How to Succeed Online Despite Breaking 3 Rules of Blogging

August 19, 2018
How to Succeed Online Despite Breaking 3 Rules of Blogging
Savusavu, Fiji


I broke 3 largely followed blogging rules.


Yet I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Feel free to follow the rules below. But know; resistance signals you are taking the wrong path for you.


List building and SEO felt heavy to me. After little worldly success with each I let both go and my blog really took off.


But you may love list building and SEO; go for it then. I’m just sharing to help you help yourself, if you know basic blogging rules are not for you.


Rules of Blogging


Guys, I have seen bloggers struggle to attract 1 list subscriber over months despite publishing helpful content and building strong friendships. Big time signal; readers will find you easily through other channels.


If you break rules you don’t vibe with, rules you vibe with will find you. Seize and follow these rules and your blogging success grows exponentially over the long haul.


Every blogger’s path is different.


1: I Did Not Build an Email List


I recall receiving emails from bloggers imploring me I made the worst mistake of my life, not building an email list. Or something like that.


Meanwhile, I spend months in the most beautiful places on earth through pro blogging. What a mistake.


I patiently built bonds with readers by helping them, engaging them, promoting them, befriending them. I am in my reader’s hearts. No need to be in their inbox.


Sounds like a Tweet to me.


I am in my reader's hearts. No need to be in their inbox.Click To Tweet


Peak, I had hundreds on my email list. Basically nothing in the list building game. But I spent years being on people’s minds. I see my blog like or; people check it first thing in the morning. Do you need an email from to check the latest sports news? I didn’t think so. Build energetic posture, while building bonds, to see your blog in the same light.


2: I Did Not Drive Search Engine Traffic


I receive scant search engine traffic to this day. I rarely if ever focused on SEO.


How did I succeed with blogging? Old RB targeted specific readers by staying on topic, building my following. I also created oodles of helpful content and befriended other bloggers by promoting them generously and by commenting on their blogs.


Google could shut down today and I would not shit my cyber pants like many bloggers who rely heavily on Google traffic. My readers are human beings who love me because I am in their hearts, not random folks from search engines.


Create. Connect. Succeed despite gaining little or no Google Love.


3: I Cover 2 Niches


Hypocrite Alert; to this day I advise you cover 1 niche. Most bloggers cover 2 or more from fear, leading to wicked cross currents, confused readers, and failure.


BUT….I already appeared on:


  • Virgin
  • Forbes
  • Fox News
  • Entrepreneur


as a world renowned digital nomad authority. Meaning I felt clear on being a well known digital nomad. Meaning it was OK to add the travel blogging topic to my blog.


If you get fully clear – meaning void of fear aka missing out – on 2 niches, cover 2 niches. I only met a few bloggers with this clarity but hey; maybe you’re 1-2 out of 100. Who knows?


Wrapping It Up


Do not break rules simply to blaze your own trail. Just let go certain blogging rules to make room for strategies that vibe with you.


Most bloggers see themselves as being forgettable, so they build a list. I don’t. Few forget me because I am authentic. Naturally, people keep coming back because I am in their heart.


Blogging with SEO in mind felt heavy, forced and plain boring to me. I wrote for humans versus search engines. Turns out, humans buy stuff and endorse me. Search engines do not.


I broke one of my own rules – sticking to 1 niche – after noting features on world famous blogs, me being a digital nomad authority, so they say. I enjoy writing about travels and opened a tidy eBook and sponsored post and ad revenue stream through my travel posts.


Be you. Honor your path. If having fun using less orthodox strategies forces you to break conventional blogging rules….break ’em.


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