How to Get Featured on Blogging From Paradise

December 11, 2017
Serious opulence in Doha Qatar


The opulence bled through my being.


I swear to goodness, this palace could have its own zip code.


When I visited Doha, Qatar, I saw 3 palaces of the ruling Al Thani family.


Imagine if Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne stacked all of their chips, then invited Scrooge McDuck into the Titanic Trio, to offer his staggering wealth and design chops (think “pool of dubloons”) to build a palatial, other worldly mansion, then take it up 4,500 notches, and you have an Al Thani palace in Doha, Qatar.


These places make the swanky apartments I walk by on Central Park West look like shit holes.


Now….imagine if I walked in to one of these palaces wearing a ratty wife beater, with bad breff, smelling of onions, cigar smoke and deli meats, and summoned in a junkyard dog to take a steaming hot dump on the $430,000 Persian carpet in one of the palace’s 35 living rooms.


At worst, I’d be shot on sight (rightfully so). At best, I’d be shown the door.


The point: I did not belong in a royal palace because I did not treat the palace with respect.


The only way to be invited into a royal palace in the Middle East is to act like, or be, royalty.


I am receiving a higher volume of requests from bloggers who, despite their best intentions, want to take a steaming hot cyber dump on Blogging From Paradise with their poor blog links, reeking of desperation and self service.


I love ya guys, but you are not ready yet.


Some of these link pitching bloggers have great content but they are not a part of the club.


Stranger danger.


Or, theΒ “I want to appear on your blog that you spent years building up but have no interest in commenting on your blog, promoting you and befriending you for months” crowd.


If you want to appear on Blogging From Paradise I shall share the formula below.


1: Don’t Try to Get Featured on Blogging From Paradise


Blogging Buddha says the best way to get is not to try to get.


Devote your energy to giving *not* getting. The getting happens easily if you focus heavily on giving.


As for giving…..


2: Post Genuine Comments on My Blog Persistently for the Next 3-6 Months


Post 2-4 paragraph, in-depth, genuine comments on my blog posts 2-3 times weekly for the next 6 months.


Peep Susan Velez and her outstanding comments here for a perfect example of how to catch my eye. Literally, she was the first rocking blogger I thought of when pondering someone who publishes authentic comments on my blog and everywhere I see her online.


Follow these tips:


  • call me “Ryan” in each comment; personalize comments to stand out
  • flesh out some point I made in the post
  • be authentic; no horse dooky, babbling brook, BS jobs


Comment on my blog. Make an effort to get to know me.


Suggested Reading: How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments



3: Promote Me on Twitter and Facebook for the Next 3-6 Months


Retweet my blog posts. Facebook Share a few of my blog posts too.


Guys; you really need to impress me to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of folks who ask for links here.


I am not going to be impressed by you until you impress me by promoting me, by helping me out.


If you are a skilled blogger, I will happily retweet you in return.


Alonzo Pichardo shares my stuff left and right on Facebook and Twitter.Β  He is as generous as they come. He is also incredibly skilled, compassionate and a high level coach. He also invited me to start our YouTube online success chats.


You will notice a common thread among my friends like Susan, Alonzo, and David Boozer below. These folks did something kind to catch my eye, then they kept being kind, and generous, which inspired me to help them out. Bonds formed, and linking in happened naturally and seamlessly.


When I think of people to refer you to, I think of my skilled friends.


4: Buy Some of My eBooks or Courses or Hire Me to Coach You


Buy some of my eBooks or audio books or courses or hire me.


I remember my customers.


I treat my customers well.


Of course; as with all of these tips, you need to be a skilled blogger, and you need to be able to write, but when you are skilled and help me out, I remember you, and you position yourself to get serious props on my blog.


I recall seeing someone on Sound Cloud who purchased all of my blogging themed eBooks. Checking out this podcast, and adjoining blog post, alerted me to rocking internet marketing mentorΒ David Boozer.


David also hired me for a coaching session and he purchased my flagship course. How could I ever forget him? Ditto with Alonzo for buying so many of my audio books and graciously sharing my content and inviting me to chat on his popular YouTube channel.


These friends are seared onto my mind. I am grounded in genuine gratitude for their kindness and since they are tremendous at what they do, they will always have a spot on Blogging From Paradise.


