How to Successfully Launch an eBook on Amazon (and Why this Helps Your Blog)

April 18, 2017
Me admiring a successful launch. How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging. Which has since been placed on Selz but which also netted me 30 plus 5 star reviews and ample sales on Amazon. So it counts.




You’re freaking terrified.


No clue in hell how to write an eBook. No clue in Hades how to self publish the sucker. No clue in the River Styx how to actually sell the thing. (Question; are you a demon? Or a blogger?)


I have been in your trembling shoes.


I waited 6 freaking years to write and self publish my first eBook. Fear stopped me. Namely, the fear of failure, and namely, the fear of looking like an idiot, and that time honored classic, the fear of wasting time. I was petrified. Scared. Nervous.


Like a hyperactive monkey high on crack cocaine trying to navigate an electrified fence, my emotions were all over the place.


But I eventually wrote, shipped and launched successful eBooks, out of my 124 eBooks on Amazon. I felt the unparalleled elation of slaying my salacious, stupid, silly self-publishing fears, so I could live my dreams and feel the fun of writing, of self-publishing and of inspiring other folks to live their dreams.


I want to help you bitch-slap the fear of self-publishing so you can feel the joy and exhilaration of a successful, profitable launch. So you can look in your KDP Select back office and feel the freedom and happiness and love of seeing steady sales on your first, or next, eBook release.


First things first though….


Why Self-Publish on KDP Select?


  • expose yourself to the biggest audience possible (while wearing pants and a shirt)
  • make the most money (this does not suck)
  • help as many folks as possible (most fun part of doing a Kindle launch)
  • make Jeff Bezos wealthier (you may just meet him one day and he may throw you a billion dollar bone)
  • ย enjoy this easy, simple, convenient way to launch an eBook


I do sell 2 longer form eBooks on Selz – need to charge more than the $9.99 price ceiling allowed on Amazon – but the remaining 124 are on Amazon because this Google type search engine of digital products makes ya worldwide, and, big time.


Why This eBook Bit Helps Your Blog


  • brand yourself powerfully (author bloggers stand out)
  • build your expertise/authority
  • earn passive income through your blog
  • allow your prolific, creative energies to bleed through your blog and brand, after you become a successful author


Bloggers….if you have been on the fence (unlike that monkey I hope), write and self publish your first eBook on Amazon. So many juicy benefits for author bloggers.


Example of a Successful Launch


Here ya go, one of my reads….


Buy this eBook: How to Find Your Writing Voice


Then, study it. No really, buy it now then study it after you finish reading the post.


Last I checked it floated between the #1 and #3 rated book in its category on ALL of Amazon.


Amazon stores like 435,898,087,009 eBooks. I think. No they don’t. But they sell a lotta freaking eBooks.


How to Find Your Writing Voice generated a staggering 49 5 star reviews, which is why it rates so high on the site.


If you can emulate what I did with the eBook – and a handful of other successful launches – you can emulate the rocking success I had with it, and of course, you will feel the thrill of launching a successful eBook on Amazon, plus you will experience the relief of generating passive income over a period of weeks, months and years. Which is pretty dang sweet.


Let’s dive in, shall we?


1: Write What They Want


So many readers and bloggers and online entrepreneurs I spoke to struggled to find their writing voice. Either they told me this plainly or I saw obvious signals through their blog posts. So I wrote an eBook on the topic. Captain Obvious, DUH Alert, but it is so stinking simple to launch and sell an eBook on Amazon if you write what they want.


Pain Points


Hit on pain points to launch an eBook that sells. Seems simple but we are apt to dingbatish pinings to self-publish eBooks on a jambalaya of topics.


I think they want me in Fiji. I can feel it.


I spied a few doozies focusing on niches so narrow that an anorexic amoeba could not fit through.


Address a pressing problem. A specific problem,but a problem that is common enough to folks that it’ll sell to said folks.


Pleasure Points


Life ain’t just about trying to get out of the rain. It’s about living in the sun.


I did not title and base my eBook on “How to Avoid Being a Failure Schlub Who Writes and Sounds like the Remaining 7 Billion People on Earth.” I kept it pleasurable and beneficial, topic-wise.


