How to Score Sweet eBook Reviews

  May 26, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


(Updated 5/26/2021)


One of my eBooks generated a high number of positive reviews.




How did I do it? I’ll lay it out here for you, of course.


I only give reviews a scant thought because nabbing reviews can lead to passive promotion. 1 review can generate a little buzz. You do not need reviews to sell your eBook but a glowing endorsement may help get the eBook in more folk’s hands.


You do not NEED glowing reviews to sell eBooks. Solve people’s problems. Sell eBooks. Inspire people. Sell eBooks. Make people laugh. Sell eBooks.


Letting go the NEED for good reviews marks the starting point of this process.


1: Let Go the NEED for Positive Reviews


If I want something I buy it. I could give a shit less what folks say about it. Like hundreds of millions of other human beings who have clarity, I buy based on what feels like a smart purchase.


Let go the desperate, panicked, rabid scramble for scoring reviews. Replace with a calm, confident vibe of “I help folks and sell eBooks.”


Massive energetic shift that helped me score many 5 star reviews on my eBooks. I hit the mark. People will like it, buy it and no need for reviews to sell eBooks. Abundance mentality.


I am scanning this post years after the original self-publish date. One person posted a 4 star review, one a 3 star review and one, a 1 star review. I have no issues with reviews – or need for reviews – that seem low. Someone’s opinion of me and my eBook is none of my business and all of there business.


Admittedly, this is a sore point for most bloggers. Bloggers who self-publish eBooks believe one needs glowing reviews to sell anything. But being detached from reviews is one key step in nabbing glowing reviews. Not NEEDING something allows the something to flow to you seamlessly. NEEDING something repels that something. Consider anyone desperate or greedy; these types repel what they want because fear repels. Meanwhile, trusting, abundant-feeling authors tend to score oodles of positive reviews by not needing reviews, detaching from outcomes.


2: Create and Connect


Most of the 5 star reviews of my eBook flowed from trusted buddies. Buddies I made by creating helpful content and by promoting said buddies and by commenting on their blogs.


Most self-published authors who blog screw up by skipping this step. Desperately pitching strangers, said bloggers fail to score sweet reviews because even if the eBook or paperback rocks, desperate energy repels strangers.


Meanwhile, my blogging tribe – earned by patient creating and connecting – simply published loving reviews because said tribe loves me, my content and my generosity.


Peep this tip guys; about 70% of nabbing sweet eBook reviews rests on this tip.


Donna Merrill built a huge, loyal tribe through creating and connecting. Her tribe publishes fabulous reviews of anything she releases because she served them so diligently for so many years. Love people genuinely. People love you back.


Creating and connecting has been my #1 strategy for growing favorable eBook reviews. Most positive reviewers know me through my blog. Folks who know me through my blog met me through my creating content and connecting with pro bloggers. I helped and bonded. Blogging buddies, happy readers, satisfied customers and loving clients gladly reviewed this eBook.


3: Write a Helpful eBook Designed to Solve a Pressing Problem


Most bloggers struggle like hell to find their writing voice. Ditto for self-published authors.


Enter my eBook.


I listed simple, practical tips bloggers and authors can follow to find their writing voice. Friends and new readers vibed with the tips and bought the eBook, publishing helpful reviews.


Solve a pressing problem suffered by your readers. Be practical. Craft a simple, easy to read eBook. Increase positive reviews.


I spotted a key problem, solved the problem and happy readers suffering through the problem published positive reviews in response to the eBook. Follow this simple process to score a high volume of glowing reviews.


4: FEW


Make the eBook a Freebie.


Email friends asking for a review.


Stretch the free period to 1 Week (5 days).


FEW method.






Free giveaways boost downloads. Emailing friends boost reviews. Setting a week long time frame allows for more folks to review your eBook favorably.


Feel free to toy around with free windows. Some offer freebies for a week. Some offer freebies for 1-2 days. Experiment. Test. Be willing to give away what you know for free for the sake of exposure.


5: Do Not Get Caught Up in Reviews/Sales


I do not care if anybody reviews my eBooks. Or if someone publishes a 1 star review on my eBooks. Their pain-fear-projection that has nothing to do with me. I am clear on my eBooks. Each is genuinely me. Each hits the mark. Detachment prospers me.


Alonzo Pichardo mentions how he creates content and lets it do what it does, not worrying about stats or anything.


Take the same attitude to score sweet reviews.


6: Persistently Ask Folks to Buy and/or Review Your eBook(s)


Being detached about reviews does not mean you never ask folks for reviews.


Think abundance. Do not fear asking people to buy your eBook or to review your eBook too frequently via your blog.


For a 3-6 month stretch, end each post with a call to action to buy and/or review your eBook.


Boost sales.


Increase reviews too.


Simply asking readers to review your eBook can give you a positive boost. Humans may need goading or nudging in terms of actually writing and publishing a review. If folks dig your read they will often gladly post a 5 star review at your asking.


Wrap Up


Be clear.


Trust yourself. Trust your eBook.


I nabbed almost 50, 5 star reviews for the above eBook by knowing it is a helpful read.


Adopt the same energy to boost your glowing eBook reviews.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 6:55 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    First thank you for your wonderful mention.
    I think the most important thing to think of is to find out what people need to know. From there it is easy peasy.

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