5: Practice Your Writing Skills to Really Shine


This is the difference maker. Ultimately, you can follow the other tips, but if you are not a clear, confident writer, I cannot link to your blog.


Write 1,000 to 2,000 words daily in a Word document. Throw that document in the cyber crapper when done with your daily writing practice.


Getting featured on Blogging From Paradise is not too much easier than walking into the Al Thani palaces in Qatar.


Just saying.


6: Understand this; It’s Tough to Get Featured Here


I have been featured on these sites:





If you get featured on Blogging From Paradise, you benefit from the power of association. Meaning folks see your name, look to my sidebar, see Virgin and Forbes and say, “Hey; this featured blogger knows their stuff!”


You have to:


  • pay your dues over months, than years
  • befriend me, by helping me out, without looking for anything in return


to get featured on BFP. This is tough. As it should be. If I handed out links like candies to a baby, my blog would suck.


But just like I had to pay my dues over many years to get featured on Richard Branson’s blog, you will have to pay your dues for months and years to get featured on Blogging From Paradise.


Study people like my friend Donna Merrill. See how she gets promoted all over the place by her tribe? I cannot even dream of how many genuine, in-depth, authentic comments she has published on blogs over the years.


She has honed her blogging skills through persistent practice and has generously helped me with comments, retweets and social shares, for years, so she also has a spot on Blogging From Paradise as long as she’s blogging.


Keep this in Mind


Hundreds of people are waiting to get featured on my blog, through a mention.


Many of these rocking bloggers have persistently commented on my blog, have promoted me, and have never asked for anything in return.


You need to wait your place on line behind these hundreds of folks if you are a stranger to me.


Being a stranger = rarely commenting on my blog and not promoting me.


Are You Buttering Me Up?


Hell yeah!


Just like I had to butter up every established pro blogger to pop up on their radar.


But really though, it is not about buttering up; just helping someone without looking for anything in return.


There are a few exceptions to this BRU – Butter Ryan Up – rule; these are the world renowned bloggers who have spent a decade of longer rendering service to humanity and befriending pro bloggers, building bonds, so they paid their dues and earned the right to be featured here, at any time.


The End Game


Treat me like a friend. Help me out. For weeks and months. Don’t look for anything in return. For weeks and months.


Eventually, if you show up here every week, for months, and don’t ask for a darn thing from me, we will become blogging buddies.


Then, if you practice your writing, bumping up your blogging skills, you will be clear and confident enough in your writing to get a mention here.


Your Turn


How are you helping out established bloggers?


What tips can you share to get featured on well read blogs?




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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. She is a gem Israel. Does blogging right. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for recommending Susan Velez as a perfect example for her consistency in making outstanding comments to Blogging From Paradise! I visited her blog upon your recommendation and simply found her work as described.

    I am impressed about her for being such a rocking blogger that comes to your mind as a result of her persistence in making genuine and authentic comments to this blog over the weeks, months and years. I saw some of her comments here and there and found that they are truly relevant, genuine and authentic.

    I really saw that it’s tough to get featured on top sites like Forbes, Fox News, Lifehack, Nell Patel, Entrepreneur, NYU and lots more but strongly believe that by sheepishly following those blogging tips and getting eBooks here, I am going to get there someday.

    Ryan, thanks for teaching that for one to gain trust and credibility from top bloggers and even from anyone else, one must continue to offer helps, support, and promote without expecting anything in return. I am going to implement this in my blogging career for real. Thanks for teaching! I keep learning.

    Wish you years of gigantic success,

  3. Hahaha thanks Janet! I really appreciate that deeply. Writers, bloggers, I am humbled at how me sitting at a laptop for a bit helps me to inspire some folks. Floors me really. Have a fabulous week.

  4. Janet Lake Says:

    You are an inspiration to writers (not just bloggers) everywhere around the world. Your positivity is contagious. Thanks for teaching everyone a thing or two about kindness, many Americans could use the lesson. I will use some of your ideas to teach writing to my high school students at SDSCPA, and if you mind, just try to stop me!

  5. Good deal Tahir. I really appreciate all of the kind mentions buddy. I feel the folks who succeed the most online give without any conditions like yourself; you look for nothing in return. You just want to help people. This is the best way to do it. Thanks again!

