How to Firmly Impress an Established Pro Blogger

January 21, 2019


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You will avoid years of struggle, pain and failure by learning how to impress an established, pro blogger. I use the term “influencer” to refer to myself, sparingly. Only to connect deeply with souls searching for the term. Stressing 1,001 times plus 50,000 more times of my influencer status makes me a total freaking douche-bag. Like saying, “I’m important and powerful! Look at me!”


I am, however, an established, professional blogger. People want to get on my blog for free. People want to pay to appear on my blog. People want my ear.


Let me share how to impress an established pro, to get their attention, in a loving way, that inspires pros to connect deeply with you, possibly leading to all types of delicious opportunities.


1: Help Them and Ask for Nothing


Generous people burrow into my consciousness. Impress the pantaloons off of me; help me by sharing my blog on social media and by featuring me on your blog and by interviewing me and ask for nothing. Goodness, I will love you and remember you if you keep helping me and asking for nothing.


Why does this work? Most humans approach me from a deep energy of:


  • fear
  • self-service
  • greed
  • desperation
  • manipulation


Not entirely attractive.


The few humans who approach me from an energy of:


  • love
  • service
  • fun
  • generosity
  • detachment


stick out like sore thumbs. Plus; I had to be a generous, persistent, patient servant to become an established, pro blogger. I admire people who take a similar journey, and remember them.


I had to be a generous, persistent, patient servant to become an established, pro blogger. I admire people who take a similar journey, and remember them.Click To Tweet


2: Buy Their Stuff and Ask for Nothing


David Boozer Shobha Ponnappa Chris Deewaard and Life Love and Blog are a few generous folks who come to mind. My blogging buddies bought courses, eBooks or audio books and asked for nothing. Follow them! Learn from them. Amazing, how you remember customers and generous clients like rocking blogger Ben Killoy.  I love you guys. But you knew that.


I have compassion for folks experiencing genuine financial issues but one tuition you need to pay to impress pros is….tuition! I had to face deep money fears to move up in blogging circles. Like all pros. You do, too, to put your dough where your pie hole is, and to impress pros.


3: Respect their Time by Being Clear and Brief


I never really chat with folks on Messenger or Instagram much because I chat via blog comments on owned real estate, and via comments on social media. A few moments ago I chatted for 14 seconds via a message. Too long. A well-meaning person lacked clarity, went long-winded and tried to gobble up more than 14 seconds of my time without getting to the point of their request.


Clear your fear. I know how uncomfortable it feels, reaching out to blogging big dawgs. Feel it, then, spend 10 seconds writing 1-2 sentences getting directly to the point. Imagine how busy we are. Get directly to the point.


4: Imagine Our Day


Piggybacking on the prior tip; today I wrote this post, a guest post on Blogging Tips and another BFP post this morning. I filmed 3 videos. I woke at 9:30 AM. It is 12:42 PM now. I also checked email. 90 minutes  of yoga later. 60 minute walk. Hours of blogging.


Envision being super busy. Get clarity. Help top pros because it is the quickest, clearest way to impress a busy as hell, fully scheduled, focused top blogger. Be clear. Be brief. Say it in 6 words. During lean blogging days 10 years ago, I perceived my mentor’s 2 word responses as being rude. I never imagined his day. Now, being in his successful shoes, I see 2 words as being clear and respectful of his time, and my time.


The easiest way to arrest my attention is to keep helping me, purchasing my stuff and asking for nothing. I paid those same dues over years, to move up in blogging circles. Now it’s your turn.


Enjoy networking guys!

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