How to Tweet Intelligently for Increased Blog Traffic and Profits

January 12, 2018
how to tweet for blog traffic and profits
New York City


“I don’t get Twitter. Twitter is all noise.” ~ Every Blogger at Least Once in their Career


Newsflash; if Twitter seems like noise to you, sorry to break it to ya, but you are adding to the noise.


The only folks who see noise on Twitter are those who do not put forth the time and energy to build meaningful connections through engagement and generosity.


Twitter is not noise to me. The platform is:


  • meaningful relationships
  • blog traffic
  • blogging profits
  • fun


to me.


I help people, retweet people, talk to people and act like a real human being on the platform.


Acting like how a normal human being would act offline – making friends, helping people, having fun – on Twitter turns the micro blogging platform from lame shouting platform to profitable 2 way street.


Most bloggers see Twitter as their bully pulpit, trying to use the platform and a bull horn to shove their business or content down your throat.


A few people like:



are prime examples of how to persistently engage people through generous sharing to work the social network the right way.


These folks retweet other tweeters generously, chat via the @reply button, ask questions, provide answers and use the medium to share fellow twetter’s content, to inspire people, to make friends by being of service and to improve people’s lives.


Screen Share Video


I have received awesome feedback on this screen share video I created to drive blog traffic and profits through Twitter.


Watch it if you want graphic (not like Law and Order graphic), specific, examples of what to do on Twitter and how to do it if you want to make friends, to have fun and to increase your traffic and profits on the platform.

How to Tweet Properly for Increased Blog Traffic and Profits


1: 2 Way Street


All Tweeters who see noise simply aren’t making friends by using Twitter as a 2 way street.


Share your content. Share other blogger’s content. Ask bloggers questions and provide in depth answers to help ’em out.


I thought Twitter was noise for a minute. Soon I learned that if you focus primarily on Retweeting bloggers, @replying bloggers in genuine fashion, the noise dissolves into strong friendships, blog traffic and profits.


Advertise on Blogging From Paradise


You get what you give on Twitter.


See the platform as a 2 way street. Retweet other people freely. Make friends. Observe your Twitter buddies Retweet your blog posts freely, increasing your blog traffic and profits.


2: Humanize Handles


I read Twitter user handles aka user names and in the next breath, visualize a human being on a laptop or phone, tweeting at me.



Simple practice that humanizes handles and helps you to be more generous, more engaging and more persistent.


Stop manipulating things. Begin bonding with human beings on the platform.


This powerful strategy makes Twitter fun. When you know a human being is on the other side of your follower’s handle, you enjoy sharing and engaging so much more, which leads to intelligent, persistent tweeting and increased profits over the long haul.


3: @reply Like Rye


Ryan @replies his:


  • Retweeters
  • followers
  • question askers
  • chatters




Pop in 3-4 times daily for 10 to 20 minutes at a clip.


Slowly @reply as many folks who Retweet you and engage you as humanly possible.


Monteverde Costa Rica


Talking to human beings in authentic fashion proves; you ain’t no bot. You’re human.


Human beings get along A-OK on Twitter because you will stand out from the masses, and you will also inspire friends to Retweet your tweets, to engage you and to boost your follower count through recommendations, driving your traffic and increasing your profits.


Someone just @replied me a few minutes ago about buying one of my eBooks. Generous engagement leads to blogging dough once again.


By talking to people you make friends over time, some of whom visit your blog and buy your stuff or hire you.


4: Use Lists to Save Time


Big fan of lists here as a time-saving element.


Twitter gives you the ability to set up a list of Tweeters based on a number of criteria including:


  • hashtags
  • keywords
  • new followers
  • etc


“etc” is not a criteria. So you know. I knew you were smart enough to know that, for sure. Never would insult your intelligence. I love you guys. Sometimes I may bust your chops. But only when I want to inflate the word count of…..


Anyway, I set up a “#travel” list (hashtag) and “blogging” list (keyword) by searching for those 2 terms, then building a list for each targeted group of folks I engage with, Retweet and bond with, saving my time, conserving my energy and helping me target my Twitter campaign.


Your Turn


How are you using Twitter to increase your blog traffic and profits?


What tips can you add to this list?


The eBook


Tweeters, I know how confusing this Twitter bit gets.


So I wrote this post, created the helpful screen share video and wrote an entire eBook on how to build a profitable blog through Twitter.