  6. Tahir Abbas Says:

    Hi Ryan, thanks for this face-to-face post. I have always visited your blog, comment, tweet and always mention you in my personal blog posts, Comments and guest post. I guess it would be nice to get featured on your blog. But to be sincere, I have never thought of making any impression to you in other to be featured. I do it because, I love doing it, I love your type of blogging without being tired. I want to become like you in my blogging career, this is one of the reason I follows you everywhere.
    Thanks for this head up!

  7. Exactly bro! Why even bother reaching out if you do not add that authentic, personal touch that is beyond critical for us bloggers to offer, if you want to bond? You are wasting your time otherwise because we get so many bland, generic pitches that we ignore or junk these emails immediately. Hell; most of them wind up in my junk folder in the first place, showing that other bloggers have already become fed up with their BS strategies. Thanks Gaurav πŸ˜‰

  8. Gaurav Kumar Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I must say that all the points you have mentioned here are the same points that I follow to feature a blogger on eAskme. I always believe in friendship and real human relationship than going like a machine.

    Still, many emails are pitching some simple lines to get feature even when they have never read my blog or commented on it.

    How can someone expect to be part of the professional family if he/she is not coming with a personal touch?

    thanks for sharing.

  9. You betcha it does Anda! Seriously; I appreciate your feature, your comments and persistent social shares. Thanks for reminding me. Keep an eye out my friend, your time is coming πŸ˜‰ No worries on featuring almost anybody on your blog. I did the same thing too. For a long time. I handed out links to strangers. Like candy to a baby. Even if I had no idea who they were and what they did. I eventually got clearer on my blog and then, things got together to land a feature. Then I really step things up a few months ago, closing all guest posting for good and getting super strict about even the comments I approve. You can adopt a different mindset going forward and just chalk it up to learning and evolving. Thanks for the comment!

  10. Anda Galffy Says:

    Great read, Ryan, and great idea! Why didn’t I think about this when I featured (for free!) all these other bloggers for the past three years? I don’t know if I should feel bad about it or not, but your article made me some food for thought. Very smart, Ryan, very smart! Oh, by the way, does featuring you on my blog some time ago count in my favor (LOL)?

  11. Hehehe on the TLA’s Rhonda πŸ˜‰ My pleasure on the mention. I experienced this too; you get help, folks lift you up, then turning around and sharing insights to lift others up feels good and leads to expanded success. Not because you’re helping to get anything out of the interaction, but because it is enjoyable. Keep on rocking and thanks for the comment.

  12. Rhonda Albom Says:

    I like your BRU TLA. But too many acronyms for me πŸ™‚ . I find one of my favourite tasks these days is helping others with their questions and issues. The community out there is great and every once and a while I can actually solve another blogger’s problem. I enjoy the payback because it wasn’t so long ago when I was seeking answers. BTW, thanks Ryan for the mention on my “real estate” the other day. Oops, another TLA.

  13. Much appreciated Stephanie πŸ™‚ Ditto on the new blogger mindset. I sat in the same boat. I expected everything to come together in days or even weeks, months top, with minimal effort. I learned a different lesson. But in the same regard, as I followed my passion and moved away from trying to boost my profits and traffic I became super patient and the traffic and profits flowed in smoothly and evenly. Cool how that works.

  14. Stephanie Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I think these comments are great – so often when new bloggers (like myself) come into the scene, we expect everything to just *happen*. I’ve learned blogging is hard work and takes months and years of dedication. I love reading your blog and thank you for all the great tups that you provide!

  15. Perfectly put Freddy πŸ˜‰ This feature deal is an honor, one which we earn, and one which is never handed out. All about paying our dues but if you do it right, it does not feel like paying dues. Totally different animal. It actually feels fun because you get so caught up in helping, serving and assisting that you are playing, not working. Serving other folks adds a sense of detachment to your blogging work day too. Perfect energy to cultivate if you want to love helping folks and then, see sweet features flow to you. Thanks bro for the sensational comment.

  16. Hey Ryan!

    I think blogs and social networks are a great place to network with awesome bloggers (like yourself) and look to help each other get farther on this blogging journey.