Address a pain point. Follow up with pleasure points. Reward readers; don’t attract masochists. Unless writing for the BDSM niche.


Short and Sweet


6,000 to 8,000 words works for me. I envision most Kindle and Smart Phone and laptop readers not spending hours on end reading, but, half hours reading.


Short and sweet works. Long form works too but I prefer to help folks on 1 topic then write another eBook.




How to Find Your Writing Voice. Don’t get simpler than that. This coming from a simpleton like myself.


Make your title appealing, simple, clear and to the point. More people will buy it and some will post 5 star reviews.


Think practical. Think beneficial. Create your eBook title based on the practical, beneficial thoughts flowing through your brain box.


To get into the nitty gritty of writing and formatting, read my post on Blogging Tips:


5 Steps to Successfully Write and Format eBooks for Amazon


2: Cover Story


Peep that cheesy grin; I snapped the selfie in Phuket, Thailand, by Rawai Bay.


I do not suggest you necessarily spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in airfare to find the optimal cover image. Just create something – or hire someone to create something – authentic, clear and real.


I found my writing voice. So my mug graces the cover. I build all eBooks around the Blogging From Paradise brand. So I add the BFP logo and an image I snapped in some tropical paradise I visited.


People do not buy based on a cover. They buy based on your clarity around a cover. So get clear on the cover you design to match the eBook title and your brand message, to launch successfully.


3: Give it Away for Free (1-5 Days)


Give away your eBook for free. From 1-5 days.


Giving this eBook away helped me net hundreds and hundreds of downloads plus 49 stellar 5 star reviews. Both create selling momentum which carries well past the initial 5 day free launch window.


Blog Post


Write and publish a blog post trumpeting your free giveaway. Get more downloads. Easy to see, right?


Email List


Email the free giveaway to your list. Boost sales.


1 to 1 Outreach


Hands down, 1 to 1 outreach via social media and email is the easiest way to skyrocket your reviews and sales, outside of building a big old targeted list.


I did mad 1 to 1 outreach on How to Find Your Writing Voice, sending personalized emails and Facebook messages to friends. My friends responded and I nabbed a ton of reviews.


Folks just respond more favorably when you take a 1 to 1, customized, personalized approach to outreach, which leads to a massive, successful launch.


Facebook Groups


Search for Facebook Groups where you can share your Kindle during the free period. Promote. Boost your downloads.


Google Plus


Various Kindle freebie giveaway eBook Communities exist. Find through search. Toss your freebie out there. Some premium price Communities exist too. Find and promote.


4: Find the Right Price Point


$1.99 to $3.99 Sweet Spot


Kindle eBook sell well in the $1.99 to $3.99 sweet spot. We are mincing things a bit. Because we are talking dollars and pennies. But if you go with 99 cents, things are a wee bit low and $4.99 seems a wee bit high.


This Tokay Gecko in the bedroom posted a 4 star review on Amazon for How to Find Your Writing Voice. Would have been a 5 star but he complained “not enough bugs”.


Go with your gut ultimately. On all these tips. But try to stay in this price range to do a successful launch of your Kindle.


5: Spin the Promotional Top


Give it a Nudge


Visualize a spinning top, turning like a Whirling Dervish. Then imagine when the momentum wanes a little bit. What do you do? Tap the top slightly in the proper direction to keep that sucka spinning.


Ditto your eBook promotion. Blitz your launchย (see the endorsements on that page? That’s blitzing) during the free period but keep promoting aggressively via social media and through your blog post free launch. Think in terms of months, not days, to do the blitz right.


Link Via Sidebar


Link to your eBook via a sidebar Amazon widget. Find that bad boy via your Associates backoffice. Different deal from your KDP Select backoffice because Amazon Associates are affiliates. Affiliate authors earn income on:


  • Amazon royalty payments on the sale
  • Amazon affiliate payments on the sale


Double dipping? Hell yeah. But this one is legal.


6: Write the Next eBook


I went bonkers on this one. Because I have written and self-published 126 eBooks.


James Altucher offers this advice: the best way to promote your book is to write the next book. I concur. Although I replaced “book” with “eBook.”


