How to Do Blogger Outreach in 12 Steps

April 21, 2018
how to do blogger outreach
Sunrise today in Opotiki New Zealand.


This post is your appetizer.


If you want the full meal buy my blogger outreach eBook.


We’ve dissected how to do blogger outreach effectively this past week. Today you get a nifty little guide for doing blogger outreach right, from mindset steps to practical tips.


Being a connected blogger turns struggle into sweet success. Doing blogger outreach right changes failure into fun, freeing, blogging delicious-ness, like a succulent, sugary nectarine ya sink your fangs into.


Oh yeah; you’re get more traffic and bigger blogging profits through effective outreach too.


Imagine successful results. Feel that picture. Step into the image. Then multiply the results and feelings exponentially. This is what it feels like if you patiently, persistently follow these steps.


The brilliant New Zealand skies are calling me guys. Bright blue day here. So let’s dive in.


1: Be Generous


Being generous sets all else into motion. Thinking greedily of yourself and your needs creates a terrible or non existent outreach campaign. No way to get connected if you disconnect yourself from generosity, right?


Focus on having fun helping people. Dig deep. Think of others and how to serve them. No worries; even though you aren’t self-serving by being generous, being detached from your own traffic and profits needs makes you attractive to blogging buddies. Said blogging buddies make your dreams come true by promoting you, endorsing you and serving you, if you are super generous.


Be generous. Embody a kindly energy for your outreach campaign.


2: Comment Genuinely on Blogs


Publish 2-4 paragraph, genuine comments on blogs. Blog comments are outreach gold because:


  • anybody can publish a helpful comment on any blog
  • comments are content, meaning you add content to a post, which search engines love
  • comments make a boring blog a raving, roaring, party-like community.


If you are confused about how to write effective, enticing, powerful blog comments I wrote an eBook to give you a full blue print for a rocking blog commenting campaign.


You can purchase it here:


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


3: Promote Bloggers on Twitter


Read a post. Publish a genuine comment. Hit the retweet button.


Retweeting other bloggers generously is the simple way to make blogging buddies and to nab more retweets yourself.


What you give freely multiplies quickly.


4: Facebook Share Blog Posts


Read a post. Share it on Facebook. Same deal as tip #3; give freely, receive easily. Except you make buddies through Facebook and gain traction on that platform.


5: Open Your Blog to Guest Posting


Open your blog to guest posting.


Be generous with your platform.


Form lasting blogging bonds.


Be an outreach dynamo by connecting fellow bloggers with your community. And vice-versa.


Accept only quality work from trusted, generous bloggers, of course. Hundreds of bloggers pitch me on guest posts; a few land guest posts here.


Be helpful by accepting guest posts but make sure the post reeks quality, originating from a trusted blogging source.


6: Email Assistance


Email fellow bloggers asking how you can help them.


Do they need a retweet? Or blog comment? Or Facebook Share?


Connected bloggers are generous bloggers. Be generous and use 1-to-1, personalized emails to make your way into fellow blogger’s hearts.


7: Ask to Solve Problems on Social Media


I love asking bloggers to solve their problems via Facebook and Twitter.


Publish an update to hit on reader pain points. I ask if anybody needs blogging help. Bloggers respond. Outreach commences.


Clients, customers and loyal readers flow from these helpful asking sessions.


Ask 1 question every few days. Be of service. Be generous. Build your outreach campaign on a granite like foundation.


8: Toss Salt over Your Shoulder 3 Times Daily


But stretch rotator cuffs first.


9: Email Bloggers Gratitude


Click email addresses via the blog comments field in your backoffice. Send grateful emails to blog commentors, thanking them for commenting on your blog.


Engage in this simple act to make friends and to establish a loyal, loving community.


Befriend your fellow engaging blogger to grow your blogging buddy network quickly.


10: Hire Buy or Endorse


Hire bloggers, buy blogger products or endorse bloggers to reach out with love.


Cori Ramos of Not Now Mom’s Busy noted how she bought my blogger outreach eBook yesterday. I shall be indebted to her for the next 35 lifetimes. I love my friends. I love my customers. I love my clients.


