How to Live Your Dreams: 5 Successful Blogging Tips

  April 21, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
how to live your dreams

During my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


No need to figure out how to live your dreams.


I know the way because I live my dreams.




Or blog post?


Decisions decisions. Blog post it is.


I have been napping 1-2 times daily here in Northern Thailand. Tropical birds put me to sleep. No traffic. Little signs of human, day to day living, as my neighbors move silently through the day. Just me, birds, and a lush, jungle backyard, filled with banana trees, a big mango tree, passion fruit and mulberries.


How does this sound to you? Dreamy? I thought so. We love peace and quiet in exotic locales. R and R? Yes; thank you.


Many of my readers already live their dreams. Some seek success. In both cases, living your dreams through blogging is easier than you think. Why? 2 words: focus success. Focus on success. Success expands. Simple.


Observe my blog post title. I help you live your dreams by sharing successful blogging tips. I attract dream-loving, successful folks. Dream-loving, successful folks buy my course (buy it) and hire me and promote me and endorse me, expanding my success. Plus successful folks see greater success by aligning with someone like me. Win-win. We both live our dreams.


#1; focus on success.


1: Focus on Success


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Focus on success. Focus on your dreams. Visualize your dreams. See success. Watch your blogging success expand.


2 weeks ago I chose to exclusively focus on success. I began writing success-focused blog posts. I focused on my wins. Instantly, I felt a nudge to SEO-optimize my posts. Virtually everything I wrote ranked quite quickly. Focus on success. See success.


Focus on success. Write only success-focused posts. See success expand on the way to living your dreams.


2: Count Every Blogging Win


See wins. Watch wins expand. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Do you drive 100,000 folks to your blog monthly? Count the win. Have you hit 4 figures monthly? Count the win. Feel good about the wins. Feeling good about winning allows more wins to appear on your blogging journey.


I appeared on Entrepreneur once. I count that as a blogging win. Feeling better and better about my wins allows my wins to expand. Quite simple. Easy too.


Camel I saw during my 2 month trip to Oman.


See your wins paving the path to your dream life.


3: Only Network with the Top Bloggers in Your Niche


Network with the best to become the best.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Top bloggers:


  • teach you how to live your dreams
  • inspire you to live your dreams
  • keep you focused on positive thoughts
  • give you premium products and services to accelerate your blogging success


Top bloggers show you clearly how to succeed. Follow their advice. Succeed.


Comment genuinely on top blogger blogs. Promote top bloggers. Befriend the best. Top bloggers help you succeed in many ways.


Go to the top.


Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger is a top blogger. Follow him. Prosper.


4: Invest Money in Your Blogging Success


Invest money premium resources to:


  • live your dreams
  • feel the freedom of making more money
  • feel unstoppable
  • blog with limitless passion
  • have fun blogging
  • become stunningly prolific
  • cut your blogging learning curve by years


Invest money to be free. Easy, right? Simple too.


From my trip to New Zealand.


Buy blogging resources created by successful bloggers who slay it.


5: Monetize through Multiple Channels


Open multiple streams of income knowing you are prospering now.


See money in your mind. Visualize yourself with increasing amounts of money, and it will be so.


Multiple streams of income prosper you around the clock. I prefer passive income; easier to make money blogging while you sleep.  Plus passive income fits an ideal dream life of freedom because even if you love doing coaching and consulting you crave max offline time for:


  • taking naps like me
  • watching Netflix
  • spending time with your kids
  • going to the movies
  • going out to eat with your husband


How My Today Unfolded So Far


Right now it is 11:02 AM in Thailand.


I woke up at 8 AM after a solid 9 hours of sleep. Feeling rested and peaceful, I shuffled into the kitchen to make a cup of fresh coffee. Delicious.


After spending a few minutes petting the dogs I did some light networking on Facebook. 1 live broadcast later, here I am, writing this post. I had fun online and spent significant time offline because passive income loves me.


Click the “make money blogging” link above for passive income ideas.


Hold Your Dream Seed in Your Mind


As within, so without.


Visualize your dream now. See it. Feel it. Taste it. It will be so. Know it materializes more every minute.


From one of my many trips to Thailand.


9 years ago I came across a guy on Twitter who lived in Phuket, Thailand. I visualized sitting under the palm tree in his avatar. 1 year later I was in Phuket, living my dream. 5 or more trips later – I lost track – Phuket feels like a second home to me.


Hold your dream seed in mind. Act on prospering ideas from a peaceful, chill energy. Success is yours. You are succeeding now. See it. Feel it.


Accelerate your blogging success on your way to living your dream life.


This is how to live your dreams the Blogging From Paradise way.

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