How to Drive Blog Traffic through Facebook Groups

  August 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Door to the apartment in Nizwa,Oman. The door to the compound is even more ornate.

Nizwa, Oman


Facebook Groups confuse most bloggers.


Observing huge group member counts excites bloggers ignorant of how groups work. Groups boasting steady engagement potentially benefit your blogging campaign but only if you engage members, too. Social bloggers actively participating on social groups patiently, persistently and generously drive traffic to their blog through the concept of interest. Express interest in people. People express interest in you. Embrace this simple concept to get how groups work.


Join groups related to your blogging niche.


Share value.


Talk to people.


The biggest upside of being a generous, engaging group member is driving targeted blog traffic and profits through Facebook Groups. Groups give you a huge community of like-minded, potential readers to serve. Help them freely. Draw traffic to your blog.


Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica


Join Groups Related to Your Blogging Niche


Do not joint groups based solely on the number of members. I joined a group recently flashing 300,000 members. Although the group relates to traveling the world I soon discovered many members wanted me to send them money or get them a US visa. I appreciate struggling folks but do not appreciate spending time in Messenger being pitched charity or visa pleas. The moment I spotted this trend I left the group, for all intents and purposes. Not being 100% related to the blogging tips niche established non-resonance between the group and I. Non-resonant bonds waste time and energy.


Join only groups related to your blogging niche. Social media bloggers join social media groups. Blogging tips bloggers join blogging tips themed groups. Ensue all members express a keen interest in your blogging niche. Targeted traffic and blogging profits potentially follow because you gain exposure in a highly targeted group of people hungry to learn more about what you offer.


Misfat Al-Abriyeen, Oman.

Misfat Al-Abriyeen, Oman


Personally, I spent almost no time on Facebook these days because I do not own the platform. I refrain from suggesting specific blogging tips groups but know a simple query on Facebook should point you in the right direction.


Share Value


First, check the group rules.


Some group mods do not allow members to share. Other mods prevent link shares. Yet other mods prevent you from sharing your own links. But if you can share virtually anything consider sharing value in the form of:


  • your blog posts
  • your guest posts
  • other blogger’s blog posts
  • other blogger’s guest posts
  • text-only updates
  • text-only updates with images
  • questions


Sharing value instills members to trust you. Trusting readers tend to click through to your blog to learn more. At day’s end, help people for free to gain credibility. Credible bloggers drive members from Facebook to their blogs based on the free content published to relevant Facebook Groups. I think value before publishing and sharing content anywhere online. Lead with value to become valuable in the eyes of readers.


Baldpate Mountain New Jersey

Baldpate Mountain New Jersey


However, keep in mind how most groups prevent self-promotion in business products and services terms. Sharing a link to your eBook tends to get you banned or warned, at the very list. Frame groups as gateways for potential traffic and sales. Share in-depth, valuable, free content to the group to help readers who click through to visit your blog. Groups serve as gateways not sales centers. Reserve selling for your blog – in most cases – to honor group rules.


As with any activity online:


  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence


make the difference. Generous, patient, persistent bloggers slowly but steadily attract group members to their blogs. Group members gradually become loyal readers, customers and clients but only patient bloggers draw traffic and business to their blogs. No one gets rich overnight. No Facebook Group spits out money like Scrooge McDuck spitting out dubloons after taking a lap around his pool. Groups yield traffic and profits for bloggers who help people for free for a sustained period of time.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


No one has figured out the specific time frame for everyone online in terms of driving traffic through Facebook Groups. Fall deeply in love with the process of helping people to allow outcomes to care for themselves. People gravitate toward generous bloggers. Allow this idea to sear itself onto your mind to uncover the secret of successful blogging.


Engage Members


Talk to people.


Like updates. Post comments. Be social to get how social media works for bloggers. Social bloggers:


  • draw attention
  • goad clicks
  • drive traffic
  • drive profits


Being social allows people to find you. Think about that sentence for a few moments. Most bloggers struggle terribly to be found on social media. No one seems to see them. How can you be found? Publish 5 genuine, 200-300 word or longer comments on a Facebook Group related to your niche today. Do it. Put in the time. Do the work. Publish multiple in-depth comments to be seen. Members notice value because sharing value makes you valuable in their eyes.


Rawai Bay, Phuket, Thailand

Rawai Bay, Phuket, Thailand


Imagine members reading a Facebook Group status update delving into some problem suffered by the individual. Interest piqued, the member scrolls through comments responding to the post. Reading your 300 word, detailed comment either answering some question or offering a mild debate draws the individual to you. From their perspective, you look like a good person to solve their problems, based on the knowledge you shares via the comment. Being intrigued goads the person to click through to your Facebook profile to visit your About page on FB. One blog link click later draws the individual to your blog. This is the anatomy of one possible scenario for driving traffic from a Facebook Group to your blog.


Other possibilities include the interested user pleased with your comment scrolling down the Facebook Group wall to click on a blog post you share recently. Or someone may notice the 10 kind, supportive, short comments you published to the group over the past two days to lift up fellow group members. Being social draws people to you. Open your mouth. Talk. Do not be shy. Shy bloggers disappear on social media because if you are not social you lose all power on social media.


Shy bloggers disappear on social media because if are not social you lose all power on social media.Click To Tweet


Chat. Talk. Comment. Give yourself about 10-20 minutes daily to engage on Facebook Groups. Perhaps you can post a status update on the group but commenting genuinely makes a powerful impact on fellow members. Social bloggers gain visibility on groups. Everyone else vanishes. All you need to do is read updates and type blog comments. Does that really sound difficult? Everyone reading this blog post can read an update and type a comment for a minute or two. Stop making group-engagement difficult. Be genuine. Read something and type a response. That is all it takes to draw people to your blog but of course, factor in generosity, patience and persistence too, for making an impact.


Bagan Myanmar




This is how to do it guys.


How to Drive Quality Blog Traffic through Facebook Group Threads




Be generous, patient and persistent in sharing value and engaging. Join the right groups to target readers. See the journey through to drive steady traffic to your blog from Facebook Groups.

  1. Cori says:
    at 1:25 pm

    Great post Ryan with loads of helpful suggestions for connecting with other bloggers by utilizing Facebook groups. It’s truly an effective way to meet more people in our niche area and help others too! Being consistently a part of online social networks including Facebook groups really does expand our reach to a larger audience.

    I’ve experienced similar to what you share here in the post about large numbers of members in some groups. Some of those are driven by seeking money and can be into heavy sales pitches. Contributing generously and as you say add value while engaging is what helps us and our blogging business grow. Have a great day friend!

  2. Janice Wald says:
    at 5:08 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    When I first started blogging, Facebook groups were instrumental in my growth. Now I try to visit the groups that bring me the most traction because I am busier.
    There is one group with many members that is in my niche but the admin doesn’t come regularly so I often find I waste my time going there.
    Thank you for pointing out the pros and cons of Facebook groups and best practices.

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