Hire bloggers to coach you or to provide freelance services for you. Build strong bonds. Endorse bloggers. Publish glowing reviews on their eBooks. Showing love by digging into your pocketbook or by publishing a positive review forms powerful bonds with your fellow blogger. Generous bloggers are memorable bloggers.


11: Respond to Your Comments


Be alive. Engage readers by responding to your blog comments within a few days.


Respond to befriend readers. Reach out (or, outreach) by proving you’re listening. Share your thoughts to address problems, to support your readers and to assist them. Be a shoulder to cry on. Dole out some tough love. Just respond to all blog comments. At least until you receive a deluge of comments daily.


12: Keep Meeting New People


Be abundant.


Keep meeting and befriending new people daily.


Fortify old bonds by serving friends. Build new bonds by making new friends through the above strategies.


Slow down. Calm down. Do not rush desperately in a mad blitz to network. Calmly, patiently but energetically meet new folks daily. Expand your reach. Help more readers.


What tips can you add to this list?


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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  1. Commenting rocks on so many levels. Thanks Anil as always my friend 😉


  2. Anil Agarwal Says:

    Hi Ryan, absolutely amazing tips which can be really helpful for doing effective blogger outreach.

    I think blogger outreach is all about networking with other bloggers and making friends so you can help each other to build an online empire in the long run. Unfortunately most bloggers get it wrong and all they do is spamming when it comes to reaching out to other bloggers.

    If you are not even using my name while emailing me then you don’t expect any response from me (again, most people do a big mistake of sending bulk emails without bothering about personalising their emails).

    Blog commenting always works like a charm especially when you are starting out no matter what industry you are in and if you are leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs you will definitely get responses from the blog authors and you will get noticed which you can use it later for landing on the blogs by writing guest posts or getting links etc.

    Also buying their products can be really helpful especially when you want to build report with other bloggers. Thanks so much for writing this post Ryan, keep rocking.

  3. 😉

  4. Great adds Cynthia. Those Facebook Groups really are gold for engagement and link sharing. Thanks buddy!


  5. Oops, Quora_autocorrect got me 😁

  6. These are some great tips! Another one that I’ve found is helpful is to join Facebook blogger groups who allow you to promote your blog posts and Pinterest pins if you promote a few of the other members posts and pins. Quads is also another great tool to meet other bloggers and promote your own.Have a great day!

  7. Amen Gaurav! Thanks buddy.

  8. Hi Ryan,

    The one thing that can boost the blogger outreach like anything and that is building strong relationships. I do not know why people find it hard to appreciate others. Appreciation is the best way to gain more without even asking.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Karim I have seen you everywhere bro!

  10. Vish you are doing a smash up outreach job buddy 😉

  11. Good point Susan! I write these posts to hit the mark for brands and PRs too. Impossible to come in cold and make an impact in most cases because we have seen a similar, non genuine approach thousands of times. Thanks buddy.

  12. Hey Ryan,

    Blogging Outreach is a great way to increase your networking. I am also sharing other posts mention them on my blog. You know it feels me very happy and I really love to do it. I am also allowing guest posts on my blog but I am quite choosy as I am always looking for quality content. Thanks for sharing these helpful and beneficial tips.

    Have a Great day 🙂

  13. Susan R Says:

    This is such a helpful resource for bloggers but I would say that it also holds true for brands and PRs looking to work with bloggers. Sharing our work on Facebook or Twitter is a sure fire way to get noticed and entice us to collaborate in future.

  14. Karim Toulba Says:

    That is a very nice post!

    I’m in the process of getting myself familiar with how outreaching and networking works. Honestly, your post has been very useful along the way. Thank you very much for sharing!

    These tips have been a nice recap for me. Facebook and Twitter sharing seems to bring nice results. I’ve found many other bloggers retweeting and sharing my content on social media. Honestly, I’ve not yet been so consistent about doing the same myself, But I think I should it the same way back.

    Thanks again for sharing..
    And I should start tossing salt on my shoulders 3 times daily!