How to Pick a WordPress Theme for Your Blog

August 22, 2018

how to pick a wordpress theme for your blog


Enstine Muki picked a clean, streamlined WordPress theme for his blog.


Picking the right theme helps you in so many ways.


How to Pick a WordPress Theme for Your Blog


Boosting your traffic, increasing blogging profits and flat out improving your credibility are a few neat side effects of using the right theme for your blog.


Many bloggers make the mistake of choosing a cheap or free theme, trying to save money but instead losing credibility with their readers. You may save money now but lose money, time and readers over the long term. This is why you never want to do anything from a cheap, stingy energy online.


Enstine chose an eye-catching, clean, clear and super quick loading theme for his blog. Going this route emits a professional brand image and also inspires his readers to trust him. Win-win scenario.


My blogging sweetlings; the tools you use play a role in your blogging success. Even if you patiently learn, practice writing, create and connect from a generous energy you slam into problems by refusing to invest money in your blog.


I explain in this video.


How to Pick a WordPress Theme for Your Blog


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