    I’m falling in love with blog commenting just because it is a direct way to get to know the blog owner and other like-minded bloggers who happen to come by.

    And it is not just about leaving “a comment” but consistently engaging with the content of the blog. Keywrod; Consistency.

    I’ve realized that it is the consistency of the things you do that actually matters.

    I truly want to help the new bloggers. That is my mission with every piece of content I put out. Whether I share actionable tips or simply share my blogging journey for inspiration, the intentions are to help out as much as possible without expecting anything in return. Of course, you want to make a living doing this, but the money you earn is a byproduct of the real help you give to the people in your niche.

    Your blog is like your own social network – the more bloggers you network with and engage with, the more valuable comments you will have on your content and the more your new visitors will learn – from a bunch of different cool bloggers in the niche! πŸ™‚

    I always promote other bloggers. I run and I’m always happy to have guests and new bloggers come by engage with the community. I’m also working on building a facebook group for new and experienced bloggers (it is still a work in progress). There is so much we can all do to help each other and others live the life they want to live thanks to the most amazing invention ever …. blogging! πŸ˜€

    Being featured on another blog is an honored that should be asked for. It is a prize you win for the genuine help you give to the people in your niche market. Let your actions, value, and character decide whether you get featured on a blog or not.

    Thank you for your tips here man!

    Cheers! πŸ˜€

  17. Cool T. I am happy you dig the blog and the post.

  18. TFH Says:

    hi ryan. first time i visited your blog and i love this blog. just because of that you tell us as friend. your content writing ability is awesome. i like your way of writing. You have got so much clarity on your blog posts.

  19. So glad you loved it Sue πŸ˜‰ I let it rip with this one LOL.

    Your blog is fabulous and your community is astounding. From my viewpoint, you are doing a smash up job because you are about writing funny, entertaining and helpful posts, and networking genuinely. Every single comment I have ever read from you has been real. Authentic. I am floored by how many comments you get on your blog; quickly.

    As for the silly proposals it can be one part maddening and one party funny when you read through. Kelli and I go over some of our more colorful pitches once in a while for a chuckle. Thanks much for the fab comment Sue.

  20. Perfectly put Jan! Donna got the “back-linkers” one perfect πŸ˜‰

    Having passion for this blogging bit makes it easier and easier to succeed, to help folks and to receive a platform for expanding your reach. It is such a simple, quite easy strategy that works well when you give, give and give, and largely let go any attachment to outcomes. Abundance is all around. Giving simply plugs us into the abundance that has always been there. Thanks much for the rocking comment.

  21. Thanks Savita!

    Wow….that’s a tough question. Probably a tie between Thailand and Bali. I love both places for the culture, natural beauty and friendly people. I prefer Thai food – LOVE green mixed vegetable curry but Balinese food with its nasi goreng is solid too. I also adore the beaches in both countries.

    As for my 2 fave communities, Chiang Mai in Thailand and the rice fields outside of Ubud are about my favorite spots.

  22. Jan Verhoeff Says:

    Buttered up bloggers. HA! That was funny. I don’t know very many true bloggers who spend a lot of time kissing ah huh or buttering up anyone, we’re usually too busy to worry about who’s wearing butter or not.

    Ryan, I’ve seen a lot of posts cross your blogs, and other blogs, many of those relevant to guest posting, and I’ve yet to see one I thought was truly a butter job. The key to passionate blogging is more about being relevant, using good judgement, and behaving in such a manner on your own blog and others, that someone wants you to participate in their blog either as a guest poster, or as a commenter.

    Last week, I had a “blogger” who connected with me and asked me to write a post of his blog, then almost immediately started asking me to “click on his links” so he could “make money” which is a fast way to be removed from most of the ad affiliates. Legitimate bloggers know that affiliate markets are optimized by promotion and high traffic, and then they work hard to drive that traffic and build the reputation necessary to grow an online following. I have totally appreciated your passion for marketing through mindset and gratitude type giving. It’s refreshing to know there are still bloggers with integrity and sound business models working the broadband!

    I’m really laughing about Donna’s comment referring to “back-linkers” GREAT insight there! Stay relevant! Eventually the right connections are made and your blogs get picked up by the stratosphere to be spun around the web into a viral mass of magnetic content.

