How Do You Attract a Like Minded Blogging Tribe to You?

  July 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Keel-billed toucan

Keel-billed toucan


For all of the steps to take to build a blogging tribe the way to attract similar minds to you is to be genuine.


At first glance this sounds easy. But it is not easy for most because being genuine requires facing deep fears related to being criticized, rejected and a flat out failure. People usually lack authenticity for the fears triggered while being genuine.


Attracting a like-minded blogging tribe to you means being:


  • honest
  • authentic
  • genuine
  • truthful


even if expressing each quality triggers deep fears like:


  • embarrassment
  • shame
  • humiliation
  • anger


Similar minds flow to people who be themselves. Bloggers who speak from their heart align with similar bloggers who live their truth, too. But speaking from your heart feels uncomfortable because telling the truth seems scary. How often do you pull back from being truthful for fear of being criticized? How often do you fear being truthful for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings? Of course, refraining from sharing truths benefits both parties in manners of tact. Be mindful of truths to share and cover. But sharing transparent views about blogging, traveling and life feels uncomfortable because most seem accustomed to hiding the truth.


I blog from paradise. My brand is retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. However, I freely share the challenges of living in developing nations for months at a time. Tropical climates are not always fun, freeing and peaceful for fears triggered in developing spots. Being honest about the pros and cons of living in hot spots attracts honest people to me. My blogging tribe grows in both scale and transparency because I am honest about my experiences.


Be straight with your readers. Give advice based on your honest assessment of a situation. Allow like-minded people to flow to you.


Be straight with your readers. Give advice based on your honest assessment of a situation. Allow like-minded people to flow to you.Click To Tweet


Avoid the stress of attracting a hater-filled following by being genuine. Observe bloggers who attract legions of critics. Virtually every time, the non-resonant haters reflect a lack of authenticity back to less genuine bloggers. Note bloggers boasting of income claims who convey a solely dream-like, positive, lavish lifestyle and never share the work, trials, tribulations and tears going hand-in-hand with accumulating wealth. Across the board, these money-focused bloggers draw harsh critics to them for the simple reflection of inauthentic blogging strategies.


Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India

Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India


How can you honestly share only the highlights of living a wealthy life of leisure when lowlights factored in to the journey? Share the struggles to align with like-minded, honest, loving people who creates a more seamless blogging journey for you. High energy tribes follow honest bloggers who tell it like it is.


I publish a steady stream of eye-popping images to Instagram but regularly share the work to execute to live such a life. Haters pop up in my energy field but my loving tribe simply reflects my honesty back to me. Like-minded, loyal blogging buddies reveal I intend and follow through on being truthful even if being honest feels uncomfortable at times. What else can I do but tell the truth?


Be Straight


Be straight with your readers to draw a loving, supportive tribe to you. Attracting a like-minded tribe is critical because who can succeed by spending hours fighting with critics throughout the day? Bloggers struggle to scale for critical resistance faced routinely. But the resistance arises only due to a lack of authenticity in presenting their blogging campaign.


Bloggers who promise get wealthy fast schemes simply lie. Liars attract critics. Critics fight liars. Liars fight critics. How can you grow if you lie and fight? Genuine bloggers speak honestly and serve like-minded people to create a supportive tribe organically.


Lisa Sicard is one tribe-mate of mine who makes my life easier. We share a general resonance that amplifies our collective success freely as we help one another. Both of us are honest bloggers who give away as much free, helpful, in-depth information as possible to better serve our readers. But our honesty does not stop there. We also share the ups and downs, pros and cons and positives and negatives of blogging, building an online business and the flat out work it takes to go pro.


By being straight you grow a like-minded tribe around you and your blog.




Be Compassionate with Your Readers: Tell the Truth



Like-Minded Tribes Are Not Parrots


Do not confuse growing a like-minded tribe with recruiting an army of sycophants who agree with everything you think, feel and say. Supportive tribes do their own thinking too; yes men and yes women need not apply.


Genuine tribes largely agree with your take and share alternative viewpoints in relaxed, insightful fashion. People from our tribe do not disagree vehemently because their is no fear-fight in them as far as our relationship. Everything is genuine, kind feedback. But since our tribe is fairly advanced mentally we tend to dial in on like-minded blogging schools of thought and expound on our similarities; focusing heavily on differences is for humans and tribes who fear they are not being heard, lack clarity and crave the insanity of conflict, the utter lack of civil contrast and the madness of ego right-wrong pinings that create every problem you and I see in the world today.


List Building Tips: 1 Silly Meme

Cheviot, New Zealand.


Like-minded tribes are not mindless parrots but free-thinking folks who largely vibe with your delivery. Everything is about expansion in these communities. Some caring tribe member politely shares alternative views expanding the collective consciousness of the tribe. Isn’t that what life is about?


Be straight with yourself. Being honest with self blogging-wise and life-wise is the first step to building a like-minded tribe. People reflect back to you how you be with yourself. However you treat self is predominantly how the world treats you.


Clear your fears. Be honest with yourself knowing that being genuine frees you. Do not worry; you will find a large, loyal tribe of people who appreciate your honesty. Some fear being honest for turning off readers. Others fear being honest for losing reader interest. Who wants to know blogging is long work? Won’t everyone leave your blog on discovering blogging is persistent work? Shouldn’t you claim blogging is easy to become popular and successful?


Of course not, on all counts. Being dishonest leads to problems, fragmented tribes, heavy criticism and struggles. Being honest is the way to peace of mind, like-minded tribe-mates, worldly success and freedom.


Be genuine to align with similar-thinking individuals who amplify your blogging success.

  1. Rosemary says:
    at 1:26 pm

    I’ve been very fortunate and lived in many different countries. I had great experiences and wouldn’t have chosen differently, but there is a price that you pay. No true home, always having to create a new community, learn a new language and a new governmental administration system (yup, registering to pay taxes or for healthcare in a foreign language really isn’t that easy) – as you say, Ryan, it’s hard work! I got tropical diseases in a country with no proper hospital facilities. Life certainly wasn’t always easy, but my life was much easier than those of the locals. Plus, along with the downsides are all the upsides of meeting different people, seeing new places. It’s a life choice and depends on how you want to live. Wishing you the best time in the world

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:51 pm

      All fabulous points Rosemary. Choosing this life is fun, freeing and incredibly challenging at times, too. The language barrier is particularly uncomfortable as you learn one outside of your native tongue while navigating more complex tasks. Good for you! Super commendable my friend.

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