late afternoons. I just feel that I need to find a better way to give her a creative outlet, to dissipate her energies, whether it’s more play time with Jack, a jog in the afternoon, more chew toys, or something else to redirect her attention to something less damaging.

The Devil’s Workshop

Have you read Think and Grow Rich? I know, I sound old and crusty, just by referencing the darn book. Napoleon Hill’s classic delves into the study of the mind. I actually reference the book on Matthew Capala’s inspired SEO and bootstrapping blog, Search Decoder. Click this link, or else.

8 Inspirational Books Every Solopreneur Should Read

OK, here’s the deal; in one chapter Hill speaks of an idle mind being the Devil’s Workshop. Long and short, I don’t expect Beelzebub to show up if you idle a bit, to damn you to hell, but, if you’re not even scratching the surface of your potential you’ll be subject to:

  • anxiety
  • worry
  • fear
  • loss
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • fear
  • loss
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • weakness
  • wussy-ness
  • general malaise

Ever wonder why I’m happy? I create things for other people, to the nth degree. Also, I DON’T sit around too much. If I published a 600 word post each week, or twice a week, or even 3 times weekly, I’d get into trouble. That idle mind thing would kick in. Devil’s Workshop. I’d find stuff to worry about. I’d worry if my blog posts were too long, or too short, or how’d they rank in search engines. I’d worry about if I would – or would not – make money through the blog post. Or if I’d attract subscribers to my email list.

Product Placement: sign up for my email list. Find the ugly green bar at the top of this post. Enter your email address. Enter means type. Thank you. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

But the deal is, when I’m writing a 7,000 word blog post weekly, in addition to my other duties, I don’t have time to worry incessantly over crap, to dwell on my blog posts, and if they will or won’t make money for me, or will or won’t pull in subscribers.

Of course they will….DUH!

Roxy turned chicken killer because she needs a higher energy outlet, and you need to produce more in depth, thorough and well-rounded RESOURCES….not simple blog posts….to address your idle mind-driven worries, fears and anxieties.

You need to feel fulfilled. Like you’re making a difference. I know how it feels, to be unfulfilled, and now I know how it feels when my head hits the pillow here in Bali. I never go to sleep feeling like, “what if?”, or like I hadn’t given it my all during the day.

Before I get on to the tips I wanted to stress this idea:

Create a Resource

Some feel my posts are long, too long. Some feel they are too short. Others, feel that they are, just right. I intend to create resources. Not blog posts, Not throwing some stuff on my blog, to see what sticks, but resources.

I do publish shorter posts every week or 2, on a Monday. Maybe a different day this week because my new eBook: 10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success) will be released a bit late. These eBook or update themed posts are shorter because you need to put time aside for writing my eBooks and for seeing where I’ve been featured.

Outside of these posts, everything here on Blogging from Paradise is a thoughtful, mindfully created, published resource which will solve the root of your blogging tips issues.

You can publish drivel. You can publish blog posts. You can publish resources which wow the pants off your readers. In a non-perverted way.

I prefer to do the resource bit. Not because I have some vivid fantasy of being Scott Baio in Zapped (see, wowing pants off), but because I want to free you. I want you to hang here, on Blogging from Paradise, for hours, taking notes, reading and studying, your own little private blogging tips classroom.

If you’re like me, you have not the time or energy to learn piece meal, grabbing a tiny bit of knowledge from 1,000 different blog posts daily.

You need the whole shebang. You need resources.

Whenever I research for client articles I find one, solid, thorough, comprehensive resource to reference. I have no time to dig up 2, 3 or 5 articles to write an article for a client. I need a resource. 1 stop shopping. My blog is one stop shopping for folks who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, the digital nomads, the travel bloggers and the bloggers who simply want to know how to better connect with their audiences, and how to better make money blogging.

On to the tips!

1: Blog to Free Yourself

Irony alert; last week’s post was about 2 K words. Of course I was publishing to promote my new eBook: How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less, so I didn’t want to snatch up all of your time with the post when you wanted to buy and consume a full length eBook. That itself was kinda freeing, if you think about it. I felt OK publishing a bit shorter post but rest assured, I’m right back to the 7 K word deal today.


I free me. I free you. Through my blog. Easy peasy. Simple. The freeing driver can just about make you invincible if you hold steady to the pure intent. Money drivers? Sucky. Nobody really digs money that much, to push themselves through all sorts of uncomfortable situations for paper with numbers on it. The FREEDOM in the money is a different story; that’s what you want, and if I do feel driven to do anything for money it’s only because I see the freeing aspect in dough.

Money helps you do more, have more and be more. Freedom. Cut out the middle man. Blog to free yourself. Doing so drives you to create epic, in-depth, valued content each and every week.

5 years ago I’d have deemed you mad if you told me I published ONE 7,000 word blog post, let alone one every week. I may have kicked you in the bread basket. I love the Gorilla Monsoon reference. I had to inject it in there. I would have been peeved, feeling you were playing me. I couldn’t even envision myself writing 1,000 words, let alone 7,000 words, because I had so many mental issues, aka, STUFF, surrounding my motivators. I wanted:

  • money
  • readers
  • subscribers
  • social shares

.and about 10 other things to drive me, and I left the freeing emotion on the back burner. Then I found out something neat; a tipping point occurs if you want to free yourself more than you fear doing uncomfortable things. If the point is passed you’re golden. You’ll do stuff few other bloggers do….like publishing 7,000 word blog posts weekly. Minstrels will sing songs for you, once again. I reference that minstrel bit every 1-2 posts, and/or eBooks.

