How to Help Blog Readers: Have You Learned to Surrender on Helping Everyone?

  January 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
how to help blog readers. Blogging from Paradise paperbacks, Cappadocia, Turkey.

Blogging from Paradise paperbacks, Cappadocia, Turkey.


Early last night a gentleman met me as I walked to my door. He asked me if I could spare some money to buy him food. He said to me he was a good dude; “not looking for drug or liquor money”, this was code for. He also noted he was a diabetic. I apologized, noted I had no cash and began to walk inside. Our neighbor is the person we are renting the apartment from; he peeked out to see if we were having issues with the man asking for dough. The dude asking for money also asked the landlord. He refused.


I could not help him on two counts:


  1. I had no cash on me in the apartment
  2. The landlord refused him and surely does not want us giving money to panhandlers outside of his apartment; I understand why because in due time, this could become a panhandler hot spot if the word gets out


I had to surrender on helping the man because I simply could do assist him. So, I apologized. I said I would pray for him. I let him go. Mother Teresa had it right; she noted how she could only help so many people, being in one human body. You and I live in a human body. One human body can only do so much physically. Even enlightened souls helped only so many people; enlightened souls still live in a human body, for a little bit.


How to Help Readers: God’s Work


Literally, God is the only Force capable of helping all. But we also know the famous saying:


“God helps those who help themselves.”


Imagine this platitude of wisdom ringing true, blogging-wise. Help who you can. Surrender beyond that. Let people help themselves to find the way, to figure things out, and to improve their lives. Bloggers burn out and quit for trying too hard to help everyone. Stay up until 4 AM to reply to your 100th Tweeter. Work 15 hour days to reply to every email. Madness. All powerful bloggers – and entrepreneurs – learn to let go in order to scale. Richard Branson does not work 24-7, 365 to try to reply to the hundreds of thousands of emails he likely receives. He helps who he can. He surrenders. Ditto for all world-renowned human beings.


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Help who you can. Get offline. Being generous means helping people freely to the point of surrendering. Never allow your ego to become so deluded that you believe people NEED your help. I embody a “take it or leave it” approach to my blogging advice. People can take or leave my advice. I need nothing from people. I simply offer help. Take it or leave it. No one needs me. I need no one.


Love is detachment. Love is offering help through valued, free content. From there, those who wish to receive the help take the help. But I never drive myself mad working 18 hour days to try to help everyone. Surrender means being generous then enjoying a well-rounded life offline, including ample rest-time.


Critics Cannot Be Helped Either


Digging deeper, you cannot help critics who do not vibe with your message. Foolish, unclear, non-posturing bloggers trip over themselves trying to help unclear, fear-filled critics who project their self-critical ways onto you via negative feedback. Release these individuals.



Never try to help them by attempting to prove your worth or to explain your work, to them. Let them go! Critics cannot be helped; you simply cannot help everyone. You cannot please everyone, so you cannot help everyone. Be at peace with this basic truth.


Adopt this attitude: take it or leave it.


Be generous with your time, talent, skills and energy. Publish oodles of valued, free content and valued, premium products and services. But allow people to either take it or leave it.


Be generous. But know your limits. One can only help so many people while occupying a single human body.


Embodying a detached approach about offering blogging help feels highly uncomfortable to most bloggers at first because few people feel confident enough to take such a perspective. Bloggers fear loss. Fearing loss scares bloggers into attempting to do the insane thing of trying to help everyone.


Fearing loss scares bloggers into attempting to do the even more insane thing of trying to force readers to:


  • read
  • understand
  • use
  • profit from


your blogging advice.


Are you mad? How can you force humans with free will to use your help for their benefit? Humans choose to follow specific bloggers. People also decide whose help they use and whose help they leave behind. Hug this basic truth to understand the core concept of this blog post.


Help by offering beneficial content. Allow readers to do with the content what they wish.


But cease trying to help everybody. Surrender the idea of attempting to assist everyone who reaches out to you or who comes across your blog. Bloggers who maintain a level of sanity – and a freeing life – let go the need to help everyone because one human being can only help so many folks.




Mastering automation is helpful to bloggers who want to embody the concept of surrender. Do you need help in this area?


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