How to Write a Blog Post that Your Readers Love

  July 29, 2022 blogging tips πŸ•‘ 6 minutes read
Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


(Updated 7/29/2022)


Chatting with bloggers recently, I see some doubt surrounding the post writing process.


Writer’s block assails many bloggers.


Most bloggers worry if readers will like their content or not.


Let’s lay out tips for writing blog posts your readers will enjoy.


Writing posts readers love draws return visitors to your blog. Possibilities multiply from that point. Loyal readers become brand advocates. Brand advocates spread your blogging world diligently. Everything changes the moment you decide to appeal to reader’s needs versus winging it with your wants.


Some bloggers publish ideas that come to mind without vetting the idea to see if the post meets reader’s needs. People lose interest in bloggers who do not:


  • listen closely to readers
  • solve reader problems through blog posts
  • bond with readers by building strong relationships with their blogging community


Show love to get love. Allow this idea to dominate your mind. Show love by publishing content solely to solve readers problems. Followers gratefully reflect love back to you by loyally following your blog.


Follow these tips to write blog posts readers love.


1: Stay on Topic


Serve up a tasty blogging delight; stay on topic.


Cover your specific niche with every blog post.


Readers love getting what they expect to get. My readers love blogging tips. I serve readers blogging tips.


Spice up your blogging love affair. Stay on topic.


Resist any urge to blog about whatever comes to mind. Followers do not read your blog to observe your random musings. People follow blogs to solve their problems through expert advice.


Experts do one thing well. No expert shares random musings spanning 5, 10 or 15 disciplines. Does anyone in the offline world gain credibility in their niche by changing their expertise with the wind? If people never take this route offline you should never follow this failing path online.


Doha, Qatar


Become a specialist, not a generalist.


2: Solve Problems Suffered by Readers


I know my readers will love this post because said readers brought this problem/struggle/suffering/topic to me.


Listen to your readers. Read comments. Read emails. Pinpoint pain. Select struggles. Find fears.


Write posts to solve the pains, struggles and fears.


Show readers love and you betcha your readers will love you.


Pay close attention to comments published on your blog. Tune into complaints. Observe pain points. Each fear manifest as a comment supplies you with blog post ideas. Read comments mindfully to mine blog post ideas via reader problems.


Publish posts readers love by spotting and solving their problems.


Develop the skill of listening closely to reader needs. Most bloggers seem to be in their own heads. Most bloggers think solely about their individual needs. This does most bloggers no good; reader problems fuel successful blogging campaigns through careful solving. The blogger who blogs does not succeed by trying to solve their owne problems.


I observe reader comments on Blogging From Paradise. What pains people? What stresses folks? What issues do readers bring to me? Listening closely to readers gives me an endless flow of blog post ideas.


Pay particularly close attention to any reader issue. Solve problems by finding the resolution to the issue through your blog content.


3: Keep It Clean Formatting-Wise


Observe how Donna Merrill formats her blog posts in clean, clear fashion.


1 line. 1 line. 1 line. I feel like I am following a typewriter….read line, (insert typewriter sound), hop to next line.


I love reading Donna’s posts in part because her blog is so easy to read.


Be simple. Write short, clean sentences. Craft short paragraphs.


Add a few images for eye candy – people dig pictures – and design a clean, lean blog sidebar.


Readers love clean presentations. Lean, mean and clean blogs are often…..seen.


Trim bloat. Cut fat. Make your blog easy to read, process and use for reader benefits. Get clear in your mind to see a clearer blog. Face your fears. Release your fears. As your mind gets clear your blog design will follow.


Less is more. Adding fewer bells and whistles focuses readers more on your content.


Blog content builds successful blogging careers. Distracting readers from following your content holds back your blogging success.


What needs to remain on your blog after you firmly decide what needs to go? Do not fear engaging in a complete blog design overhaul. Most bloggers change their design after a bit not only to update their presentation for a fresh look but also to release non-essential elements.


From time to time, bloggers allow fear in mind to manifest as more blog elements without pondering the purpose of each element. Observe the average blog sidebar. Do you see how most bloggers add non-essential elements for the fear of missing out?


Review your blog for non-essentials. What have you added recently – or a long time go – that needs to go? How can you streamline your blog?


