How to Drive Blog Traffic through Guest Posting

August 26, 2018

How to Drive Blog Traffic through Guest Posting


Christopher Jan Benitez is everywhere through the power of guest posting.


He leverages his presence beautifully through the medium.


How to Drive Blog Traffic through Guest Posting


Guest posting is far and away an elite strategy for driving blog traffic. Think; you offer value to large, targeted blogging audiences. Amplifying your reach through the medium connects you to a big number of readers keenly intrigued by your work.


But effective guest posting demands you do a few things right. Writing for readers aligned with your blogging niche is the starting point. Helping folks with value sure don’t hurt either. Freely promoting your premium offering in the right spots is the icing on the cake. Or cherry on top. Depending on your preferences.


As always my blogging sweetlings, most folks muck up this up. Not targeting blogs, being overly promotional without sharing free value, or doing a full 180 and being shy about promoting your blog and/or premium offering.


Be clear. Share value. Hit top blogs in your niche.


Lay the foundation for a successful guest posting campaign by building friendships with top bloggers in your niche. Promote them. Comment genuinely on their blogs. As friendships form and you practice writing daily, guest posting invites flow your way.


I explain in the video.


How to Drive Blog Traffic through Guest Posting


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