All happens because you blogged to free you, and with that driver in mind the blogging world is your oyster.

I will drill this point into your mind, until you want to smack me, but guys, this is far and away the most important tip to set the 7,000 word post weekly thingee into motion. If you’re like most human beings you’ll take the easy way out. No shame in that. I have been there. I chose comfortable over freeing for many moons and I still do sometimes….rarely….OK, I do here and there, but it’s about as often as the Haley’s Comet rockets through our galaxy.

Since I do tend to be human – at times – I need to do stuff to free me, because when I want to free me more than I fear doing uncomfortable stuff then the good old blogging magic happens, I feel inspired and I write the words daily, to make this post go.

Be selfish, for starters. Blog to free you. Add a bit of helpfulness for others, with tip #2. Ready? I know you are. Let’s dive in.

2: Blog to Free Your Audience

You know those kids who whine and scream all day long when someone takes away their rattle? That was me. I was a blogging baby, in Battambang, or in the Bukit of Bali. I did that because alliteration is….well…..more silly and if you can work a Cambodian town into any post, you’re golden.

I figured out selfish people are usually dumb, sick and broke ass folks. I was selfish. I didn’t want to do much for my audience, but I sure wanted stuff from them. I didn’t want to free them. I didn’t even want to free me back in the good old days. As you can imagine, I felt like a yearling fawn attempting to walk on ice. It was that ugly. As it should be. Why would my audience want to hire me, or to buy my eBooks? I was in it for A1, me, myself, and I.

Fast forward to the Blogging from Paradise days. Hell, fast forward to the first day. Waiting….waiting….OK, VCRs are up to date. I blogged to free me and to free you. That was my intent. That was my job, my duty, my #1 goal, my freeing intent. Naturally, people responded well because my intent bled through my work and my audience felt freer each time they visited. My email list grew like a weed. Ebook sales (click to connect with Nikki Woods, she’s a star!) jumped pronto. All was good, fresh, inspired and quite fun because my audience felt free, because I blogged to free them. I figured it would work. Smart guys and gals told me to include my audience in my intent. I recall Dr. Joe Vitale – – stressing that you should bring at least 1 other person – if not more – along for the ride with your intent, to see things manifest more quickly. Not just for the altruistic air of things but because it feels more fun to create something inspired for a bunch of people.

I was able to publish a 7,000 word post weekly because the Universe came to my aid. If I blogged just to free me I’d lack the creative energy and mental resources to create such depth. Thinking inward doesn’t lead you too far. Instead, I thought outward, to allow creative energies to flow to and through me. Blogging is easy for the guy or gal who blogs for themselves and for others.

Prolific people do a fine job creating good stuff for other people. Those other people download/buy the good stuff, which feeds into said blogger being prolific. I never lack blog post ideas nor do I get stuck writing posts; my freeing intent, to free me and you, inspires me to create in-depth, helpful, inspired posts weekly.

How Do You Free Your Audience?

Sell a dream. Take your readers along for the ride. Note my blog. Go ahead, I dare you. Thanks for noting it.

See all the images of me in paradise, looking all tropical, buff, smiling, laughing, joying it up? I live a dream life so I sell a dream life and if I sell that dream life regularly enough you better believe more and more folks will free themselves through my work. I’ve noted a handful of influential bloggers who had clout in their home towns, yet after being exposed to my blog, my brand and my lifestyle, all of a sudden doing the digital nomad bit become a strong possibility to them. Then, it became a probability. Then, they went after it, and got that lifestyle thing down, blogging from their paradise of choice.

The freeing nature of the dream I sold was too irresistible to turn down. They had to hop on board. No other choice. Good! Reader and blogger, freed. Now, knowing that I am freeing me, and scores of folks, I do what I gotta do to get that 7,000 word post published, weekly.

3: 1,000 to 2,000 Words Daily

If you write 1,000 words daily, over 7 days, and devote those 1,000 words to your next blog post, you’ll publish one, 7,000 word blog post weekly. Do the math.

This practice:

  • increases your clarity
  • strengthens your purpose
  • fortifies your intent
  • helps you to find your writing voice
  • makes you a half skilled blogger….joking….makes you a real good, exceptional, inspired blogger
  • cramps your fingers at times…but it’s worth it

Here’s how I do it; I set aside a few hours daily to write. I read somewhere how Charlie Chaplain – I think – said he didn’t much deserve dinner until he wrote. I agree. No need to write EVERY SINGLE day of the year but 362 days is a good start. Just put in the time. Write 1000 to 2000 words or more daily.

Some of the words will be devoted to your blog post. Others will be devoted to your eBooks. As your writing improves some words will be devoted to client articles. And so on, and so forth.

I find it easy to write 6,000 words or more daily between everything I do. Blog comments, etc. But 2,000 or more – emphasis on more – through my post, eBook and article writing works best. Since we’re chatting how to increase your word count for blog posts, just put in those 1,000 words daily to reach your 7 K post once a week. You won’t regret it.

The Writer’s Block Thingee….

.is bullshit. Imagine an idea. Any idea. Thinking about the idea helps grow the idea. Writer’s block is an idea. Let it go. Think not about it. Think about living in paradise. Imagine how it feels to wake up in Bali? Yeah, THAT is what you want to think about versus writer’s block.

Surround yourself with prolific bloggers, prolific eBook authors.

4: Numbers Please (and Make them Double Figures)

Do you ever feel like you’re stretching out a blog post? The experience is awkward, with as much filler as a red cherry pie, and the post itself is most always pure garbage. Rubbish. Puke.

