How to Increase Blog Traffic through Tribes

September 2, 2018
How to Increase Blog Traffic through Tribes
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One secret to driving a hefty amount of blog traffic.


Being a generous tribe mate helped multiply my presence online.


Re-read that prior line:  Being a generous tribe mate…..


Tribes are worthless unless you follow a few steps from a generous, abundant energy.


How to Increase Blog Traffic through Tribes


Like anything in life; the more freely you give, the more easily you receive. If you focus almost exclusively on promoting fellow bloggers you will see your blog traffic increase through tribes.


Before we dive into the tips guys I want to share a few neat tribes I’m a member of:



I’m also a member of a huge Facebook Group travel blogger tribe, but it’s invitation only.


Working tribes the right way increases your blog traffic through leveraging. If you promote 100 other bloggers, comment on their blogs and mention ’em, a high number of these bloggers promote you in passive sharing tribes, exposing your blog to a huge, targeted audience.  If an active sharing, 1 for 1 tribe, 100 other bloggers promote you. That’s serious traffic guys.


On to the tips my blogging sweet robbins.


Tip A1: Join Only Tribes 100% Aligned with Your Blogging Niche


Join tribes 100% related to your blogging niche. Fellow bloggers share your content with their readerships. Said readerships being fully intrigued by your blog niche and content, because all bloggers in the tribe rock the same niche.


This ensures increased blog traffic and greater blogging profit potential too.


Avoid Jambalaya Tribes. Or, Pot Luck Tribes. You know what I mean; tribes of bloggers from 14,534 different niches. I’m not gonna share a dog walking blog with folks who want smart blogging tips, and dog walking bloggers don’t want to share blogging tips posts with their readership, said readers wanting dog walking tips.


Target tribes. Join related blogging tribes to maximize shares and to increase blog traffic.


1: Share Other Blogger’s Content 10X More than You Share Your Own


Give freely. Receive easily.


I share other blogger’s content 10 times as much as I share my content through tribes. Here’s why: generous bloggers become popular bloggers surrounded by loving, caring blogging buddies. Said blogging buddies promote the piss out of your content through social media and their blogs, increasing your blog traffic exponentially.


Tribes work stupendously well for generous bloggers. Tribes work terribly for greedy bloggers. Be generous. Help spread the word for other bloggers in tribes. Observe your blogger buddy network, social shares and blog traffic mushroom through your generosity.


2: Comment on Blogs in Your Tribe


I love following this tip.


Sharing ain’t enough guys. Do something to stand out. Post a thoughtful, personalized comment on tribe member blogs. Be genuine. Add content to posts. Engage on a deeper level.


Some blog post sharing tribes become disconnected, cold, robotic meeting spaces if members just share a post and exit stage left. I add warmth, generosity and a little dose of personalizing by commenting genuinely on tribe member blogs, to form stronger bonds and to drive blog traffic.


Folks dig your generous social shares but go over the moon to see your authentic comment. Next level move, guys.


Publish a 2-3 paragraph, personalized, thoughtful comment on tribe mate posts. Stand out by adding a warm, personal touch. Some readers click your link for an instant traffic boost but bonds you form with fellow bloggers lead to exponential traffic surges over the long term.


3: Feature Fellow Tribe Mates on Your Blog


Talk about bringing your blogging friendships to a whole new level.


Share tribe mate’s posts through social media. Awesome. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Even more awesome. Then add the cherry on top by featuring fellow tribe mates on your blog. Could be a quick mention and link or a full feature interview. Just offer space on your blog to shout out other bloggers.


Friendships form. Said buddies feature you and endorse you for a sweet traffic boost.


My blogging sweetlings; tribes do nothing for you because a group of bloggers is just a group of bloggers. But if you form genuine friendships with these groups of bloggers by helping them in as many ways as possible, an eye-popping world of opportunities open up in front of you, leading to steady blog traffic gains.


That blogger you mentioned on your blog turns around and does the same thing for you, exposing your name and blog link to an extra 100, 1000 or 10000 readers….or more, depending on the size of the blogger’s readership.


4: Note Social Shares in Comments


Fave little strategy I started recently.


At comment end I note if I Tweeted for Pinned a post for tribe mates. Mindful touch showing my generosity, and also, my endorsement. Leads to stronger blogging bonds.


5: Only Join Tribes Where You Are A Generously Active Participant


Nobody cares about you in tribes until you care about them.


Blogging tribes are worthless to greedy, self-centered bloggers who paste their links only or share their links only then cut and run.


Join blogging tribes if you plan to be an active, sharing, generous tribe member. No need to add to dead weight in any blogging tribe. You’ll be culled eventually or virtually every one will ignore your blog posts.


Wrapping It Up


Give freely, receive easily.


Boost blog traffic through tribes by being generous.


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