How to Make Money Blogging through Facebook Live Videos

August 24, 2018

How to Make Money Blogging through Facebook Live Videos


I love broadcasting live on Facebook.


Today I want to help you make money blogging through Facebook Live videos.


How to Make Money Blogging through Facebook Live Videos


You may be camera shy. Or believe selling via a live video is too sales-y. Or maybe you fear being exposed as a fraud in a live video setting. All these fears are what I eloquently refer to as “pure horseshit.” No fear is true or real because all fears are illusions. No need to be afraid of a camera, or a neutral energy called money, or terrified skeptics who live in their own illusory hell.


Facebook Live videos are the wave of the present and future. As technology advances and we glue ourselves to mobile devices, seeing and feeling human being bloggers being human via live video will revolutionize the blogging niche. Folks love words on a screen but will love live-video-broadcasting bloggers even more, for the genuine, heartfelt, transparent approach that humanizes their blogs and brands.


Get on board guys. This Facebook Live Broadcast train is taking off and it ain’t slowing down for scared, doubting bloggers.


Doing live videos is fun, freeing and helps your readers in intimate, genuine fashion. Plus you can make coin through the platform.


Let’s dive into the tips.


1: Solve Your Reader’s Problems


Help people for free through Facebook Live Videos. Folks dig your expertise. Folks buy what you have to offer.


Share value. Become valuable. People send you value in the form of money for products offered or service rendered.


How it Works


Each Facebook Live Video is in cyberspace, for ever. Although FB Live Broadcasts have not SEO benefits like YouTube, friends and other FB users find and watch recorded broadcasts.


I checked a video I had not seen in a year via an old blog post 5 minutes ago; 100 fresh, new views over the past year. That’s either 100 people served (some of whom buy my eBook, boosting my blogging profits) or a handful of folks viewing and reviewing the video, becoming loyal viewers, readers and yep, eBook customers.


Practical Tips for Creating Live Video


Stay on topic. Broadcast Live videos solving specific problems experienced by readers in your niche.


The broadcast length sweet spot seems to be 5-10 minutes for me, but experiment with your sweet spot. Some swear by longer videos. All about your clarity my blogging sweetrobbins.


Presentation leads to profits so practice your ass off. If afraid of a camera and a live setting, do one 5 minute video daily offline, to get comfortable in front of the camera.


2: Create Videos Persistently


Profits flow to persistent value creators guys. Video one night stands ain’t gonna cut it.


I’d do 1 Live Broadcast daily because followings grow through a daily presence on FB. Followers buy into your work, figuratively and literally.


Each Live video you record over the next 3-6 months is a content seed attached to your product or service. The more seeds out there, the more content trees germinate, expanding your reach far and wide on Facebook, increasing your digital footprint and boosting blogging profits.


3: Call Viewers to a Premium Call to Action (for Every Video)


Get clear on your premium call to action guys.


Call readers to:


  • buy your eBook
  • hire you
  • buy your online course


Calling viewers to clearly grow your business – along with linking (via step #4) – increase profits generated through Facebook Live Broadcasts. Some bloggers feel awkward, nervous or flat out highly uncomfortable calling readers to some business building action. I feel comfortable offering a valued product or service for a neutral means of exchange called money.


This step and step #4 are the money steps guys. Not because you need to call folks in this fashion, but because calling folks in such fashion unearths fears related to money so you face, feel, and clear these fears, helping increase your blogging profits.


4: Link to Your Premium Product or Service


Don’t just call viewers to grow your blogging business via a verbal note. Link to your sales page.


Linky linky, my blogging sweetlings.


Some bloggers feel highly uncomfortable linking to products or services. Feels too sales-y for a Live video on Facebook. But it is just money. Only money.


For months, I linked to my blogging eBook via every video. Sure didn’t hurt sales. Helped sales. Clarity thing.


Link to your premium offers. Get clear on making money. Feel and release fears concerning a neutral means of exchange called money.


Wrapping It Up


Go live guys!


Help your readers.


Have fun.




The eBook


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