Now, think of posts which seem to flow. You have more than enough information to keep writing….and writing……and writing…..and writing. Words flow freely. No extra effort. All is good, and you never even have to reach to make the post special.

For me, many of these posts involve 2 things:

  • a numbered title….tips, steps, reasons…etc
  • an outline

Take this post. I conceived the title. Many readers wondered if I was on speed, or crystal meth, or crack, or if I was just high on life. Latter selection, for all those drug free folks out there. I am with you. I never picked up a cigarette in my life. Anyway, people wanted to know how I did the 7,000 word blog post bit weekly so I thought of 10 or so tips to explain. 10 is nice double figure number.

I then built my outline, listing out each tip. Good. This added order to my mind. Orderly thinking bloggers write easily, allowing the words to flow like a vat of sweet chocolate syrup, all velvety and graceful and hey, damn tasty too.

I fleshed out each outline point. Easy. All I had to do was add a conclusion, along with a clear and definite call to action, and I would be golden, AND I would reach 7,000 words, tidak apa apa. Sorry. Bahasa Indonesian. I meant, no problem. I fall into Indo speak as I am chatting with the staff here in Bali frequently and I awkwardly test my Indonesian, out there in the world. So far, so good.

I can write 7,000 words easily because I have a nice, orderly list of numbers, and a sweet outline to work off of.

So guys, write list/tip/reason titled posts, create an outline and remember to use double figure numbers in your titles. Research if you’re a little thin on due diligence. Better to fill up the post then to come to the table woefully thin.

People Love Big Numbers Because they Want More

Right or wrong, being either in search of more knowledge, or outright greedy, people want more. 15 tips, 12 steps and 19 reasons are more, a bunch more, and the clicks will go sky high for bloggers who write big numbered posts. This is an added bonus of going numbers high, in addition to laying an outline or framework that’s easy to follow. Get high. With the help of your big numbered posts. Leave the whippets behind. Is that what kids are doing these days?

5: Read, Read and Read Some More

Reading is far and away the easiest way to create like a machine. People think I’m a blogging cyborg, a terrible Terminator just ready and raring to publish another in depth blog post or eBook, because I’m a machine. Not so. I read. A lot. So ideas flow to and through my easily. I expose myself to said ideas through the internet, through novels and through non-fiction, as well as fiction. I read like a machine because readers can become writers quickly, if they are willing to keep the reading habit going.

In My Library

I am reading a David Sedaris Book – “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” – as well as a novel named “Fat Tuesday.” I am almost always reading 1-2 books to keep my writing game sharp. If I expose myself to different writing styles I can only get my writing game up, too.

Read online but more importantly, read offline. Reading exposes you to so many talented, gifted, hard working authors that you can’t help but to allow them to rub off on you in a major league way. Read for 30 to 60 minutes daily. I prefer to read before beddy time because reading relaxes me, calms me and helps me go to sleep. As for topics you make the call. I prefer fiction to non fiction but a nice mix of the 2 elevates your creativity. Don’t fall out of this reading habit. I’ve been a lazy SOB up until I was in Bali for about 3 weeks, during my recent trip.

Like the writing habit, once you get it going you will keep it going through habitual momentum. Once you stop though it becomes easier to fall into lazy, poor reading habits.

For example; I read for 30 minutes or more each night. If I find myself watching Suits on Amazon Prime and if bed time nears I cut out 30 minutes from the current episode to get my reading in. In other words, I build my evening around reading because reading regularly inspires me to write one 7,000 word blog post weekly. On the flip side of things, when I don’t read regularly everything becomes a struggle on the blogging front.

Some folks say leaders become readers. Or is it, readers become leaders? Whatever the case may be it sure don’t hurt to read like a champion.

One note; I find critical reading to suck. Like I wouldn’t sit down to a nice, detailed, in-depth engineering manual, to foster my writing ability. Whatever floats your boat, or gets your goat, though. Some whose IQ triples my score may get off on such topics; I myself had enough with the atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric thermodynamics during my meteorology days. Been there, done that, many moons ago. Oh yeah, I am a meteorologist by schooling. In case you didn’t know. But now you do know. So I read, light stuff, and that light reading stimulates my imagination, and goodness knows the imagination is something else because when my imagination feels stoked I can call upon a wide range of topics.

Now I’m reading a book called Fat Tuesday. New Orleans cop, partner murdered, wants revenge on the local power lawyer who goes by the name of Pinkie Duvall. I kid you not. Love it, right?

Well, reading such colorful, vivid, fast moving prose improves my imagination which in turns improves my writing ability which in turns makes me a prolific sonofagun. Beautiful how everything works together so nicely and neatly.

6: Get on the Clock

It is 3:05 PM in Jimbaran, Bali. For the next 30 minutes I will write this post. Or a portion of this post. I’ve been writing for 10 minutes about, already. I write off of the clock. 1 day does not pass where I am not writing 1-2 hours between my eBooks and post. In most cases, I write longer than an hour because I pen some 6,000 words a day – or more – between my eBooks, articles for clients, blog posts and through my mammoth-sized blog comments too. I write off of a clock to publish one 7,000 word blog post weekly.

When I Didn’t Write on the Clock

I write on the clock – or is it off? – now, but in a galaxy far, far away I didn’t time myself. I wouldn’t set aside time to write. Bad idea. Because I didn’t write. It’s tough to publish a 600 word blog post let alone a 7,000 word blog post if you don’t write, right? Hehe, see what I did?

