How to Keep Up with Blogging No Matter What You Face

  May 30, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
how to keep up with blogging

Bribri, Costa Rica.


(Updated 5/30/2022)


Being a persistent and consistent blogger challenges even the most determined people.


Life seems to put obstacles on your blogging path sometimes.


But following clear tips diligently makes you both persistent and consistent.


Working hard on your blog usually backfires because hard work is often fear-based. Bloggers push themselves, burn out, fail and quit for a while. Quitting bloggers lack persistence and consistency.


Patient bloggers do simple things for a long time to go pro. Patient bloggers bleed persistence and consistency naturally.


Without patience you will fail. Every professional blogger patiently builds something special over years. Developing this quality forces you outside of your comfort zone because you and I tend to be conditioned with impatience during our early years.


Look no further than the general employee mindset adopted by society. Most people get jobs mainly to get money fast. People need paychecks to cover survival basics. Everyone deserves to survive of course but what happens when you apply the same impatient mindset to blogging?


Everything backfires because bloggers never make a penny until building strong:


  • credibility
  • exposure
  • skills


over many months if not years.


During difficult blogging times you either face fear to evolve from impatience to patience or you quit blogging.


Going within to strengthen your mindset is where it all starts.


Follow these tips to keep up with blogging.


1: Strengthen Your Mental Muscle


Bloggers who blog no matter what command mind power.


East Cape, New Zealand.


Hone your mental muscle. Focus on success.


Be a mind warrior. Be a blogging big dawg.


Strengthen your mental muscle.




Go within to see; everything is in your mind. Obstacles seem real but actually are imagined in the mind. Strengthen your mind to dissolve obstacles into opportunities to help people. Generous bloggers keep blogging because nothing feels as good as being truly helpful.


Bloggers who quit embody a failure consciousness. I needed to train my mind diligently to overcome failure conscious tendencies. Time you devote to mind training is well spent since being strong-minded benefits every area of your life.


Practical Tips


  • meditate
  • visualize
  • do yin yoga
  • read and apply A Course in Miracles


Following one or more of the above practical tips strengthens your mind to help you be a patient, persistent blogger.


2: Visualize Your Dreams


Dreams power your blogging mojo.


See your dreams in vivid detail. Feel your dreams being real. Seeing and feeling the fun and freedom of your dreams manifest hardwires persistence into your mind. Know why you blog to keep blogging through thick and thin.


You will never lack for blogging persistence if you already reached the finish line in mind.


You will never lack for blogging persistence if you already reached the finish line in mind. #blogging Click To Tweet


Being a successful blogger seems easier if you have a vision. Going pro feels tougher if you blog in survival mode, being visionless and the seeming victim of circumstances. Bloggers who give up easily surrender to the fear of numbers on a screen. Bloggers who persist allow their freeing vision to pull them through any circumstance.


3: Count All Blogging Wins


Every thing brought you to now.


All circumstances are blogging wins.


Feel good about wins. Keep blogging. See more wins. Persist. See more wins. Be consistent. See more wins.


Observe blogging as a collection of building blocks laid every day. Imagine building one row of your blogging foundation today. Build the second row of your blogging foundation tomorrow. Adopting this frame of mind develops the habits of being persistent and consistent.


Savusavu, Fiji


Count every single blog visitor as a win because each visitor adds to the cumulative total of your blog traffic. Each penny boosts your blogging income. Every eBook review gives you greater exposure and brand engagement. One negative review adds greater engagement to your blog, brand and business and also targets your customers and clients. Negative people who trust negative reviews will avoid your blog, preventing future headaches for you. This allows more positive, resonant people to:


  • find your blog
  • hire you
  • purchase your premium offerings
  • publish positive reviews to increase your earnings and to boost your targeted blog traffic


Count everything as a win to keep blogging patiently.


Counting wins inspires you to keep blogging.


4: Focus on Energy Not Ambition


Mindset is everything because your experience is an out-picturing of your mind.


Focus your attention on managing your energy by strengthening your mindset. Peace, prosperity and worldly success slowly but surely follow.


Let go ambition because the more you try to reach certain:


  • traffic
  • profits
  • business


goals in the form of arbitrary numbers the less persistent and consistent you tend to me. Most bloggers who lack patience, persistence and consistency interpret numbers on a screen oddly, panic then quit. Let go ambitions. Focus on having fun helping people from a peaceful, relaxed energy. Persist by strengthening your mindset through intentional energy management.


5: Invest in Uplifting Resources


Invest in uplifting resources like blogging courses and blogging eBooks.


Circulate money on blogging resources to:


  • gain inspiration
  • learn from pros how to keep blogging; these leaders have experience in overcoming common blogging obstacles


Get the best content from top bloggers through their premium offerings. Gain blogging confidence in knowing that the strategies taught by pros work effectively. Persist by following these same strategies with clarity and posture.



