How to Write a Top Rated eBook

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How to Find Your Writing Voice


(Updated 7/12/2021)


Do you feel too intimated to write an eBook?


Self-publishing a top rated eBook on may seem impossible if you shudder at the prospect of writing the thing.


How to Find Your Writing Voice registered a collective 4.8 star rating over 59 reviews. At one point this was the top-rated Kindle for its category.


Scoring favorable reviews is not easy but nor is this an impossible task. Readers publish positive reviews in response to authors who hit the mark. Hitting the mark means doing a few things persistently to connect deeply with your audience.


Benefits of Writing a Top-Rated eBook


Writing a top-rated eBook boosts income, increases exposure and empowers people. Word of mouth marketing tends to sway prospective buyers. Receiving positive reviews serves as cyber word of mouth marketing for your eBooks. In essence, a high volume of stellar reviews sells your eBook for you. People usually follow the herd. Reading a few glowing reviews registers a trigger buy for more than a few targeted individuals.


Dwell on the benefits of nabbing positive reviews to overcome doubts related to writing eBooks. Self-published authors suffer from writing-related doubts sometimes. Successful authors face doubts to gain ample confidence. Confident authors write eBooks that tend to generate a healthy amount of 4-star and 5-star reviews.


Follow these tips to write a top-rated eBook.


1: Pick a Popular Topic


Every author wants to – or wanted to – find their writing voice. Every bloggers desires – or desired – the same.


Authors and bloggers desired to find their writing voice through the eBook noted above. Popular topics sport best-seller and highly-rated potential. Tap into mass appeal. Scour popular topics related to your blogging niche. Write and self-publish eBooks related to popular topics to boost positive reviews.


Ryan Biddulph, Ortahisar, Cappadocia, Turkey

Ortahisar, Cappadocia, Turkey


Listen to your readers. Tune into topics people seek. Ask them to share their problems with you. Pay close attention to comments readers publish on your blog. Be vigilant in spotting your community’s pain points. Highly-rated eBooks draw a high number of positive reviews by correlating with the high number of people keenly interested in the topic.


Hitting the mark organically creates a high number of sensational reviews. Most authors struggle horribly to gain any positive reviews for ignoring popular topics. Do not write about what you want to write about. Offer eBooks readers want you to write.


Lay the foundation for a popular, top-rated read.


Practical Tips


  • poll your readers
  • ask them to share their biggest problems
  • reach out to loyal readers via email or social media
  • pay close attention to comments readers publish on your blog
  • observe topics pro bloggers in your niche blog about


2: Write Clearly and Keep it Positive


Einstein said you know not a topic unless you can explain it to a 5 year old.


Follow his wisdom to write a high-rated eBook.


Write clearly to communicate your topic effectively. Draw positive reviews by making it easy for readers to understand your eBook.


Simplifying your eBook goads readers to publish positive reviews.


Write daily offline to both find your voice and to come across in simple, powerful style. If the masses understand the read easily you position yourself to write a top-rated eBook.


Self-publish a high energy eBook to empower readers. Inspire people to receive positive eBook reviews.


Reviewing the eBook above reveals an uplifting read designed to allow authors to write in their authentic voice. Writers struggle to get comfortable with their genuine writing voice. Reading the eBook gives you permission to write how you write. Readers enjoyed the positive subject matter to the tune of a collective 4.8 star review.


Ubud, Bali.


Keep it positive to self-publish a winner.


The Most Important Tip




Practice writing 1000 words or more daily offline to become a clear, confident writer. Readers publish positive reviews in response to skilled authors who write clearly. Develop your #1 tool in your self-publishing arsenal. Practice writing daily. Pay your dues.


Skilled writers establish the foundation for writing a top-rated eBook. Unskilled writers will never write a top-rated eBook. However, being a skilled author varies in terms of your writing voice. I am by no means a polished writer but self-published a top-rated eBook. But I am a confident writer because I practiced writing millions of words spanning 13 years.


Write daily to believe in your writing. Convey your message with clarity to impress readers favorably.


3: Share the eBook with Your Blogging Tribe


Top bloggers tell you that building tribes is key, right?


Here’s why; your tribe helps make your helpful read a top-rated read.


Share your eBook with your tribe to:


  • increase downloads
  • gain exposure
  • boost positive reviews


Build your blogging tribe now. Do not wait to build a tribe until after self-publishing your eBook because it’ll be too late.


Now is the time to help fellow bloggers without expecting anything in return. Comment genuinely on blogs related to your niche. Promote fellow niche bloggers on your blog and through social media. Read and reply to all reader comments on your blog.