Anyway, I write on the clock because timing my writing duties adds order to my mind.

My Typical Writing Day

I don’t have one. I don’t have a writing routine per se. Today, we helped our friend Jaqi move to her hotel in Bali. I did some work this morning. Walked the dogs, fed the cats, the whole shebang. But since I did more in the afternoon I set aside writing chunks/blocks for later in the day. I have to. I’m not good enough, otherwise. I have stuff to do, Pandawa Beach to visit, a dip in the pool and countless other things to get to. This is no burden, this life but it takes some careful planning to do all that I do plus publishing an eBook-sized post weekly, but I get it done. I crush it. I kill it. So I work off of a block.

Practical Tips

Carry a stop watch, or use an online alarm. Some clock needs to get your attention, to honor it, to obey it, and to worship it. See the clock as a deity or demi god, if you practice black magic. Whatever works for you. But start writing when you see writing time has ensued and drop everything when writing time ends. I’d say, write in 30 minute blocks a few times daily. You won’t blow your wad in under 30 minutes yet you’ll rest enough where you don’t burn out, writing-wise.

I prefer writing in 30 to 45 minute blocks. Either way though I love working off of the clock. The practice adds order to my mind.

You can also use the Chromodoro app for Google Chrome. This neat little timer keeps you on point and alerts you as to when it’s time for a breaky break. Good money.

Don’t write beyond your writing time. Drop everything. I don’t burn out, I remain fresh and I churn out pretty helpful stuff – I think, but I am biased – because I don’t burn myself out. I work, then I get the hell off of the stage, which is a secret to my online success.

7: Cut Back on Social Media Time

Goodness gracious. Social media is the ultimate time suck.

I get it. I need to know if Peggy Sue has corn in her teeth, or if Bobby Joe is SO sick of rude people, or if Ella May is SO through with all guys, because she’s an independent, sassy woman….YEAH LADIES!

BUT…..if you want to publish one 7,000 blog post weekly, you better spend minimal time on social media. You can’t create if you spend too much time connecting, and there is such a thing as spending too much time making friends. Why? You want to establish yourself as an authority. Experts practice creating. Hey, you didn’t think I was publishing 7,000 word posts weekly for my health, did ya? OK I kinda do. But I also publish, in addition to helping you, to hone your writing skills.

I can’t front; I blog for me. Then I blog for you. If I didn’t blog for me, this Blogging from Paradise bit wouldn’t be as inspired.

If I am blogging for me and blogging for you, I needed to be blogging, or *writing*. I can’t write blog posts while glued to Facebook. Ain’t gonna happen. Even now, I checked FB for like 5 seconds to scan my wall. That’s 5 seconds, which is 1 sentence of a 7,000 word blog post. Seriously I think like that, because I….Am…..A….Robut. No, no cyborg here but I am effective, and part of my effectiveness is rooted in canceling time sucks from my online routine, or more importantly, from my writing routine.

You can only have enough time to write – a bunch – if you set aside time to write. Social media eats into your writing time. Make your connections on the network. Build bonds. Then get the hell off of Facebook, and ditch Google Plus, because is it REALLY that important to see that Ernest Lee prefers corn in his mash potatoes?

Publishing a meaty post week dictates that you spend less and less time on social. Social media marketing has its place but Facebook, Twitter and Google plus will find less of a place in your online campaign as you churn out more and more content through each post.

Not Dissing Social

No way! Connections are needed. But connecting should be a secondary activity after writing your blog post.

8: Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

I like to sit and watch my thoughts.

I like to sit and observe my thoughts.

I like to sit and watch the movie that is my life.

Today was a bit hectic. My life thingee.

I got into a little dust up. Felt a bit down after losing a dear furry friend – our guy Harvey, here at the ranch – and I just resisted these feelings, as if I were slamming a punching bag, fighting, forcing, pushing, and making all things harder and harder on myself. Things felt shitty. Flat out.

BUT….after a few minutes I moved on. I started writing. 2 chapters of my next eBook? Down. Article for client? Down. And, now I’ll come close to wrapping up this post, so it’ll be ready some 4 days before it goes live. Or 5 days? Either way, I’ll be ready to roll, all because I faced, embraced and released my emotions.

Life Intervenes

You can’t duck life. You can’t duck hectic situations. Pets – that you’re watching – dying, fights, humans being humans, your blog is down….and mine was down for a while this morning….and 14,398 other things may happen during the normal course of the day. This is life. Can’t avoid it. But you can flow smoothly, like water, with the current. I may have bitched and moaned like a baby fat head this morning yet at the end of the day, I’ll have my writing done, and this 7,000 word post will be close to complete. Not bad.

I’ll also have client articles done and 2 chapters of my eBook down pat. Down cold. Damn, I’m churning that content out at a sick pace. Why? I don’t allow life to rule me. I rule my life, no matter what happens, and meditating is the one tool I look toward to rule my life.

What Does Meditating Do for Bloggers?

Meditating helps you face, embrace and release your emotions, to keep you centered in this moment.

For example, many struggling bloggers who piddle in their pants when I throw around the 7,000 word post number are generally bitched slapped around by some idea of writer’s block. Said crowd clings to the idea. Some do not bother to face it; hiding away, little kiddies. Some never embrace it, not hugging the crappy energies, the frustration, of feeling as if you have writer’s blog, and some never release this idea. If you cling to the idea, you own it. Owning an idea means the idea pops up again and again in your experience. Not good.

Me on Skull Island.
Me on Skull Island.