If you want the full enchilada buy my eBook:


How to Build a Profitable Blog through Twitter


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  1. Really Justin? That’s way cool buddy. I love Tweet Deck. I live in that sucker at 10 minute intervals, a few times daily.

  2. Justin Says:

    Great stuff Ryan – first I knew about TweetDeck, using it now! 🙂


  3. I’d only tag other folks Abhi if you Retweet them. Tag them only to give them credit for one of their tweets. Never tag them to get their attention; this is a mistake because it gets annoying when people keep tagging you yet it’s all about them, and has nothing to do with your content. Thanks for reading!

  4. Abhi Says:

    Just came across this on a google search. Great tips, and a quick question. Does it help to tag other profiles on a tweet? I dont do it often, because its a little attention-seeking, but sometimes fall to the whims.

  5. Bully Pulpit. LOVE that phrase Israel. Too many bloggers see Twitter as a Bully Pulpit but more folks use it as a 2 way street. This is where success is had; when you give and get. Thanks bro really appreciate these comments!

  6. I just finished reading one of your awesome posts titled, ‘How To Tweet Intelligently For Increased Blog Traffic and Profits’ on Blogging From Paradise. Putting forth the time and energy is truly necessary and worth it while building up more meaningful and stronger connections through social engagement and passion.

    If Twitter is not seen and used as bully pulpit as most bloggers do, it can be a great source of getting blogging profits, fun, blog traffic and meaningful relationships.

    As you mentioned in this awesome post, my affiliate marketing community trained me that acting like a real human being on Twitter such as making friends, having fun and helping other people using our strategies can really turn the micro blogging platform to a profitable 2 way street.

    I have been leveraging Twitter as a medium for social engagement which has really helped in diversifying traffic, not just as bully pulpit.

  7. Hi Ryan,

    I agree Twitter is a great platform for bloggers for engagement and traffic. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  8. So true Ron. If you chat folks up, RT them and help them, the noise vanishes. Really human friendships form. From there the sky is the limit. Thanks so much buddy 🙂

  9. Thanks Yasir. I do not have a translating app on my blog but I betcha you can find one through Google 😉

  10. Ron Tuch Says:

    Some validity to this very interesting topic of conversation Ryan! I’m still fairly new to Twitter (less than 6 months) and I used to be completely confused by it and not understand what the big deal was. Now it’s one of my favorite platforms. The funny thing is, most people I talk to about it, are equally as misled and confused as I once was.

    Great points that I can definitely get behind. It is absolutely a 2-way street and it most certainly is NOT just noise!

    Cheers man!


  11. Hello Ryan,

    I enjoy reading this have shared really working ideas to get traffic from tweet. i would like to share this article with some of my friend who are newbie like me but there is a problem with english. is there any way to translate this article in our national language.

  12. Addictive indeed Rhonda. Really digging the site for meeting folks and having loads of fun, and also for boosting blog traffic too.

  13. Linda this analogy is dead on. Love it! Thanks for the comment.

  14. I love Twitter — and follow lots of great people who always keep me in the “know.” So many people think Twitter is about standing in the middle of the room and shouting about yourself, while really, it’s about finding neat people to engage with and stories to share.

  15. Rhonda Albom Says:

    I love engaging on Twitter. I find so many incredible people and travel posts on Twitter. It’s very addictive. I enjoy spreading the word when I find great stuff.

  16. My pleasure Lisa 😉 You and Sam are 2 masters of genuine engagement. I gained inspiration from seeing you have friendly discussions with me and other Tweeters and began doing the same thing myself. Wouldn’t you know that my blogging business grew after I engaged in these chats? Twitter is awesome when you are awesome to Twitter and its Tweeters. Thanks much!

  17. Thanks so much for the shout Moss! 40K followers? Awesome-ness dude. I saw a few heavies mention Twitter being noisy a while back but if they saw noise, they either added to the noise or did not use the platform in genuine fashion. Helping people, talking to people and persisting in using Twitter to have fun, backing your actions with a loving energy, is the way to go.

  18. Great deal Sam! So happy to spread the word. I admire your authenticity and flat out persistence in doing social right. Alonzo is a gem. He has built a massive and incredibly loyal tribe over a decade online, doing things the right way. Thanks so much 🙂

  19. Sam Hurley Says:

    Hey Ryan — SUPER appreciate the mention + your kind words here, man.

    The respect is entirely mutual. You 100% know the score when it comes to social!

    When we’re talking authentic engagement — Yourself and Lisa are awesome, caring, giving, and ALWAYS there to respond. Furthermore, I just checked this out:

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on Alonzo!