I am for squeezing as much Kindle juice as possible from 1 eBook but write the next one, while you’re at it. Abundant mindset. You can always go back and promote via spinning the top later on, doing a free giveaway or writing a post covering a topic related to the eBook, boosting sales.


Now on to You


Are you thinking of launching an eBook?


What tips can you add to this list?


Don’t be shy….we’d love to hear your thoughts.


The Very Blunt, Very Blatant Calls to Action


You’re gonna want to buy a few eBooks to follow up on this post. Only because, almost every human being I know *kinda* acts on free content via blog posts and video but most humans I know *WILL* act on premium content, in the form of thorough resources, eBooks and courses, when they actually spend money on it.


If you’re super excited/stoked to do a successful eBook launch but need direction, guidance, love, practical tips and fun, clear advice, buy:




I suggest the mindset eBook because it is incredibly important to get your mind and energy right before the launch to ensure it goes off awesomely.



If you enjoyed either read please post a review to Amazon to help us spread the word on these eBooks.


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  1. I have always admired to write and publish an eBook on Amazon, though didn’t even know that it brings some juicy benefits to author bloggers. This page has definitely removed all my fears and has strongly motivated me to move on with the writing and publishing of my first eBook.

    It’s even interesting to know that you were once in my shoes, but now have over 124 eBooks published and being picked like a hot selling product on Amazon. This is so amazing. Thanks for suggesting eBooks like ‘How To Find Your Writing Voice’ and ‘Five Steps To Successfully Write and Format eBooks for Amazon’. These are valuable resources for me as I’m preparing to publish my first eBook on Amazon.

    Thanks for pin-pointing that my writing voice will get found simply by writing what they want and for revealing that more people will buy my eBooks and some will even post 5 star reviews if my title is clear, simple, appealing and to the point.

  2. You have so many talents Elizabeth that I see why this could happen. Really though, sitting in quiet for like 30 minutes and setting an intent to pick your 1 prime passion can help you sit down and write the book. Whatever topic you pick I know the book will rock!


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m so mad at myself for still not writing my book!! I’m good at maintaining multiple blogs ( I’ve got a good and flexible publishing schedule for cranking out pillar posts) but I’ve really procrastinated when it comes to writing a book. I think because I have so many book ideas, I end up not doing any of them. I could do travel guides, marketing guides for coaches, and I’ve always wanted to write a memoir ( semi travel related memoir). Oh, I could do one on worldschooling too. Or holistic health. HA you get what I mean.

    Any tips on how to get focused on one idea and crank it into a book?

  4. That’s awesome Upasna! Definitely go with your name on the cover. You can add your brand logo if it seems to fit seamlessly. No acknowledgements necessary. At least I never use them. As for Associates, you can both create a prettier widget and earn affiliate commissions on top of the KDP royalty commissions. Getting paid twice per sale ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. upasna Says:

    Hi Ryan, a huge thanks for this post. Iโ€™m working on my first e-book. I am ready with the cover but not sure whether to include my Blog name or my own name on the cover? Any suggestions. Moreover, I am bit confused about acknowledgments page? Is it necessary?
    Can you throw some more light on using associates rather than KDP for linking with widget?

  6. Thanks Abigail and definitely go for it!


  7. Abigail Says:

    Good One! I am just new to the Blogging & Internet Marketing field – Nice to see a detailed article on Book Launch – I will definitely try this one as well in my part time.

  8. Awesome add Ugyen, thanks for that.

  9. Ugyen Dorji Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Great tips and strategies on launching ebook on amazon.
    Addition to your post, I think to spend some money on advertising/promote is also effective. Though it is risk taking action but for me, it was successful, with right keyword target, I was able to make more sales.
    Have a good day bro!

  10. Kunal, totally make that time buddy. Well worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰ No need to hire. Just write. You can self-publish for free.

    Now if you do not way to pay a freelancer nor set the time aside to write the eBook….well…LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, I know you may be as busy as heck. Start like John Grisham. Write for 5 minutes daily. Every day. No matter what. That will expand over time.


  11. Kunal Says:

    Nice article there. But the problem is I do not get enough time to write an E-book. Hiring a freelancer is bit out of my pocket. But this URL is surely going to my bookmarks and will go through it again when I can spare few hours daily to write an Ebook.