Meditating inspires you to face, embrace and release any feeling that you can’t publish a 7,000 word blog post weekly, so, you can publish a 7,000 word blog post weekly. Or, meditating helps you keep your cool – after losing your cool – so that you don’t chalk up not writing to having a shitty day. I had a shitty day for a few minutes then turned things around by facing, embracing and releasing my shitty feelings. Meditating is the tool which promoted this shift.

Practical Tips

Sit for 30 minutes daily. Start at 5 minutes each day. I expect you not to have the discipline of an immolating monk. This bit takes practice.

Focus on your breath. When your attention drifts, note the object of your attention, whether a feeling, thought, dream or whatever. Move your attention slowly and firmly back to your breathing. Continue this practice for your entire meditation.

Sit in a quiet spot, relax your body and get to meditating!

9: Write Longer Paragraphs

No, just because the genius bloggers at CopyBlogger write 1 sentence paragraphs doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Nope. Write 3 or 4 line paragraphs, or maybe….gasp….5 line paragraphs! You can do it. I can still scan your work. Just don’t go overboard.

I’ve found it infinitely easier to churn out 6,000 to 10,000 words or more daily between my posts, eBooks, client articles and comments if I write longer paragraphs. Just no run ons. OK?

Make posts easy to scan. Nothing is more agitating than reading a paragraph that’s so long, that you need to take a nap just to get through it. I myself like cutting paragraphs short at 5 or 6 lines tops, depending on the flow of the blog post.

As for 7,000 word blog posts you’ll need to get hyper creative. Mental blocks WILL arise, as will objections to writing. In these moments it sure helps to write from a place of flow, instead of chopping up your flow by starting new paragraphs every few lines.

Enter the longer paragraph. I know not if it feels like less effort or if I just enjoy writing without interruption but creating longer paragraphs just makes it easier to write more words in less time. If any of you knows of studies explaining why, please be my guest. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Bonus Tip

I spent the past 20 minutes of my day, wasting they day. I gave my energy to a negative situation instead of ignoring it. Time is precious. Really precious. Although we are human and apt to muck up we also know our free will dictates one thing: we choose how to spend our time.

I can’t get back that 20 minutes. I’d have finished this post 15 minutes ago if I didn’t get caught up in the negative situation. That’s the truth. Naturally, I was a pit perturbed when I sat down to my laptop; could have avoided it, by ignoring it, and I’d have used my time effectively. Oh well.

The bonus tip is: watch your negative moments to make them moments, instead of hours, or days, or weeks. Most bloggers never publish anything longer than a 1,000 word post because life bitch slaps them around, and people seem to knock them off track, and this nightmare happens, as does that nightmare.

You choose how to perceive what you’re experiencing. Either you fight your resistance, and it grows, and you’ll keep delaying the blog post, or you won’t, and you’ll let go, and you’ll publish the blog post. Or at least you’ll get the post done much more quickly, because you won’t be wasting time.

This one gets easier with deeper meditation, and with more mental homework, and with diligent observation of your thoughts and feelings, but it is not easy at first. Changing your thoughts, your feelings and your vibe at will feels hellishly uncomfortable, difficult, and flat out impossible in the beginning. I get it. In the end though, if you are more and more driven by purpose and if you clarity your intent, the world is your oyster.

No matter what people think, say or do, in response to you being a blogging machine, folks will not understand you. People will think that you should be doing something different, or that you should:

  • take it easy
  • relax
  • life live a little bit, by taking your foot off of the pedal
  • stop doing what you’re doing because it’s hurting them
  • stop doing what you’re doing because it will subject you to criticism

The great ones move on, embracing all the negativity, and letting it go. The average and mediocre turn tail, and sprint, regressing, like a puppy with its tail between its legs, because they’d much rather submit to life’s trials and tribulations instead of trudging forward to publish the 7,000 word blog post, no matter what.

Kiddies, this isn’t always a picnic. BUT…’ll never feel more free and you’ll never free more folks until you really dive in, commit to creating weekly resources and then, in the end, goodness gracious will it all be worth it.

Again, I can feel you, if you are intimidated by this number or if other bloggers, or hell, anybody, says you’re making a mistake by aiming so high. People will tell you it’s quality, not quantity. Others will share their deeply held limiting beliefs with you, almost bragging how they could never accomplish this feat. A small selection of folks will tell you to carry on, to do what you’re doing. Hang with these folks.

They will guide you through the toughest times, the darkest nights, the most challenging, heartbreaking, and difficult ordeals.

Oh wait a second….I actually got a little serious there… apologies!

I meant to say: slowly cook your critics in a steaming hot cauldron of stew, serve them to orgres, and be done with them. Then, you can move forward being supported by legions of loving folks, who will help you, and support you through your negative moments, so you can head onward and upward through any dogged resistance.

Your Turn

How do you write longer, more in-depth, meaty blog posts?

What tips can you add to this list?

Have you ever written a 7,000 word blog post? Why? Why not? How many times, if you created such a post?

What’s the longest blog post you’ve ever written?

What other questions do you have for me?

Why is the sky blue?

Call to Action

Hehehehe….the eBook machine is at it again. By the time this post goes live I should have 17 products in the Blogging from Paradise library. Feature post coming soon.

Where's Ryan's latest Blogging from Paradise eBook? AHA! On Amazon....
Where’s Ryan’s latest Blogging from Paradise eBook? AHA! On Amazon….

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Or so my minions say.