    Thanks pal,
    Sam :o)

  20. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m loving this article on how to tweet intelligently for increased traffic and profile. It couldn’t having bn better.

    Infact, I have some friends on Facebook who not on Twitter, and when I asked them why, their response was that everything on Twitter happens so fast, much noise. I couldn’t believe it when personally I’ve built remarkable connections and establish long-term relationships with fellow blogger and content marketers.Grown my followers to over 40,000.

    So why would somebody say Twitter is all about noise?

    However, the other tips are amazing as well, and I’ve been using a number of them. I have also learned some new tricks for tweeting intelligently from this article, such as, making use of Twitter list. I have setup my list but actually have not been using them. I think it is time to implement your list strategy.

    Thanks for sharing Ryan!

    Bytheway, I mentioned you in my latest post here:

    Please, comment on the blog and share the article! Thanks so much in advance.

  21. HI Ryan, thank you for the shout out here. I’ve loved using Twitter for years. I got started about 9 years ago and 128,00 tweets later (Wow, time has flown!)
    I actually started slowly and ran another account for an online shop I managed. I received our biggest order via Twitter from connecting with a doctor in Texas. (I managed a medical scrub business). It made me realize the value of Twitter and how connecting with others through friendly discussions could lead to sales.
    I then used my personal account to connect to some locals during an earthquake which is rare on the East coast here. We met in person and occasionally get together for lunches, etc.
    I like it better than Facebook as it’s easier to meet people via Twitter and there are less lurkers on Twitter. People on Twitter usually like to talk 🙂
    I’m excited to see Twitter doing better in 2018 and think with the latest Facebook changes it will become even more valuable as the year goes on.
    Sam Hurley amazes me on Twitter and on all the social channels as he has so many connections and manages to stay in touch with everyone. It surely takes a lot of energy! You do the same yourself Ryan. Boundless energy!
    Thanks again and have a great new week ahead.

  22. Perfectly put Shantanu. If Twitter feels like noise, the individual is not being real, authentic and genuine. I have no issues on the platform because I chat with people, RT folks and have fun with it, making it social media. Thanks bro!

  23. Cool Divya. Do dive in and enjoy Twitter 🙂

  24. Divya Sehgal Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Reading your blog from few days and you are awesome. You have actually described best ways to bring traffic with tweet. I will follow these methods. I hope that a good result will be found.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    Divya Sehgal

  25. Hello Ryan,

    Good one over here 🙂

    Indeed Twitter is fun, it can help us to get decent amount of blog traffic, establish connection with like minded people
    and in fact I get a good amount of visitors to my blogs through twitter.
    Those who says that twitter is a noisy platform, then are not showing them self as a real person and the interaction level
    is zero. So we need to spice up the things and the way we use twitter.

    Still I am finding some new ways to increase the engagement list on Twitter. Tips like humanize handles and having list to
    save time.

    Thanks for the share.


  26. Both are awesome methods for building engagement on the platform for sure Andrea. Funny tweets with a clever angle can gain steam quickly!

  27. Bingo Aditi. Perfectly put. Twitter is not all noise when you use it with the right intent, doing smart stuff, sharing value and making friends. Thanks much buddy 🙂

  28. Cool Chris. Tweetdeck has been helpful to me. Neat tool for organizing, for tweeting effectively, for sharing value and for saving time. Thanks for buying my eBook! Enjoy your weekend.

  29. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the quick lesson on how to use Twitter. I hadn’t heard of Tweetdeck before, but now I know of it.

    I haven’t done as much as I should on Twitter but plan on using it more. I find that most of those who are following me are involved in blogging or some sort of internet marketing niche, compared to Facebook where I have a mix of my family, personal friends, acquaintances, fellow bloggers, marketers, etc.

    Like any platform, it can be very useful if done properly.

    I just looked back and I did purchase the ebook you mention here. I’ll be going through it again.

    Have a good one…….Chris

  30. Aditi Kapoor Says:

    Awesome ideas to increase engagement on Twitter! Very aptly put, Twitter is NOT all noise if you use it correctly. I am fairly new to the blogging world and social media engagements. Trying to make my mark in this world of location independence blogging world. I keep on reading to increase my knowledge about blogging. This post is really helpful to me. Bookmarking it right away. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Andrea Torti Says:

    Newsjacking and being humorous (when appropriate) are great ways to get noticed on Twitter, too – your tweets might even go viral (sort of), bringing you a lot of new followers!

  32. I left a thought.