  12. I dig that idea Mark. Ebooks are fun to write, helpful tools for our readers and they can be great list growing or passive profit growers too. Thanks much.

  13. Tony thanks a bunch ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to do an interview.

    Please email me:

  14. Awesome Dan go for it! You can do it.

  15. This post does inspire me to write a book, I just can’t imagine having enough to say. Short and sweet will have to be the way to go for me. Thanks for the post, it really gives me lots to think about

  16. Tony Simmons Says:

    Really helpful information. One of the girls that we just began working with is doing her first eBook on Niche Markets Making Money on the Amazon River. I am going to refer her to this page.

    I think you have a great concept going here. Im sure you get that a lot. I wanted to see if we might be able to interview you. Please let me know.


  17. Mark Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating an ebook to promote my blog. One of my goals this year is to create an ebook for my gaming site and offer it as a free download in return of an email subscription. I think it can be a great idea. I have taken so much out of this article. Thanks a lot of this excellent write up.

    Mark, The Gaming Buff blog

  18. Buy those eBooks mentioned in the post to help your launch goes smoothly guys.

    The post is the appetizer; the eBooks and courses are the full course.


  19. My pleasure Lisa. Cool you received inspiration from that eBook. Glad you got clarity too. A little nudge or openness leads us in awesome directions.

    Excellent. Phill is a fabulous designer. So responsive and helpful. 80-20 can be challenging at times – for creators like use – but I learn more each day that if you reach out, spread your wings and promote and create on mediums outside of your blog, your reach expands exponentially.

    You’re doing a great job Lisa. Just keep at it and you’ll get clearer and clearer.


  20. Hello Ryan,

    Nice post indeed. Many bloggers like to publish their own ebooks but some them are struggling to launch it. I will share this blog post in my network so that it can helpful to those persons who want to launch ebooks but do not understand how to do it. Thanks for this article.

    Thanks & regards,

    Moumita Ghosh

  21. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for this post. I’m working on mine and was inspired by your eBook “How to create and publish a successful eBook”. I’m struggling with my Title, I was going to do edition III of my former one but I think a whole new title may be better and this post sort of clarifies that for me. Thank you!
    I also contacted your person on the cover and I will be doing that too. It’s the promotion part that scares me now. It’s takes a lot of promoting! I still can’t wrap my head around 20% of time creating content and 80% of the time promoting. I’ll get there eventually Ryan.

  22. Anthony, way cool that you have an eBook out there. Hey I have a healthy slew that are not generating many (maybe any? LOL) sales yet because I have not gotten around to promoting them at all. At least effectively. Good point on the launch; get it out there, no promotion, no worries on readers LOL. Love it. Thanks for sharing as always.


  23. Steven it is so interesting that you say that because it is *exactly* what I had in mind as I published it. I wanted to cover the basics, help people write and publish and drive sales – with the blog post link going to Blogging Tips to help with formatting – then I’m directing folks to my eBooks for the richer, longer form content. I pondered going more in depth but didn’t want to overwhelm anybody.


  24. What’s up Ryan, Thanks for sharing your experience from Hades and the River Stix to successful blogger and author of 120+ eBooks! I have authored a book on KDP and I can see the potential. I did NOT launch it, the book was really for myself and to just get it out of the way sort-of-speak. #nosales lol. But that is the difference of preparation and planning. You just can’t put a book out there and expect anyone to read it. Actually, if you are scared to death about writing a book, write one, put it out there without a launch, and no one will read it, so nothing to worry about lol. You can also use a pseudonym if that makes you feel better. Why not, JK Rowlings did for Harry Potter. #billionaire. When it comes to writing, enjoy yourself because believe it or not, the world is full of people that think just like you and will appreciate your work. The internet is a great place to find’em. Thanks Ryan!

  25. Full of exactly the basic information needed to publish an ebook on Kindle. No more no less. So often articles say nothing or have so much information that you can not use it.

  26. I left a thought.

    Actually, I just spent 20 minutes battling a wickedly beastly 10 inch Scolopendra centipede and batting it out of the house here in Chiang Mai. It’s been an average evening.