Benefits of Buying my Ebooks

  • you’ll look smart
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  • minstrels will write songs speaking of your conquests
  • pre pubescent boys may or may not grow hair on their chests after buying and reading my eBooks
  • I’ve been told my eBooks are super easy to read, great light reading, for blogging tips/digital nomad themed eBooks
  • each eBook is long enough to make a serious impact, and to solve your problems, and short enough to not be a boring, drone, heavy, leaden read
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  • you can buy 5 eBooks for like 15 bucks (subliminal programming, you are the object of)
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Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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  1. Yep Sara; I have changed my strategy over the past few years. Now I write until I am done. Usually this means 1000 words or so. But 1-2 times weekly it is a few hundred words and a video or podcast. Thanks much my friend.

  2. SaraBeth Says:

    Oh, gosh. The longest post I have is roughly 5,000 words. It’s definitely not as interesting to read as this one. Learning to add my stories to my writing inspired by you. 😉
    Sweet how Kelli also commented. I’ve never read her blog so about to do that.

    One thing that changed the way I calculate my word count is to view ALL writing as writing. In the past, I never counted comments, social posts, emails, client work, articles, etc. into my daily word count. It helps to see that I do reach my goal more often than I give myself credit for.

    Donna Merrill doesn’t count words – something I find comfort in. Also, Seth Godin, pretty famous guy, rarely goes beyond 300 words.

    What Donna and Seth have in common is they write until the point is made. Period. Loving that.

    P.S. I’m taking your visualization thing to heart. I’m now going to find pictures of the place I want to live, along with the cottage, and people I was to share space-time with.

    I’ll keep this near me – on my wall near my laptop. If seeing you and Kelli in paradise makes me smile, I’m sure visualizing myself where I want to be (with the people I want to be with) will make me smile too.

  3. Thanks Ben!

  4. Ben Drake Says:

    Ryan A classic,
    Just love Your humor within Your blog posts, normally for blog posts that long I will break them up into a number of posts, go for around a page and then break such up. That way its keeping the readers attention span.

    Yet its been lovely to finally find own muse again start writing more, to enjoy what write too. Thanks for Your awesome post,

  5. Hi Jens, testing really is the way to go. Also, honoring your intuitive nudges, because some folks are more designed to write the short sweet ones 😉

  6. Hey Ryan,

    I must admit to you that usually I don’t read long posts. It’s probably because I don’t feel that I have the time to do it. I am usually looking for short advice, straight to the point. But, I read books and spend at least one hour a day reading a business book or fiction, so I guess I could do something about how I’m reading blogs as well.

    Your long posts are a bit different. It might be the way you write or because you always have some interesting story about your traveling, not sure why, but I like what you write.

    Most of my posts are between 500 and 600 words, but I have been thinking of testing some really long posts as well. I keep writing every day, but most of what I write don’t get published on my blog (I’m keeping it for a book I’m writing, and some of the things I write is just because I like to be creative and free my mind of things I’m thinking of).

  7. Jorund, I love the idea of writing in bulk, a bit at a time 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this post. It was just what I needed to start believing in myself and that not limiting yourself when you really want to talk about what you want to talk about is the right way to go!

    7000 words is such a lofty goal that you just can’t not be inspired by the sheer audacity of writing it! I feel like finally I can allow myself to flow my personality into my writing knowing ‘I have been given permission’ to write for as long as I want (which 7000 words kind of resembles) in one single blog post.

    I always had problems with writing about the solution to some problem I’ve conquered in my life when I had to bulk it down into several blog posts. I lose the red thread. Not anymore, like you’ve so gracefully showed me here that I can write it all in one go, comprehensively and with personal flair.

    Thank you so much, again.
    Kind regards,

  9. Donna, you have been led by your intuition for so long, and are doing SO well! Keep on keeping on with that 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Hi Ryan,

    Would you believe I never used a word count? He He…I just write my blog post. Sometimes it is longer than others, but it all depends on the subject.

    I don’t think I ever wrote a post long as you do, but I may try it and see how my readers react. I do like your style because you are always sharing an adventure from Paradise, give us good information to use, and of course, sell your books. (which are awesome)

    These days I’m writing more emails to various lists by mixing up story telling, emotion, logic…well you know the deal lol. Plus, getting ready for a launch which is very time consuming.

    Meditating…You bet! If we don’t take the time to do that in some shape or form, our minds get so cluttered, it is like brain freeze. So yes, I do take time every day to go to my favorite place…the beach and just listen to the waves and meditate. Even in the winter….I’ll sit in the car with the window cracked open and face the sun. Other times, I meditate in the middle of the day in a closed room with no distractions.

    I also take at least two hours a day to read and learn. I’m addicted to that. I can’t read fluff..only marketing and self help books.

    So I just might give a long post a try!


  11. Tonmoy, yep, some folks will love 7 K and some don’t. I do, and all my readers do 😉 Thanks for sharing and see you soon!

  12. TonmoyParves Says:

    Hello Ryan, Thanks for your complete guideline. But to be honest, I don’t know will people read the whole article as well 7000 Words? Do you think that? As well i just read your whole article and it takes around more than 3 hours for me, and Do you think i can read a whole TEXT BOOK while these times. So, Do you think people love to read 7000 Words for article? But, i can tell you that It’s good for SEO and Google Ranking. You can get 1st Rank with 7000 words Article without any kinds of Back-links and any Social media shares. But, should Bloggers only write for Google Ranking ? And i have read a lot’s of E-books and many of them are with less than 5000 words.

    So, would please love to discuss with this point ?