Readers love clean blog designs.


Release what needs to go to publish blog posts that readers love.


4: Make it a Party


I flew to Oman a few days after originally publishing this blog post a few years ago. Fun times.


Traveling always feels like a party to me. Happy feelings surge from within my being as I reach the airport. My blog followers love soaking up the party-vibe and my fun aura through osmosis because everyone loves a party.


My readers love when I make my blog post like a party by inviting rocking bloggers to our shindig, via links in, mentions and features. The more blogging buddies you meet and greet and serve, the greater your blogging success.


Mention fellow bloggers frequently through your blog. Supercharge your reader’s blogger outreach campaign. Multiply their success.


Meet, greet and serve heart-centered bloggers like Alonzo Pichardo, Paula MartinelliΒ and Adam Connell.


Camels, Nizwa, Oman

Nizwa, Oman


Guys; these are really good bloggers to know. Email them to introduce yourself. Read their posts. Comment on their posts and social media updates. Share their content on your blog and through social media. Your readers will love you for it.


Befriending bloggers who love your blogging generosity influences them to love your blog posts.


Engage in genuine blogger outreach to publish blog content that your readers love.


5: Keep Post Content Simple


Readers of my flagship manual often remark how they love it because it is a simple, easy to understand read that you can digest and use seamlessly.


Readers love simple to read content. Point blank; if a grade schooler can read and understand your blog post you will publish content that readers love.


Followers tend not to love complex posts presented in a difficult to digest style. Complex posts tend to repel readers. Simple posts attract readers. People just want to understand your content.


Ruthlessly hack away at your first draft if you seem to lack writing clarity. Hand your blog over to a proof reader. Or simply see yourself in the light of truth.


Park your ego at the front door. The ego hates seeing itself truthfully. But nudging your ego aside gives you a fresh perspective on reviewing your writing skills honestly.


Blogging is about having fun helping people. Writing simply gives you the ability to have more fun and help more people.


Practical Tip


Write diligently offline and online. Write 500-1,000 words daily offline in a Word doc. Trash the document. Detach from your work.


Write and publish 2-3 posts weekly.


Strip your posts of complex writing. Be simple. Be clear. Build a raving fan base and scale through a broad, simple appeal.


Writing daily for practice gives you clarity enough to create simple content. Simple content cuts to the core of what readers want. Blog followers want solutions. Publish simple content to give readers solutions seamlessly.


Wrap Up


Per usual guys, you get da reader love by being generous, genuine and clear. No fancy hacks here.


Practice your writing. Help your readers. Listen to them. Tune into their problems.


Craft posts your readers love.




Do you need help with driving traffic to your blog?


Check out this video:


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Your Turn


How do you write blog posts that readers love?


What tips can you add to this list?


Are you having a tough time publishing content that your readers love?

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 12:07 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Indeed, keeping things simple for others is a win-win. Also we need to have a clear message that is easy to read for others.
    The main message needs to be strong and we have to remember not to get off topic because sometimes that’s easy to do. (per my own editing lol).
    Thanks so much for the mention Ryan. It is greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:41 am

      Always my pleasure Donna. Keeping the message on-topic and clear are two keys to attracting happy readers to your blog.

  2. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 2:21 pm

    I think word choice affects the clarity. Yes, as writers, we love to choose different words to spice things up. But it doesn’t mean that our reader should run to a dictionary because they don’t understand half of our article because of our difficult choice of words.

    Good advice there, Ryan.

  3. Leonard Ochaf Anyam says:
    at 12:34 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I think you nailed it right there. Imagine a lengthy piece of article with “Harvard-styled” grammar. It will simply be meat for the scholars.

    Simplicity and straight to the point is the key of every great art of writing.

    Knowing your audience and structuring your contents to match their needs will pull more readers of your posts.

    Keep sharing great articles.


  4. Sabina says:
    at 10:42 am

    Not only is this really great advice, it’s also obvious that you take your own advice. I’m not sure I do everything you talk about here but probably should, especially making it a party. That is such a great concept, I love it!

  5. Sabuj Rayhan says:
    at 11:43 am

    I have a blog site I can’t blog properly. But I learned a lot from reading this post. Thanks for publishing such a post

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