    Gotta love the content, Ryan!

  23. savita Says:

    Hi Ryan…. You have some pretty interesting content on your blog! I subscribed to your list and i’m Looking forward to more! *attempts to butter up*

    On a more serious note, what’s been your favourite destination so far and why?

  24. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan I’m declaring this one of your best posts ever. In all honesty I had never thought about getting featured on your blog. Frankly because I didn’t think my grandparent gone explorer really was a good fit. As you know I’m a comment addict and building relationships is one of my great loves in blogging. Of course this take a tremendous amount of time but so worth it in ways I had not even dreamed.
    I think it is fabulous that you are straight up in every one of your blog posts including this one. As I mentioned another time, I am getting requests left and right to post on our blog. Nothing like the number you get I am certain, but enough to leave me overwhelmed. I’m particularly fond of the ‘Hi Blogger’ beginning followed by the ‘I love what you do’. Really? You don’t even know my name.
    Practice your writing skills really resonates with me. Some of the proposals I have read or even emails filled with spelling errors, not to mention actually false statements, is enough to pop my eyeball against the computer screen. Really I’m too old for that kind of ridiculousness. Although my blog is not nearly as big as yours, it has taken four years to build a loyal audience. I’m not willing to expose them to crap so someone else can get a back link.
    Wishing you a good day Ryan. I’m going to be smiling about this post for days to come.

  25. Your comments almost make me LOL bro πŸ˜‰ The lead in is the common template passed around lame blogging circles. Ridiculous. All it takes is some time, some effort and a genuine interest in helping someone to become their friends. Susan rocks and so do you!

  26. The first section is the difference maker Chintan. Do not try, but give, and you set everything in motion. Thanks much.

  27. Right Jason? Baffling indeed. Folks want success but have no interest in doing what it takes to be successful. Gary Vee says how folks want to win the marathon but do not want to run the race. Insane. Networking, and making friends with people by helping them with comments and promoting and all that good stuff, this is the way to go. Thanks much πŸ™‚

  28. Thanks Yasir for the comment πŸ™‚ The first paragraph is the table setter; making it all about helping, and not thinking about the feature, sets everything into motion. Create value. Make friends. Goodness flows from your generosity.

  29. I learned so much about how to do this right from you Donna. My gratitude goes out to you. Adrienne, you, Lisa, and all of those tribe builders whose community of friends are all over their stuff, you set the benchmark for doing this blogging thing right. Agreed 100% of paying dues, learning skills and building bonds. I am getting more feature requests these days from absolute strangers, and even from pretty chilly connects who make no effort to be a part of our tribe. Unless you are stupid famous, and I resonate with your work, not gonna happen. Tim Ferriss, Gary Vee and guys like Zac Johnson are people who gave their lives to their craft. They are the only ones who appear to get a free ride, but of course, they gave decades of their lives to service. Other than that, the rules are above πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the rocking comment!

  30. Hi Ryan,

    I love this blog post!!! I have a document pre written that goes a tad bit like this when people as to be featured or guest post on my blog. Jeez some will come out of the blue, comment one word on every stink’n blog post for the past two years then ask if they could do a guest post on my blog. HA…

    Then there’s the back-linkers. They are nice folks, but leave those one liners that won’t appear on my blog at all. Some will even go the length to write a post and send it to me. ME: “And you are…who???” It is quite funny what people do to squeeze their way in. I do feel for them and have no malice towards them at all.

    I used to write lengthly messages to them, teaching what and what not to do, but I just don’t have the time. That’s why I do have a pre-written document I copy and paste to send them. It is generic, but they do get the point. I even feel badly sending them that, but what’s a gal to do.

    Sorry for the rant….but I know darn well why you had to write this post. Genius my friend. Now when someone tries to horn in, you can just refer them to this article. You are teaching them that they have to pay their dues in time in order to make the grade.

    You have benefited yourself as well as others like me writing this. I have to give you a bit thank you for doing so. Also thanks so much for the mention and kind words you have written about me. You know it is greatly appreciated my friend.

    Now to dig up some cartoons with Scrooge McDuck …..yep you brought me back .. Thanks!