  13. Lisa, those stories are great adds and can boost your word count. Thanks so much, and you too!

  14. Thanks Lux, and Happy Easter!

  15. Lux Ganzon Says:

    7,000 words sounds too much but I take your word for it, Ryan. You make it sound so easy all the time. 😀

    Happy Easter, man!

  16. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Ryan, I must tell you – I do not normally like long blog posts but yours keeps me interested and not bored as others would. You write so refreshing that I would have never known this was a 7000+ blog post!
    I think if I added in more stories to mine it would help. I don’t always get over 1,000 words per post and I did one or two with 2,000 or more.
    I think I focus too much on the social media at times and will try to do less there and see if I can write more.
    Thanks for sharing your tips with us! Have a great day there at the island.

  17. Kimsea, great to see you! You’re doing great; I see the quality of your writing improving a great deal. This means you’re writing a ton. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  18. Haha Claire, I sometimes imbibe with banana shakes when I should be writing lol….thanks for commenting!

  19. Claire Says:

    Oh my gosh Ryan, just reading your blog posts make me tired!

    It’s great that you put so much time and energy into them when you could be sipping that glorious alcohol stuff in a hammock – you are better than me!!

    Looking forward to the next one! 🙂


  20. Kimsea Sok Says:

    Ryan, a long never on your blog. How are you doing..? I know you are doing well because I found another awesome blog post here.

    Well, I was a bit busy thus I quite offline almost a week. I went to my brother’s farm and enjoy over there.

    Actually, I wrote a post about blog marketing and it will publish on 14th this month.

    Honestly, this is really interesting tips about blogging and writing. You know..? The quality content is really important for blogging.

    According 2015 learning, I found readers are interesting on deeply discussion go from at least 1500 words plus.

    I would admit I am doing not well with writing since the long length article make big mistake to me. However, I am striving my best to make it better.

    I always try to focus on over 1500 words plus article length. You know..? Last month, I wrote an article with 5000 words but I am not so happy with since it have some mistakes and free grammar errors.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your tips. I really love this.

  21. If a person is not impatient, they will read the whole thing Ashvin 😉

  22. Thanks Megan!

  23. Megan Cooper Says:

    I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the length of this post but I seriously had to skim to the main points (thanks for the subheadings 🙂 ) as it’s just a bit too lengthy. I recently read how an idea length of a blog post is about 1,200 words and anything more works for an ebook. Your books are great, btw. Your tips here will definitely help me in writing my own books as well. You do always post some great stuff. Thanks for that 🙂

  24. Ashvin Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    A long post that is well-written and full of value is really useful to attract readers. Many people will say that someone won’t read the whole thing and that’s true, but different parts will appeal and be helpful for different people. And that can be said about a shorter post too.

    Thank for sharing such a fantastic post.

  25. Reinardt, the clarity note is a perfect add. More of my readers are clearer, and have more time, as I become clearer. Super comment and will do. Thanks much!

  26. 2K is still great Tom; keep up the great work!

  27. SUPER add Lorraine! Find that sweet spot, and the words flow with ease. Thanks, and hope things are warming up a bit for you 😉

  28. Good to see you again Dr. Diana!

  29. When it comes to beach vs 7 K posts, ya gotta go with the beach Mary 🙂

  30. Cool dude!

  31. Mary Says:

    Amazing tips Ryan. I never post articles that long. I worry that people won’t read through it all anyway. What are the benefits do you think? Truly want your perspective. Best thing would be to give it a try I suppose. But how do I let go of those beach going duties?? 😉

  32. Rob Says:

    Well I made it to 4.7k words in the end – at least there’s a 7 in it! 😉

    I’ll probably update and extend it in future anyway to keep it fresh.

  33. After a long time, I have visited your blog again. Its really good to read something different on your blog. Blogging is a game of words. If you’re providing a great content to your readers then you’ll get success otherwise you know :P…

    But I appreciate your work..

    ~Dr. Diana

  34. Ryan, finding the optimal time to write is really important to a lot of people. They just don’t know when their BEST TIME to write IS.

    I learned that I have two. First of all, when I turn on my laptop. Why? Because my fingers are ready to do the typing without making typos and spending half my time hitting the backspace key.

    Second, at night, when it’s really quiet and I don’t have to work so hard to block out noisy distractions.

    I also wanted to add that meditation and visualization is important, too. Like you said, it helps you think. It also organizes your thoughts so that when you write, you can present them more coherently.

    Plus, visualization serves to help make your dreams come true!

    All of them!

    Now, I’m going to Tweet your post from snowy Thunder Bay. LOL

    It’s true – it snowed today. I’m so jealous of you living in Bali right now. 😉

    But I’m with my family, so I’m not THAT jealous. 🙂

    Talk soon,
    Lorraine from Wording Well, where I help regular people become authors like you.

  35. Tom Says:

    I’m really impressed Ryan. 7000!?!

    I’ve been trying to write 2000 word blogs twice a month. 7000 is a Challenge but possible with your tips provided.


  36. Reinardt Says:

    Hey Ryan

    A good read with some valuable information most of us need to be reminded about, time eaters! Again, I second Kelli’s comment, well said!

    My personal opinion about the length of blog posts, e-books or whatever anyone writes about will maybe also come down to personality type, just taking myself as example: I want short to the point information when I Google something, this leads to me also writing like this.

    I understand this type of writing may attract the reader who is a passerby just gobbling information and moving on to the next website, but hell that is how I have been on the internet since forever. But, since meeting you, I have started reading longer posts and actually commenting on them. I suppose becoming clearer on what one do, may give more free time to read lengthier posts and maybe even write longer ones.

