How to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

August 23, 2018

how to increase engagement on your blog


Aleah at Solitary Wanderer sets up her blog to effectively increase engagement.


She shows ya; making it easy to chat creates short and long term blogging success.


If readers engage you, readers grow to trust you. Trusting readers promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your choice.


How to Increase Engagement on Your Blog


But….most bloggers totally eff this one up, my blogging sweetlings. I peeped the screenshare below a few moments ago. We are sitting at 3 views prior to going live on my blog. Other videos geared toward boosting blog traffic and profits yielded 10 to 20 quick views or more.


What gives?


Being human, and quite silly, we focus heavily on desired outcomes and focus little on steps leading to those outcomes. Everybody wants blogging traffic and profits. Few bloggers take practical steps to increase engagement; one critical, fundamental step to boosting blog traffics and profits.


Hey I get ya; I dig increasing my blog traffic and profits too. But focusing on the process – even if it seems not too sexy – is key to actually becoming a full time, pro blogger. Few folks are intrigued by how to increase blog engagement, which is why 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 online during their entire blogging career.


I explain in the video.


How to Increase Engagement on Your Blog


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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