  31. Hii Ryan,

    This is really nice to read your blog posts. i am your daily visitor and new also but love to learn something new from here. i do not know why you do not want to accept my post. if anything wrong in my comment kindly edit and accept. i will be glad to see my comment here. πŸ™‚
    “Indeed this is pretty truh “the best way to get is not to try to get”

    Thanks For Publishing new articles

    Have You Good Day πŸ™‚
    Yasir Khan Saqlaini

  32. Jason Miller Says:

    Hey Ryan, excellent tips here. Thanks for sharing.

    It still baffles me why so many website owners simply don’t get the concept of networking and relationship building. Which is so much more powerful and effective than sending out 1,000 emails to random websites, hoping for the best.

    I’ve been writing and optimising for other people’s websites for years now, this year decided to start my own. I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. And look forward to connecting. πŸ™‚

  33. I liked the First and Foremost Point. Don’t try all. You have got so much clarity on your blog posts. Thanks for writing such a wonderful post. Last time I read your post on your blog it was too late to implement. This time I have read this article at the right time.

    I am definitely going to tweet this. Hope one day to take your course.

  34. Hi author,
    I am [unknown]. Can you please link to my blog? thanks

    This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks about blogging. Receiving these requests is a very pleasant thing at first glance, but sadly most of them are not genuine. They don’t follow any of the unwritten rules you clearly outlined in the post.

    P.S. And yes, Susan Velez kicks ass. Everybody knows that πŸ˜‰

    Take care, my friend, as always.
    Looking forward to an exciting 2018.


  35. Awogor you are doing a fine job buddy. All of you rocking folks who comment and share my stuff do it freely, without asking for anything in return. That is the energy, the generosity, that opens doors for all of us. Being a free giver is incredibly prospering. Thanks bro πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Ryan, thanks for this face-to-face post. I have always visited your blog, comment, tweet and always mention you in my personal blog posts, Comments and guest post. I guess it would be nice to get featured on your blog. But to be sincere, I have never thought of making any impression to you in other to be featured. I do it because, I love doing it, I love your type of blogging without being tired. I want to become like you in my blogging career, this is one of the reason I follows you everywhere.

    Thanks for this head up!

  37. SO appreciated Richard πŸ™‚ I dig your giving spirit. All the BFP tribe I know is incredibly generous for the sake of service, helping and spreading the word. This post is designed for the folks asking me regularly how to get featured on my blog. Take a cue from awesome folks like Richard, all; give freely, for the joy of it, and those prospering doors will open for you.

  38. It is all my pleasure Sue. It’s funny; when you follow advice from the right energy, said advice being offered by successful bloggers, it will work long term. It always does. I mean that from the advice that I offer, that I learned from rocking bloggers. But many folks skip proven techniques and do silly stuff, like the absurd, selfish spam commenting strategy you and I put up with. Stick to the basics guys! Thanks for the rocking comment πŸ™‚

  39. Susan Velez Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the mention, I am so honored. I’ve just been following your teachings and love sharing other people’s work without expecting anything in return. Just by using this mentality, I have been able to land some guest posting opportunities.

    Also, being mentioned on your blog. So yes, it works just promoting other people’s content without any expectations. I’ve been practicing your tips about writing 1,000 words daily and that alone has enabled me to write 3 guest posts just last week.

    Amazing how all the things that you practice and preach work. As long as we are willing to roll up our sleeves and work on it.

    I personally hate it when someone leaves me a comment on my blog just for the sole purpose of the backlink. They don’t even use my name or worse yet, call me “sir.”

    You can definitely tell which comments are genuine and which ones don’t even read your blog. You’re right, you put in a lot of work building up your business, the last thing you want is someone just dumping all over your blog.

    Thanks again for the mention, I so appreciate it.

    Have a great one my friend πŸ™‚


  40. Ryan
    I constantly retweet you, promote your links & review your ebooks. But NOT because I want to be featured in Blogging From Paradise (OK it would be nice!) , but mainly because – as ya know, bro – I love your awesome mindset and attitude.

    We has a chat on one or two occasions all about Passion Marketing so I know we are in the same tribe.

    I love this post – it’s right there – real and ‘in your face’

    Thanks for the post


  41. I left a thought.