Nicosia, Cyprus


Resources often remind you that pro bloggers went through tough times too. Learning how top pros faced the same struggles as you goads you to keep blogging through thick and thin. Nothing you struggle through is one bit abnormal. Not facing blogging struggles would not only be abnormal, but pretty much flat out impossible.


Blogging Gets Uncomfortable Temporarily But Easier if You Keep Going


Blogging genuinely becomes easier if you keep going because fears dissolve during temporary uncomfortable situations. Dissolving fears makes blogging easier and easier because only fear in your mind makes blogging tough, in the first place.


Nudge outside of your blogging comfort zone. Embrace fear. Proceed to make blogging easier. Being persistent feels easier as blogging becomes easier.


Practical Blogging Tips to Be Persistent and Consistent


A few ideas:


  • publish at least one post weekly to increase creative momentum which fosters persistence and consistency
  • beware trying to publish daily posts; refrain from this ambitious frequency unless posting daily feels fun since burnout and quitting usually follows
  • follow mostly top bloggers because pros teach you how to blog persistently
  • choose a single blogging niche to clarify your mind into a state of organic consistency
  • schedule blogging downtime daily to remain refreshed, energized, patient and persistent
  • reduce distractions in your blogging environment to let go negative influences dampening your persistence


Note; pushing yourself never works over the long haul. Keep blogging not by forcing yourself to blog from a fear intent but from a calm, patient, persistent and consistent intent to really keep things going.


Imagine gaining forward momentum by gradually edging yourself forward from a peaceful energy. Nothing happens quickly; if you push yourself to succeed fast you will fail just as quickly by burning out and quitting.


Slowly move forward through discomfort. Do what must be done from a relaxed vibe. Even if you feel stressed sometimes the simple act of nudging forward an inch at a time builds long term blogging success momentum.


Bloggers who quit when times get tough simply refuse to build enough momentum to carry them through difficult spots. The trick is to keep building no matter what from a peaceful energy.


In a world of bloggers who sprint forward wildly you may appear to be behind the herd for a bit. But as a blogger who has been in the game for a long time almost all bloggers who began their careers when I did have since quit. Most quit quickly. Others quit a few years down the road. A select few decided to stick with blogging for 15 years as I have.


Slow and steady wins the blogging race.


Keep moving forward patiently.


Keep blogging.


Video: Do Not Be So Quick to Give Up on Blogging




Keep blogging through thick and thin.


Follow these tips to become a persistent and consistent blogger.

  1. John Ravi says:
    at 2:48 am

    Hi Ryan,

    It was a very helpful resource! I remember the time when I set up my blog, my primary struggle was consistency. Some days I used to post regularly, and then I took a very long break. I think it affected my efforts, and this was the primary reason I saw no benefits from the blog in that period. Your article discusses this problem and shares the best measures to correct it. I am sure it will benefit a lot of raiders. I will also be sharing this within my network to help new bloggers out.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:57 pm

      John much appreciated my friend. I find your comment timely because I see my ego right now trying to convince me not to write and publish my next post. I see the fear trying to lessen my consistency. Being with the fear lets it go. Letting it go will inspire me to write and publish the post. Writing and publishing posts keeps me consistent. But I struggled to blog consistently and persistently for quite a long time. I would be prolific for a while then pull back from blogging for even longer. Eventually I faced deep fears fueling doubts which lessened my consistency. Everything really is in the mind. Facing, feeling and releasing fears allows us to find that sweet spot whatever our ideal posting schedule seems to be. Some bloggers post weekly. Some bloggers post daily. Sometimes publishing a few posts a week may work. But in any case, when you find your flow it does get easier to be consistent. Thanks for sharing bro.


  2. Sushma says:
    at 9:51 pm

    Hello Ryan, what a perfect timing.. this was a much needed article for me to read!!! I did take a break from blogging and it took me 3 months to get back again. Its always a struggle to keep it consistent. Your blogs are so inspiring as always. BTW I loved all your pictures!! I hope I get to travel to those places as well.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:03 pm

      Sushma so happy to help my friend.

  3. Poulomi Basu says:
    at 3:43 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    This is a very bang-on post. Consistency is definitely key, but it ay not be always so easy to stick to it. Fear is definitely a big reason, and visualization has been a life-changer for me. It has helped me shape my life exactly the way I want.
    One thing I would like to add. When bloggers also have clients to service, or other non-blogging revenue-making streams to focus on, sometimes it may be a bit hard to prioritize blogging. Especially when I think of all the SEO work I have to do on a single blog post, it feels overwhelming!
    What really helps then is to set small goals. Like I try to write/ update one blog post one day a week, then keep the SEO part for one day, sharing it for one day. Breaking it up into mini-tasks makes me feel joyful when I write, and that is the most important factor to keep going.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:09 pm

      Excellent add Poulomi. Breaking tasks down into smaller jobs makes the work both easier and more enjoyable, goading us to complete the full job in effective fashion.