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  February 13, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
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Do you know how to impress influential bloggers?


I dissected a pitch email from a while back here:


What Is the Best Way to Impress the Pants off of Influential Bloggers?


***Other bloggers*** have deemed me influential; hence me breaking down a pitch bandied about, my way.


But the breakdown signals a growing problem in networking terms. Bloggers wish to experience the sweet benefits of befriending influencers without earning their trust. This is like trying to get something for nothing. Or this is like trying to gain the endorsement, backing and promotion consistent with established bloggers with zero effort.


As you may reckon, trying this approach is not sane. The pitch-er above told me he was too busy to earn my trust. I moved on of course.


But if he was serious about bonding with an established blogger he would have:


  • promoted me
  • endorsed me
  • helped me
  • engaged me
  • proved his credibility in my eyes


to lay the foundation for a prospering friendship.


Any seasoned blogger deals with 1000’s upon 1000’s of pitches lobbed their way from utter strangers. No pro blogger trusts utter strangers. Utter strangers find spam folders. Spam emails get deleted. No one reads spam. The moment your emails go to spam you are completely forgotten, forever.


But if you generously help influential bloggers and ask for nothing in return you plant trust seeds. Perhaps the pro does not trust you overnight but the seasoned veteran sees you on his or her blogging radar screen. Possibilities begin to grow. Opportunities begin to line up. Maybe you bond with the pro blogger if you keep honing your blogging skills. Perhaps you lay the framework for a long term blogging friendship.


How do you impress influencers:


Help influencers freely, engage influencers, blog persistently to hone your content creation skills and ask for nothing in return.


Help influencers freely, engage influencers, blog persistently to hone your content creation skills and ask for nothing in return.Click To Tweet


Zac Johnson asked me to guest post on one of the blogs he owned in the past. He invited me because I followed the prior tips. I bonded with him through genuine blog commenting. I also retweeted many of his blog posts. I published content frequently to Blogging From Paradise to display that I had some content creation skills, at least. He invited me because I impressed him, on some level.


Do you notice how I never pitched Zac? I did not beg him for any opportunity. Nor did I tell him that I was too busy to build a relationship with him. Unlike  the armies of bloggers who pitched him over the past 2 decades, I made our interactions all about helping him and chatting with him versus trying to serve myself. I acted like a genuine blogging friend to impress a blogging big dawg. Most act like a genuine blogging buffoon to turn off blogging big dawgs.


Befriending top bloggers is not hard for generous bloggers who display some patience. Befriending top bloggers is impossible for greedy, desperate, mindless bloggers who display zero patience. Everything depends on you and your blogging mindset. Go within. Clear fears. Impress pros by developing your blogging skills, by promoting pros and by asking for nothing in return. Earn credibility in the eyes of influencers by asking for nothing from influential bloggers. Pros ignore people who try to use them and pay attention to people who generously help them.


That’s how blogging works as you move higher in blogging circles.


Shift from Trying to Get to Giving


Some bloggers ask me to help them get traffic and money. One blogger tagged me on Twitter to drive profits through their offline business. The issue with this approach is that many bloggers try to do the same thing while a decent chunk of bloggers help me, befriend me and earn my trust. Who do you think I will promote? The blogger who helps me to earn my trust? Or the blogger who does not help me, never earns my trust and tries to use me, my blogging platform and my blogging brand for their profit?


Do you see why it is a bad idea to pitch bloggers? Do you see why it is a good idea to help bloggers and ask for nothing in return?


Anthony Gaenzle helps bloggers routinely. He promotes my content freely and places my guest posts on his blog. We helped each other with no agenda. Organically, our bond grew. As our bond grows we help each other more.


Do you see why giving versus trying to get accelerates your blogging success?


If you really want to impress an influential blogger help them with no agenda other than befriending the pro. Be generous. Allow friendships to develop organically. Be patient.


Befriend pros by acting how a normal, genuine offline friend would behave.


Give freely.


Bond organically.

  1. Unwanted Life says:
    at 12:50 pm

    I’m not an established or influential blogger, but my email is constantly being bombarded by people I don’t know, asking me for stuff. They don’t even offer anything in return.

    I’ve never asked for anything like that off of someone else, it’s just rude. I’m happy to assist other people, just not if they spamming me for it

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:31 pm

      That is the way to go. Help people freely but if folks spam from desperate or greedy energies, the vibe repels, for sure. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  2. John Ravi says:
    at 3:50 am

    Hi Ryan,

    It was an amazing article! I have recently started influencer marketing, and I think your article will definitely help me connect more with influencers and influential bloggers. I think having a tribe of influencers is a great medium to grow your business, and your tips will definitely help me impress more influencers and establish a better connection with them. It was a very helpful read, and will definitely help me promote my website in an effective manner.

  3. kumar says:
    at 7:57 am

    Very happy to read your blog .Lot of information in your blog.thank you Ryan Biddulph. Keep going

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