Patiently build your blogging tribe. Launch your eBook to a large, loyal group of readers who favorably review your read. Increase positive reviews to self-publish a top-rated eBook.


Selling eBooks to people who love what you do makes it easy to gain traction review-wise. Stop manipulating strangers to offer positive reviews. Cease wasting time trying to convert strangers to rabidly loyal fans. Build your tribe. Attract fans. Fans seamlessly position you to self-publish a top-rated read.


Asking my tribe to post positive reviews via personal emails seems to be a prime factor in self-publishing a top-rated eBook. I patiently emailed Blogging From Paradise tribe members who gladly published 40 plus 4-star and 5-star reviews. Our tribe made this happen. I only wrote an eBook you asked me to write through your feedback. After self-publishing the eBook you flooded a digital storefront with positive reviews. I asked you to review the read if you enjoyed it and you generously helped me.


Jungle in Bribri, Costa Rica

Bribri, Costa Rica


See top-rated eBooks as being team ventures. Grow your tribe to make it easier to generate a high volume of glowing reviews.


Practical Ideas


  • publish a blog post to launch your eBook
  • email the eBook launch post to your list
  • share the blog post via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • spend 3-5 days sending private, personalized emails to loyal readers asking for reviews




This video explains how to build a loyal blogging community the right way.


How to Build a Rabidly Loyal Blog Community



4: Do Not Take 1 Star Reviews to Heart


Following the prior steps helps you generate a steady number of positive reviews.


However, every popular eBook attracts critical reviewers. Expect to see a few 1 star reviews because scared people sometimes attempt to project their fears onto you through critical feedback. People see the world as people see themselves. Embrace this mirror effect level of thought to release negative reviews with poise.


Do not take negative reviews personally. Authors struggle to gain positive review momentum by giving too much attention and energy to critics. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Focusing on critics draws criticism to you. Concentrating on fans draws more fans to you.


Gain positive review momentum by focusing on fans while starving haters.


I initially noted a muted response to How to Find Your Writing Voice. A few readers published positive reviews but a negative reviewer tossed a barb my way via critical feedback. Instead of scrambling into a cyber cave, hiding from negative vibes, I saw the criticism as the thoughts and feelings of someone suffering pain at the time.


My intuition told me to reach out to people who loved my work versus getting stuck on an unclear person living through the prism of fear. Positive, 5-star reviews flowed in until the eBook became a top-rated read but only after I did not take the negative review to heart.


Concentrate on the community who loves your work versus the few unclear folks who project their fear onto you via negative reviews.


Field Constructive Feedback


Ignoring nasty reviewers does not mean tuning out constructive feedback.


North Island, New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand


Listen closely to reviewers who offer criticism to build you up versus tearing you down. Pay particularly close attention to honest suggestions reviewers offer tactfully. Most people offer gems to improve your eBook. Do not tune these people out because your ego fears to hand the reigns to someone else.


Read helpful criticism masked in less than complimentary reviews but completely ignore haters intent on tearing you down. Top-rated eBooks attract a wide range of reviews. Focus heavily on appreciating positive reviews but field negative feedback packaged in mindful wrapping to self-publish popular eBooks.




Be positive. Empower people. Practice your writing to become a confident author.


Solve reader problems. Do not take negative reviews personally.


Position yourself to write a top-rated eBook.


Focus heavily on your readers. Give them what they want. Generating positive reviews seems to be the product of making readers happy by solving their specific problems.


Be generous, patient and persistent. No authors self-publish top-rated eBooks with little effort.


Develop your writing and tribe-building skills to lay a strong foundation for launching a popular eBook

  1. Charles Freeland says:
    at 11:22 am

    Good advice, Ryan! Especially about dealing with negativity. It reminded me of something from last night at my regular job:

    Someone complimented my motorcycle jacket, and two other people instantly groaned and started saying “stop! Don’t feed his ego! Please don’t!” It was all in jest, of course, we’re friends. However, I realized these two people often do similar things when someone pays me a compliment and it stems from their own insecurities, they need to bring me down to hold themselves up, even if its jokingly.

    Knowing how to spot and handle that kind of stuff in real life is critical, and I’m sure it will help me when I finally do publish and see the negative reviews.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:37 pm

      Hi Charles,

      What an astute observation you made. The seemingly subtle stuff that most take as joking may be somewhat good-natured but the envious undercurrents definitely reflect a lack of self-esteem, insecurities and a general fear-based self-image. What would it take for them to say, “Nice jacket,” right? But people whose minds feel dominated by fear project it outward through their behavior. You handling the low vibes in organic, seamless fashion show how far along you are. Well done buddy!

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