    Keep up the good work, and keep the info coming!

  37. Rob, 4K is nothing to sneeze at! Go for it!

  38. Thank YOU Jeremy!

  39. Social media can be a killer Harleena! I spend a bit of time there, then exit stage left lol….thanks for sharing!

  40. Renard, that stunt may just land you in Bali 😉

  41. Hi Corinne, I’m weird, I work in reverse. I do what feels good to me – writing long posts – and my audience finds me. Unorthodox for sure 😉 Thanks!

  42. Tiffany thanks for reading and commenting 😉

  43. Setting the fixed number becomes so much easier George, to get your writing in. Thanks!

  44. Hi Ryan,
    I think the thing with writing these really long posts is that you gotta know your audience as a whole. Each blog or niche has it’s own audience with a distinct personality. Not every group of people are going to want to read a 7,000 word post.

    BUT! What I love about your post is that the advice works well regardless. Want to be more productive? Write 1,000 words a day. If that’s part of one large post, one post itself or 2 shorter posts, whatever. You just got shit done!

    And yes social media is a time suck! I like to turn off my Internet while I write. Like completely disable it. I just don’t have the willpower to completely ignore it for set amounts of time without doing so. I know, it’s sad isn’t it?

  45. [ Smiles ] Ryan, I think that you can getaway with that, because your readers expect a very large word-count from you.

    Honestly, I am afraid of losing my readers by pulling a stunt of doing a 7000 word post.

    I can write long posts, but I do get a little jittery when I am somewhere around 1200 words.

    I would say that the perfect length would be 2000 words.

    And, yes, Google loves very long and in-depth posts; I have tried it it the past and I have to admit that it works.

  46. Hi Ryan,

    Just don’t know how you do it dear friend, but you do amaze a LOT of us 🙂

    Let me add, that even Kelli is no less…lol…I guess the both of you must’ve chalked out a schedule to write, and perhaps together is more fun! You are right – there are never any set rules one needs to follow, just do what suits you, I would say.

    I agree about the social media part – more you are on it, more sucked in you get, so do your work, and move away! Writing is never a problem with me, but now with the active ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community) and more members joining in, my visits to their blogs keeps me from a lot of other things I’d like to do. But I guess if not us, who encourages the newbies.

    Also, if I have to research and write a post, which most of my posts are in a way, they take me time, right from the research to the apt image, quote, linking and all the things that go with it, till we hit PUBLISH! Lol…no, I don’t write longer than 3k words, as I keep my readers in mind, though I can – you know me 😉

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  47. I like the idea of publishing a fixed number of words daily. I usually write 500-1000 words per day.
    I also think that we all should figure out the best time to write. For me it’s afternoon, but we all have to know ourselves and be honest about it.

  48. travelFREAK Says:

    Such a comprehensive post! A fantastic resource for all bloggers! Thank you, Ryan!

  49. Oh man, I was just getting ready to publish a new 4000 word post about marketing automation and then this article popped up in my feed reader and now I gotta up my game again before hitting publish!

    Just another 3000 words to go..

  50. Tiffany Says:

    I dig the confidence you write these posts with. Thanks.

  51. Yep KC, stepping things up is where it’s at. Not by force of course, but by using power to create more value for you and your audience. Thanks for commenting!

  52. Max, you’re doing AWESOME with the 2 K words buddy. I’d keep doing what you’re doing. This one’s for folks who really feel the urge for more long form content. Thanks so much for sharing and reading!

  53. maxwell ivey Says:

    Hi Ryan; just finished my post for this week and like always was surprised to check the word count and find I had written a little over 2000 words again. I tell you I start out to write a short post and hardly ever manage it. but yes the idea of having to write a 7000 word post every week is a bit daunting. I’m not going to call it scary or say there is any fear of tossing my cookies; but it is a very high bar my friend. I agree with your comment about meditation. I find that I can write much better if i take a topic and carry it around with me for a while. I like to think about it while petting my crazy dog penny taking a hot shower, or getting in my exercise. i recognized your reading material as one of the dave robasho mysteries or cop novels. and i told one of my subscribers today that too often people pick up self help when what they really need is a good story. Last week i had some trouble with my email client on my mac so wasn’t getting a lot of my messages. instead of worrying about it i took some of that time and emptied out my digital book player. 🙂 well thanks again for a great post. will have to challenge myself to write more. and maybe thinking of the people i will help will get me over th thump as far as starting my next ebook or turning my current one into a video series. take care now, max

  54. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    I really enjoyed reading this, and even though I witness you at work all the time, this gave me a really good idea of what is going on in that head of yours and how you actually do what you do.

    Like you said, you are creating a resource, not just any old post to throw up at the regularly scheduled time.

    I tend to write longer posts, about 2,000 to 2,500 words so not that long. I know lot of people will argue that a post doesn’t need to be as long to be valuable, and that is certainly true.

    Depending on the topic and the skill of the writer, a shorter post can certainly pack a punch. But, many I see are just generic and really not that helpful.

    A long post that is well-written and full of value–you can’t ever go wrong there. Many people will say that someone won’t read the whole thing and that’s true, but different parts will appeal and be helpful for different people. And that can be said about a shorter post too.

    I hope people here don’t miss the true point of what you are trying to convey here, which is to help people step up their content game and write more valuable stuff, not just writing a long post for the sake of it, or making it a certain number of words.

  55. Do you have tips to add to this list?

    How do you write your blog posts?