How to Increase Blog Traffic and Profits: What Turns Things Around?

August 24, 2018

how to increase blog traffic and profits


Ya wanna figure out how to increase blog traffic and profits, searching high and low, far and wide, for tip after tip.


But the answer is right in front of your nose. If another person is in the room. And if you open your mouth to speak to the other person, to listen to them and to bond through socializing.


How to Increase Blog Traffic and Profits


One chief reason why I blog from paradise: I talk to people online. I socialize.


Weird, right? Your boy retired to become a full time blogger who circles the globe in part because he @replies folks on Twitter, he comments on blogs, he comments on Facebook updates and he simply engages humans online….and offline, for that matter.


Each little chat plants a blog traffic and profits seed, because every person I chat with may become a friend. A bunch do become friends. Said friends promoting my blog post to their friend network, increasing my traffic and profits. Some friends buy my eBook or paperback, boosting my blogging profits.


Friends build your blogging success to unforeseen levels. All about leveraging. But friends do not pop up out of nowhere, magically, from thin air. Friends because friends because you reach out to talk to someone, to help someone without asking for anything, to bond with someone. Reaching out is simply engaging on social media, commenting on blogs, Retweeting someone’s blog post or Facebook Sharing someone’s blog post.


Alonzo Pichardo generously shares my content on Facebook and Twitter. He also asked me to chat on his highly popular podcast. Dude is all about engaging, chatting and giving. Naturally, he is a super successful blogger because he understand this basic and incredibly powerful rule of engagement.


I explain in the video.


What Is the Quickest and Simplest Way to Address Blog Traffic and Profit Woes?


The eBook


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